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Antidepressants and ED

antidepressants and ed
antidepressants and ed

antidepressants and ed

For more than half a century people try to fight using these drugs mental illness and its consequences.

Antidepressants just like any other drug except positive action they also have side effects. Most often patients who are taking antidepressants do not know about the side effects of these drugs. Moreover, even the doctors do not know all the side effects. They know only what is written in magazines by manufacturers which want to increase sales of products. Among the side effects are thymoleptic: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, decreased attention, insomnia, problems with potency and ED problems and many other not pleasant manifestations.

The problem is that every day there are more and more new varieties of psychotropic drugs and their effects is not fully understood. There are dozens of these drugs. Depending on the chemical composition have sedative, thymoleptic (overwhelming) action, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), antiphobic and other activities. For treatment it is necessary long-term use which can be addictive. Antidepressants are divided into several groups: MAO inhibitors – they inhibit deamination of Sirotinin and blockers of TCAs (tricyclic) – effective when applied to many species of depressions (for example, Clomipramine, Imipramine). These are first-generation drugs. And the subsequent group of antidepressants – SSRI inhibitors (selective serotonin reuptake). This is the most popular group due to fewer side effects than of TCAs and MAO. However, the price of the drug SSRI is higher. The group of these drugs include: Clomipramine (Generic Anafranil) – one of the first drugs, Paroxetine (Generic Paxil, Generic Paxil Cr) and Fluvoxamine (Generic Luvox). There are also other antidepressant groups.

There is only one of all groups drug Wellbutrin which has been revealed interesting properties. It reduces the desire to smoking, as well as the drug can temporarily boost potency in men.

Taking of psychotropic drugs Generic Desyrel (Trazodone) in young men can cause lasting erection which requires surgery so it is preferable to take it by older patients because erection with age gets worse and sometimes it can help with age related impotence.

Typically, the action of antidepressants is not immediate, it requires at least 5 days or even more. Self-medication with psychotropic drugs may lead to undesirable results so you need to consult an expert. Especially harmful all antidepressants are for pregnant women and children.

Also they can completely kill the desire. It’s true. This is a common side effect of selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake (SSRIs), the most popular type of antidepressant. They are used for the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders and perhaps you will take them for a very long period of time.

There is another type of antidepressants – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, Norepinephrine such as Wellbutrin. ED can be occurred rarely but remember that not all are suitable for you.

All are individual. Some people are more sensitive to drugs than others. Maybe you will not have any adverse effects at all. People with reduced libido because of depression definitely will feel better with antidepressants.

In some cases the body in few months adapts to the drug and a side effect disappears.

How these drugs affect the libido? In the same way as they affect the depression. The action of SSRIs is that they increase the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. But high levels of serotonin can also suppress libido and hinder the orgasm. With the growth of levels of serotonin may be reduced levels of dopamine and this neurotransmitter contributes the excitation.

Women often have reduced interest in sex; it can also be difficult to achieve the orgasm. Men usually remain the erection but it is impossible to reach orgasm or it really requires a lot of time and effort. Dysfunction occurs less frequently; it is usually more related to psychological factors such as previous failures.

The problem may be not in anti-depressants. Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems inhibit libido. To understand what exactly is the cause of your problem it is necessary to compare your condition before the depression, during it and then during treating.

Do not abruptly abandon the course of treatment. Do not stop taking drugs without knowing the opinion of the doctor. To refuse them you should gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Perhaps your problem will solve a dose reduction. Psychotherapy can improve your condition and allow lower dosage.

You might want to change the antidepressant or conversely to add another drug and to improve the level of dopamine and serotonin reduction. In any case, it is possible to find your balance only by trial and error.

How to help? It is important to remember that antidepressants have no effect on the ability to physically get excited; they only suppress the desire and motivation to have sex.

Therefore especially important to have the proper mood and prepare yourself. If the body will respond, the brain is also eventually will be involved in the process. Remember that stress, lack of sleep and exercise also are bad for the libido.

Orgasm is not impossible but it will require more effort. Also sex toys and more intense stimulation will give you better result.

If your partner is taking antidepressants try to be patient and understanding. Try not to show your frustration, react to the failure calmly and with time you will both adapt to the new rhythm.

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