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A very important role of zinc for potency

A very important role of zinc for potency
A very important role of zinc for potency

A very important role of zinc for potency

A very important role of zinc for potency. Zinc for potency is a simply irreplaceable trace element. Why?

Testosterone is responsible for a high level of potency in our body. It is for its complete synthesis that the male organism needs this amazing trace element. What would happen if the level of zinc in the male organism gets low? The main consequence of low level of zinc will be a sharp decrease in the level of different testosterone produced and, as a consequence, weakening of sexual desire and potency.

Besides this, the functions of the prostate gland will be strongly inhibited, which can provoke serious illnesses.

The organism of an adult contains 1.5-2 g of zinc this is really a necessary metal for biochemical exchange. Our skin, hair, nails, liver, kidneys, retina of the eye contain a lot of it. In addition to the fact that zinc for potency is irreplaceable it is simply necessary for the process of cell division. With a decrease of its level, cell division slows down. We know that the formation of sperm cells in the epithelium of the seminiferous tubules occurs very intensively. The lack of zinc leads to a decrease in the number of sperm cells formed and thereby a deterioration in the quality of sperm.

What is the daily norm of zinc for potency and male’s organism in general? The need in this trace element is at least 15 mg per day. Vegetarians must pay particular attention to the content of zinc in the diet. They are in the risk group of this micronutrient deficiency. If you eat meat and fish in the majority of cases you do not need to worry about it. Most likely, your organism gets enough of the necessary substances.

But sometimes such deficiency has nothing to do with what we eat. In what cases there’s not enough zinc for potency? Natural zinc deficiency can occur in the following cases:

  • Age of a man over 45-50 years
  • Frequent alcohol abuse
  • Long-term stress and tedious physical activity

How do you tell that there not enough zinc for potency and adequate functioning of the organism? Symptoms of a lack of zinc in the organism:

  • White specks under the nail plates on the hands
  • Hair gets a dull shade
  • There is a slower healing of scratches and wounds
  • On the skin there are rashes, acne
  • Unmotivated irritability

 Zinc is responsible for the assimilation of many vitamins, including A and E. Benefits of vitamin E for potency are priceless. So as you see zinc for potency is no less important than other vitamins and minerals. And it is also a natural immunomodulator. So it is important to remember about it in the autumn-spring period, when the organism is weakened.

The indices, and with them the daily norm of zinc, may decrease if a man has chronic kidney and liver diseases, tumors, and also after burns or a heart attack. An increase in the level of zinc is observed in patients with anemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, leukemia or after severe stress.

How to make up for low level of zinc? Prevention of the depletion of the body and maintaining the reserves of useful macro elements in it is very important. To do so the daily diet of a man must be balanced and nutritious. Therefore it is recommended to eat veal liver, oysters, any nuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, cereal bran. The main food should be dishes of meat and seafood. As for fruits, preference should be given to citrus, apples, dates, and among berries for zinc rich in currants, raspberries and blueberries. Among the beverages, green tea and young birch leaves are leading in zinc concentration. They should be brewed in a ratio of 1 large spoon to a glass of boiled water. Also you need to know that:

  • Wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, sprouted wheat grains, sunflower seeds contain 130-202 mg of zinc per kg of weight
  • Beef liver, fish contain 30-85 mg of zinc per kilogram
  • Egg yolk, chicken and rabbit meat, molasses, cocoa, barley and oatmeal, nuts, squids, dried yeast, green tea, lentils, beans and peas contain 20 to 50 mg per kg
  • Egg white, brown rice, garlic, onion, yeast, many grains contain 8-20 mg per kg
  • Bread, potatoes, tomatoes, radish, beets, celery, asparagus, lean beef, milk, sea fish, black currant, raspberries, dates and vegetables —2-8 mg of zinc per kg of weight

So as you see, maintaining the decent level of zinc for potency can effectively strengthen men’s masculine power. You can also “accumulate” zinc for potency and to improve libido. For this use the “plant aphrodisiacs”. For instance parsley, young garlic, horse-radish and celery. This is a so-called natural ED treatment.

If, with the help of healthy diet, it is impossible to get enough zinc for potency, biological supplements and special preparations will help. But you must consult your doctor before using any of these means. To prevent impotence, it is necessary to consume foods that contain not only Zn, but also other macro elements. However it is important to take into account some features. Namely:

  • Dairy food slows the absorption of zinc by the organism. Nuts and legumes, on the contrary, contribute to this
  • Vegetables contain Zn in small doses, but this does not mean that they can be excluded from the diet
  • Excessive intake of zinc (over 150 mg day) is hazardous to health
  • Caffeine, alcoholic beverages, too sweet or salty foods accelerate the excretion of zinc

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