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All the facts about masturbation consequences

All the facts about masturbation consequences
All the facts about masturbation consequences

All the facts about masturbation consequences

All the facts about masturbation consequences. To date, the attitude towards masturbation is rather ambiguous. Some condemn the process. Others consider it the best way to get to know and satisfy own body. Masturbation is the process of satisfying one’s sexual needs by touching the erogenous zones. From the point of view of medicine, masturbation is recognized as a subject of sexuality, which is even necessary at certain stages in the formation of men and women. But what are opinions of specialists about masturbation consequences? Nowadays the vast majority of them claim that masturbation doesn’t cause any adverse effects on the body. On contrary, it can be useful for health. But all the same, moderation is very important. In this article, we’ll talk specifically about this.
Why do people need masturbation?

It is believed that self-satisfaction is a wonderful way to eliminate sexual tension, which accumulates for some reason for a long time. As a result, obvious masturbation consequences are improved mood and relieved emotional stress. In particular, it refers to those people who do not have regular sex partners. Or to those who for different reasons cannot have ordinary sexual intercourse.

Often, to masturbation resort for medical purposes. It is prescribed to men when a sperm sample is needed. Also, if a person has sexual dysfunction, then this process can be recommended by a sex therapist.

Self- satisfaction is also often recommended for women, so they can learn and experience what an orgasm is. And also masturbation is prescribed in order to slow the onset of orgasm, to delay men’s ejaculation.

Useful masturbation consequences for men

Healing effect of masturbation has long been proven by scientists. Self-satisfaction significantly improves memory, helps to get rid of depression and provides normal activity of cardiovascular system. The blood of those representatives of the stronger sex who regularly engage in any kind of sex (in particular masturbation), contains 30% more antibodies. This is why they are much less likely to suffer from infectious diseases. Masturbation consequences also include improved sleep. And the dreams after this process will be quite pleasant.

During the conducted experiments in the field of sexual relations it was established that the frequency of ejaculations and the development of prostatitis are closely related. Sperm in no case should not stagnate in the organism. So if there is no possibility for an ordinary sex, the guys are encouraged to masturbate. Some scientists argue that if at the age of 20 years, ejaculation occurs about 5 times a week; the probability of pathology in the prostate gland is reduced by a third.

In the course of numerous studies, American scientists have established that during masturbation, metabolic processes in all organs of the small pelvis are enhanced. Due to this, the loss of such trace element as zinc — an irreplaceable substance for our body, necessary for high-grade work of the brain — decreases.

It has also been found that masturbation consequences include improved quality of semen. This activity eliminates ejaculates that have low mobility. As a result, the number of sperm cells with high mobility increases, which increases the chances of conception. Therefore, stronger sex representatives who dream of becoming fathers can resort to masturbation. In people involved in regular self-stimulation, the level of T-lymphocytes is higher. Hence, another masturbation consequence is increases immunity.

Negative masturbation consequences for men

 Do not abuse self-satisfaction; otherwise it can lead to some negative consequences. First of all, masturbation takes a lot of physical strength and mental energy. If the self-satisfaction is too frequent, the body will rapidly lose vital forces. The same happens with excessive physical and mental loads. As a result, a person will feel constant fatigue.

 In addition, dangerous masturbation consequences are injuries and trauma of the genitals. If a man is not careful enough. Frequent masturbation can lead to the formation of a neurosis. And sometimes even lead to dependence, in which such manipulations with the genitalia become a real necessity. People who are addicted can no longer live without the process of masturbation. Gradually, the breaks between masturbation are reduced; the man constantly needs this process. However, he does not get that peak of pleasure, but at the same time he cannot give up self-satisfaction.

Harmful masturbation consequences include risk of developing prostatitis. The fact is that because of such manipulations the tone of the muscles of the prostate is weakened. This leads to the appearance of permanent stagnant phenomena. This, in turn, can contribute to the development of other diseases and impotence. The negative masturbation consequences lead to swelling of the foreskin and the glance penis, which causes severe discomfort and pain. Harm of masturbation is manifested in worsening of blood circulation and respiration. As is known, sexual functions and respiratory organs are interrelated. And with frequent self-satisfaction, there may be problems with breathing, lung damage and so on. You also need to know that with frequent rubbing of the delicate skin, balanoposthitis can develop.  This is an inflammation of the tip of the penis and foreskin.

Are there any useful masturbation consequences for women?

The history of any period remembers: society has always condemned female masturbation. It was believed that self- satisfaction is an unworthy occupation of the fallen woman. And this attitude gave rise to many myths about masturbation. But in the middle of the last century, sexologists looked differently at the depth of the question and concluded undeniable useful masturbation consequences for women’s health:
The quality of orgasm does not differ from the pleasure that girls receive with full vaginal sex. Regular masturbation does not harm women, as it primarily helps to improve blood flow in the pelvic organs. With frequent orgasms, obtained with masturbation, the hormonal balance is stabilized. Muscular musculature of the vagina is strengthened. In addition, masturbation during menstruation, such as clitoral stimulation, helps to reduce pain. Regular release of hormones increases mood, which is especially important when a woman is on her period. Hence,  masturbation consequences lead to better well-being during menstruation.
Women who avoid masturbation and who do not live sexually often feel depressed, visit doctors even for trivial reasons, complain about existing and imaginary sores and flaws. Those who love themselves, are able to withstand life’s difficulties and are more protected from psychological disorders.

Negative masturbation consequences for women
Harm during masturbation can bring only ignoring hygienic norms. Items used for vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation should be disinfected.

Another drawback of female masturbation is the psychological dependence on self-satisfaction. So masturbation consequences can lead to inability to continue normal sexual relations with men. Doctors focus on the fact that during masturbation, girls concentrate on getting pleasure in a specific erogenous zone, most often the clitoris. If a girl gets used to this kind of orgasm, enough it will be much more difficult for her to get pleasure during vaginal sex. The conclusion is simple: with respect to hygiene standards and without the abuse of masturbation, the benefits and harm to women are obvious.

Discussing this delicate topic, of course, we must mention the cases of so-called chronic masturbation. This, perhaps, is one of the most dangerous masturbation consequences. An irresistible need for self-satisfaction every time a man feels an erection, and a woman — sexual arousal must be treated with a specialist. Like any deviation in the work of our body. This condition causes a lot of inconvenience to people and therefore must be corrected — the earlier, the better.
About positive and negative masturbation consequences are written whole treatises. But all of them can be reduced to a few tips. If you do not need self-satisfaction, if you are quite satisfied with your partner’s passionate and skilful behavior — throw this topic out of your head. But if you had a pleasant experience of masturbation, and it only added new, vivid feelings to your sex life together with your significant other\, do not consider yourself an obscene person and do not abandon it. You do not do anything wrong. You just get one more opportunity to reconcile yourself harmoniously with reality. And also raise your sexuality to a different, previously unknown level.

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I think that the most dangerous masturbation consequences are for young men that is why it is important to read this article for young men and teenagers.