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8 things that blunt sexual desire

8 things that blunt sexual desire
8 things that blunt sexual desire

8 things that blunt sexual desire

Recently it was found that the degree of sexual desire can be affected by the most common at first glance things. How many people know that an unhealthy diet or excessive passion for computer games can be reasons that people just do not want to have sex or fails to achieve orgasm?

To protect bed disappointments for both men and women would be useful to know what not most obvious factors every day violate the harmony of their intimate life.

1. Stuffy nose.

One of the main reasons for the suppression of libido is lack of sense of smell as in lovemaking scents play an important role. If a person’s nose is stuffed up he will not be able to smell invaded the human body and thus warm up their excitement. With the same “success” the men’s desire affects viral infections that reduce testosterone.

2. Frozen Feet.

Cold feet prevent the onset of the female orgasm. In order to eliminate all risks the girls should make love in cute socks: they help to maintain optimal body temperature which beneficially affects the quality of sex.

3. Biking.

Men with a fondness in his spare time to twist pedals must with great seriousness choose the seat. The fact that during the riding they are under pressure to adjacent to the genitals arteries and veins and it is not very good. To avoid unpleasant consequences men need to equip your two-wheeled vehicles with a recess in the middle seat.

4. Frequent use of smartphones.

It has been proved that the guys who dedicate this gadget more than four hours a day more often have problems with erection. Anyone who does not wish to personally know what is the bed fiasco need to limit themselves in “communication” with the “smart phone”.

5. TV.

Regular sex and blue screen are not compatible. As stated by scientists couples who do not have a TV in the bedroom make love more often than those who do not mind at bedtime to see the show or talk show. In addition sexual desire is negatively affected by horrors.

6. Diet.

Dietary restrictions – it’s always a lot of stress to the body. Of course it also affects the intimate life of a person if all thoughts are about food then there is no time for sex. In order to not have problems with “that” you should forget about the unhealthy and often contradicting canons of dietetics “rules.”

7. Being overweight.

In improper nutrition in men and women usually put off the extra weight that soon necessarily lead to a drop in sexual activity due to decreased testosterone. Adipose tissue interferes with the production of the protein globulin due to which the hormone is transported throughout the body.

8. High heels.

If the activity of women is associated with a long wearing of shoes with high heels it is not surprising that their sexual appetite can often be missing. On the contrary: it is proved that the ladies whose legs decorated with wedge-heeled shoes or flat shoes much less experiencing a shortage of desire.

Not one medical study was focused on aphrodisiacs – foods which can positively influence sex drive and have a stimulating effect. Quite the opposite effect has anaphrodisiac – substances capable to blunt sexual desire.

British researchers have published a list of products that affect the human libido adversely.

The most dangerous product that “kills” sexual desire experts considered a fresh cheese made from cow’s or goat’s milk. The milk may contain a large number of antibiotics (substances that inhibit the growth of living cells in the body) and growth hormone. These substances can affect the hormonal background of the person and prevent the production of testosterone and estrogen which do not always have a positive effect on the libido.

Sweet carbonated drinks are listed in second place. Experts have shown that carbonated water with artificial coloring and flavoring reduces the levels of serotonin which is believed to be responsible not only for a good mood but also sexual desire. In addition, substances that are contained in the soda increases the risk of diabetes; contribute to the emergence of excess weight and the formation of dental caries.

Not surprisingly that the list of dangerous products has got chips, “fries” and other fast foods that undergo heat treatment with a large amount of sunflower or palm oil. In the preparation of potato chips on commercial scale oil used repeatedly that destroys all their beneficial properties.

Monosodium glutamate – the most common flavor enhancer has been recognized as the most dangerous for sexual attraction artificial joint. Experts argue that the substance is able to induce the emergence of causeless depression, fatigue and cause problems with the cardiovascular system. Also doctors say there may be problems with the nervous system and in unstable and inadequate work of the brain we cannot speak about a normal libido.

The use of canned products also entails a rapid decrease in libido. Some experts believe that a large number of salt intakes which is found in all meat and vegetable canned food can even lead to impotence.

Excessive coffee consumption negatively affects the function of the adrenal glands which produce stress hormones. Coffee is a sufficiently strong diuretic and eventually the adrenal glands cannot cope with its functions which results in a developing of an insufficient amount of hormones in the body.

Alcoholic drinks that contain a lot of sugar or, worse, sugar substitutes affect blood glucose levels and can cause diabetes, anxiety disorder and, accordingly, reduce the level of sexual desire.

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