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9 facts about a penis

9 facts about a penis
9 facts about a penis

9 facts about a penis

Many of these facts about the penis you already know and some will be totally unexpected for you. In this article we will describe the 9 facts about a penis.

1. Your urethra – urinary canal – slightly resembles the shape of an inverted U. This is why no matter how much you may be shaking them after relieving yourself a couple of drops still falls on the pants on the way out of the closet. Therefore, you should not worry about these drops and see them as symptoms of a disease. Dr. Joseph Sonstein, urologist from the medical wing of the University of Texas, explains “I always listen to men who are worried about that but there is no cause for alarm.” On one side of the curved tunnel is inevitably a little urine after urination is complete and when you zip up pants it flows under gravity. “This could be a signal of alarm if you have a weak stream and the urine stays and flows out later due to lack of pressure, “- notes Dr. Sonstein. Gentle pressure may be a sign of an enlarged prostate or inflammation that occurs in older age. However, usually a small leak – not a cause for concern.

2. A little more sperm usually appear a few minutes after sex. Is explained this phenomenon in the same way as the previous one – the sperm flows slower because it is more viscous than urine explains Dr. Sonstein.

3. The penis is reduced under the influence of cold. Your scrotum hangs outside the body because sperm need quite specific temperatures to survive. The muscles in your scrotum and along the spermatic cord that connects the penis with both testicles are reduced when you are cold pulling the scrotum. It also tightens and cuts the penis reducing it explains Dr. Sonstein. And in the heat the same mechanism works in reverse.

4. During erection in morning your penis is building a tent of blankets because testosterone tides. According to Dr. Sonstein in the morning your body is experiencing a surge of testosterone peak so your cock proudly lifted. In addition, it happens that sexual function was maintained even in the absence of sexual stimulation. This also explains the daily erections such as while driving a car.

5. You are visited by “wet dreams” due to hormonal bursts. This phenomenon also is the cause of rising testosterone levels, says Dr. Sonstein. “Therefore, in young men with high testosterone levels “wet dreams” happen more frequently than in older men”- he said.

6. Your urine sometimes erupts at an odd angle because of the sperm residues in the urethra. The jet sprays in all directions except the urinal after sex, masturbation or ejaculation during sleep. Dr. Sonstein explains that this jet angle changes by little amount of sperm residues remaining in the urethra. If jet for a long time is not corrected, the matter may be in the disease, sexually transmitted infections and you should talk about your observations with the urologist.

7. In some men penis during erection grow up in many times and at others – quite a bit. Dr. Sonstein referring to the bourgeois science of genetics said: “It has been observed that the small penises in a relaxed state are usually significantly increased during erection. Conversely, large penises in an intense form are lengthened usually slightly. “

8. The urine is always yellow regardless of your food and drink because of the substance urobilin. “Urine contains urobilin substance that has a yellow color and is involved in the process of disintegration of liquids in your kidneys” – explains Dr. Sonstein. Normal urine looks pale yellow or colorless, in dehydration the water content in the urine decreases which increases the content of urobilin and makes darker urine.

9. Potency problem is often caused by stress. Science calls this phenomenon “situational (psychogenic) erectile dysfunction” and explains its origin by psychological reasons: depression, prolonged stress and chronic fatigue, general fear of the possibility of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. If this situation is repeated too often the doctor prescribes to patients a small dose of Viagra or similar to it ED medications to return them confidence in their abilities.

So as you understood these 9 facts about a penis are very interesting and explain many features of the male system.

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