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Alcohol and ED pills

Alcohol and ED pills
Alcohol and ED pills

Alcohol and ED pills

Even the ancient people were aware of how alcohol influences sexual abilities. Ethyl alcohol, a harmful substance contained in boose, adversely affects all human organs and their work. And our reproductive system is no exception. But combination of alcohol and ED pills could be even more undesirable.

Huge doses of alcohol at one time do not allow a man to achieve a firm erection or to reach orgasm. Prolonged alcohol dependence can lead to complete impotence. Alcohol drinks can indeed increase libido and relieve stress and uncertainty, but only in small amounts, let’s say 200-300 grams of good wine.

Alcohol, of course, is not the only cause of problems with male potency. If, for any reason, problems with potency have already occurred, and a man, to maintain normal sexual life, takes drugs to increase potency, he should pay close attention to the interaction of the drug with alcohol. It is worth noting that with the abuse of alcohol, no male pathogens can perform a miracle. The most popular and affordable pills that restore natural erection are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Before we start talking about the possibility of mixing alcohol and ED pills, you must have understanding of what alcohol does to the organism as a whole and the men’s health in particular.

Based on the individual characteristics of the organism, the reaction to alcoholic beverages may differ. Some people feel a surge of energy, excitement. However, this will not last long. The systematic use of alcoholic beverages in large quantities will lead to a decrease in sexual activity. Most of the men under the influence of alcohol are observed muscle relaxation; there are some problems with breathing. This leads to the fact that the blood receives less oxygen. But it is the blood that largely determines the quality of erection.

In small quantities, alcohol doesn’t cause significant harm to the body. However, medium and large doses, especially with regular use, cause a serious health impact. Thus, it’s better to give up drinking alcohol and ED pills. Although many men say that, when used together, Cialis and alcohol, doesn’t lead to any side effects. But no one can guarantee you that your body will react to such an experiment without any consequences.

How does alcohol affect men potency pills?

Let’s say you drank a lot of alcohol and took a pill. Your liver will be very busy processing alcohol. And if you take into account the fact that the liver is involved in the processing of drugs, the reduction in the speed of its work will negatively impact on the process of digestion of the pills’ ingredients. That is, the active substance of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and any other drug will begin to compete with alcohol.

Simply put when the liver is busy with the processing alcohol, the listed medicines begin to act much later than they should. Or they do not act at all.

As you can see, it is best not to combine alcohol with ED pills. If such experiments are carried out regularly, this can soon dramatically damage the liver. It will cease to fulfill its function of “filtering” the organism, and the outcome will be tragic.

Should I combine Viagra and alcohol?

No one forbids you to take Viagra with alcohol. There are even numerous reviews from men who did so and had no problems. However, every time you mix Viagra with liquor, you risk turning your night into a real catastrophe. The fact is that under the influence of alcohol the heart starts working more intensively. Viagra has a similar effect on the cardiovascular system. In result, the heart muscle undergoes a doubled load. If a man doesn’t have problems with the heart and blood vessels, then the only adverse reactions in his case would be reddening of the face and a mild headache. Blood pressure may rise and may appear a sensation of pressure in the head. But if a person suffers from cardiovascular diseases, mixing alcohol and Viagra can turn into big health problems. Therefore, you need to focus not only on the feedback of others, but also on the recommendation of a doctor.

What would happen if I mix alcohol and Cialis?

Cialis, as well as pills created based on its formula, such as Cialis strips, is one of the most reliable preparations for restoring erection. Those people who like to have sex after drinking alcohol admire it. Reviews about the medicine testify that even in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication, it works as it supposed to. Nevertheless, not all men agree with this statement.

The fact is that Cialis either ideally suits a man, or in the case of a specific person is absolutely ineffective. Reviews and the results of various tests suggest that the medicine is suitable for about 85% of men. The remaining 15% can’t expect any improvement.

Many reviewers suggest that even with a combination with liquor, this medicine provides a full and strong erection for a long time. However, here the definition of “can” should be understood only that alcohol does not worsen the effectiveness of the medicine. But how will this affect your organism? Of course, periodic experiments of this kind can go practically without a trace, but the systematic reception of Cialis with alcohol can provoke the development of various unpleasant symptoms and illnesses.

Despite the fact that Cialis helps even in most neglected cases, do not use it with alcohol very often. Additionally, before using it, you should always consult your physician.

Interaction of Levitra with alcohol

Levitra is a secure and strong medicine with many rave reviews. It is also one of the most frequently bought drugs in the world. Largely this is due to its availability. The drug can be bought in any drugstore or you can buy Levitra super force online. But its joint use with alcoholic beverages can result in frightening after-effects. In some people everything goes without excesses, others have a very strong dizziness and other symptoms that make sex impossible. So in the case of this medicine, you can safely say that its use with boose should be discarded. The active substance of this medicine is Vardenafil. And the reaction to this substance in a joint reception with alcohol may vary in different people. Before starting the treatment, be sure to consult a doctor. Notify him and that in the future, a joint use of the medicine with alcohol is possible. He will choose suitable dosages for all situations.

If a representative of a stronger sex with a weight of 80-85 kg drank 100 grams of alcohol (any) and took one Viagra pill he should be fine. Such dosage of alcohol and Cialis are compatible: 100 grams of vodka or cognac, a glass of beer or 200 grams of wine or champagne. Also, it is allowed to have 200 grams of vodka or a glass of beer with Levitra.

Still, would be best avoiding using alcohol and ED pills. In large doses, liquor not only reduces their effectiveness, but also enhances possible adverse reactions. Moreover, alcohol itself has a negative effect on the male reproductive system and can result in problems with sex life.

Thus, the three preparations discussed here do not cause irreparable damage to the human body if taken together with small doses of liquor. Of course, only if there is no medical prohibitions. Nevertheless, in certain cases, the body can respond unpredictably. That’s why you must treat it with respect and avoid such adventures.

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