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Autumn depression

Autumn depression
Autumn depression

Autumn depression

How to combat seasonal depression

Seasonal depression is not a rare phenomenon in regions where there is a pronounced change in the weather according to the seasons. Residents of the temperate latitudes have a hard time coping with the end of summer. If the end of August comes with the feeling of constant sadness, unwillingness to work and communicate, tearfulness, insomnia or drowsiness, you can suspect the autumn depression; although this is not a complete list of symptoms.

The appellation “seasonal depression” is a state of malaise, boredom and the general weakening of the human body, due to slush, gray, wind, rain and fading nature.

The reasons for the fall depression

One of the main reasons of seasonal blues is the deficit of sunlight. When we leave the house at seven in the morning in the summer, we see the sun; feel a nice breeze and morning freshness. In the autumn at seven in the morning is often dark and cold, and we have no desire to go somewhere. Under the influence of sunlight the body produces serotonin (hormone of calmness and positive mood) and melatonin is produced in the darkness, which causes sleepiness and braking of the nervous system.

People with high sensitivity, prone to self-incrimination, with low self-esteem begin to feel worthless, useless and easily flow into the autumn melancholy. In autumn, when the end of the year is approaching, we start to analyze what has been done and often found out that very few of our plans were implemented. Dissatisfaction often results in depression.

A good ground for the development of boredom is stress, increased demands from others, lack of sleep, violation of work and rest.

Vitamin deficiency is a very important factor of the fall sadness. Often in the fall we subconsciously prefer sweet or fatty foods, forgetting about vegetables and fruits, that negatively affects the health and appearance.

Worsen the situation seasonal outbreaks of acute respiratory illnesses that occur almost every autumn.

Mental illness exacerbate in fall. Hidden mental derangements and their aggravation lead to the fact that during this season dramatically increases the number of murders, divorces and suicides.

How to deal with this condition?

The first thing you should pay attention to — your diet. Eat more vegetables, foods that promote the development of serotonin: bananas, pumpkins, oranges, figs and foods rich in tryptophan: turkey meat, milk and dairy products, egg whites.

A well-known antidepressant is chocolate, but do not abuse this «remedy», because the obsession with chocolate lead to weight gain and the accumulation of unwanted fat.

Eat more grapefruits, among the beneficial properties of this citrus is the ability to get rid of depression, satisfy the necessary body substances. Grapefruit flavor tones up, improves mood and increases efficiency.

To get rid of seasonal sadness and feel a surge of strength is necessary to increase the amount of time spent outdoors in the sun, enhance the lighting of the house and if possible — at work.

Positive attitude will help to overcome the depression, communicate with those who you like, laugh, look humorous TV. Sex is as much useful as laughter, and also accompanied by the release of mood hormones.

It is crucial not to become isolated in a period of depression. Of course, if the sadness has occurred, visiting a bustling event will not be fun, and therefore will not bring any benefits. But you can invite a few close friends to your house.

If you yourself cannot get rid of seasonal depression you need to seek help from professionals. The doctor could appoint the receiving of antidepressants.

For most diseased with depression psychotherapy is mandatory. It helps to manage the emotions and take them under control, to easily cope with stress and enhance the action of antidepressants.

Remember, you shouldn’t ignore the autumn depression, because then it will be even harder to deal with. Not cured in this mood deterioration can lead to more complex forms of depression when simple methods of curing already be powerless.

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