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Bad habits and their effect on the erectile function of men

Bad habits and their effect on the erectile function of men
Bad habits and their effect on the erectile function of men

Bad habits and their effect on the erectile function of men

Nothing in this world is incapable to be compared with value of health, and the health of men — even more so. Many say that they have heard the similar truisms a thousand times. Yet, many people do not even try to somehow change their life.

Moreover, many of us simply do not reflect about the reality of the consequences of excessive abuse of alcohol, tobacco or unhealthy food. Thus, the main causes of weakened potency in men at any age lie in a wrong ways of life and indifferent attitude towards their health.


Does smoking have impact on potency? There is just one simple answer:  yes, it does. Main reason behind is nicotine, which even in small amounts narrows blood vessels and degrades the bloodstream. Conclusions on the results of various studies show that although it is imperceptible to most smokers, poor erection due to nicotine occurs almost constantly. In general, from 5000 components of tobacco smoke 60 negatively affect male potency, including:

  • Ammonia
  • Organic acids
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Prussic acid
  • Resin

And it is only those ingredients effects of which have been studied. However, cigarette manufacturers do not inform consumers about all the dangers of nicotine and other components, and the very structure of modern tobacco cigarettes often cannot be called qualitative.

  • Once it enters the organism of a man, nicotine causes a number of disorders:
  • Shortness of genital blood circulation
  • Lowering of arterial pressure in the genitals
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Decreased synthesis of sex androgens

Similar changes occur slowly, step by step, creating the illusion of harmlessness of cigarettes. But with prolonged smoking to 30-40 years a person can become an impotent. Such disorder will be difficult to cure. At risk are male who suffer from hypertension.

Significant damage to men’s health has passive smoking, since in this case with tobacco smoke are inhaled dangerous substances. Nicotine, resins and carbon monoxide easily penetrate the lungs. From there, they are released into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, reaching the genitals and causing a breach of their functionality. A result of such mockery of organism the man loses libido which resulting in reduced his sexual activity. Yet, it is become noticeable only after 5 years.

One of the major complications of smoking is reduction of sperm quality. All these changes decrease the possibility of conception. If a child is born, he or she will most likely be diagnosed with abnormalities in development, as well as violations of internal organs and systems.

Alcoholic beverages

When studying the issue of how alcohol affects the potency should be considered its effect comprehensively:

  • Ethyl alcohol destroys brain cells, thereby leading to frustration, stress and depression, peripheral system gets harmed. Dulls the sensitivity of nerve endings. The result of this action is decreased potency against a background of psychological issues
  • Alcoholic drinks slow down blood circulation, ruin the vessels, hinder normal circulation in the genitals
  • Weaken immunity; its protective forces are not able to cope with various viruses and infections. Appears the risk of illness of the genitourinary system, and thus the threat of impotence
  • Exposure to alcohol hinders the normal process of the pituitary gland. In the organism decreases testosterone levels
  • Alcoholism causes serious illnesses, renal failure and prostatitis. Each of these pathologies affects the quality of sex life

Ejaculation channels under the influence of alcohol are unsuitable for transmission, so after intercourse men are not able to release the sperm. Sexual intercourse without ejaculation brings no satisfaction, but painful and unpleasant experience.

Abstinence from drinking alcohol for several months already in a short time will restore genital function and other body systems, returning health and well-being.

Drug addiction

Drug abuse continues to adversely influence sexual capabilities of men, even after years of abstinence. Besides, different narcotics provide radically different impact on the organism.

Cocaine suppresses sexual pleasure, but short term stimulates sexual desire. Prolonged use of cocaine leads to an increase in the number of abnormal sperm.

In cases of prolonged absence of heroin, enjoyment and desire are depresses.

Use of opium and its derivatives cause a decrease in sexual desire and potency level as a whole.

Should also be noted the negative impact of cannabis on the reproductive function of men. This material has a property to inhibit genesial function, also contained in the drug THC damages the sperm on the chromosome level. With regular use of marijuana ED is a widespread consequence, reduces the size of the testicles and prostate.

At the same time the longer a person had addiction the worse will be intimate relationships in future; but a fundamental discovery of scientists was the fact that potency of former addicts will never be fully restored. Even if a person firmly resolved to quit, stopped using drugs and generally leading a healthy life, his virility still would not exactly be the same as could have been if he had never used drugs.

Sedentary lifestyle

Limitation of physical activity (hypodynamia) and reduced strength of muscle contraction causes the disruption of the locomotor, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems. The prevalence of the problem increases due to urbanization, mechanization of labor and added value to means of communication. Hypodynamia is also called “disease of civilization”. One of its implications is a weakening of the heart muscle and decrease in vascular tone, which adversely affect reproductive function and can cause impotence.

Frequent consumption of fatty foods

Frequent consumption of fatty foods causes a high level of cholesterol in the blood. This material is able to partially occlude the blood vessels leading to the genitals. Thus, decreases blood pressure required for a complete erection. The higher the cholesterol level — the higher the risk of impotence.

Certainly it is easier to prevent the illness than to seek treatments later. And if such a situation has developed, first and foremost you need to get rid of all the harmful habits and seek medical advice. Often, the physician may prescribe you medicines, but only if your health condition enables their use. After all, harmful habits ruin many organs and systems. So first and foremost the specialist will check if there are restrictions to the use of medications, such as Viagra. To familiarize with such contraindications you can read Viagra description.

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