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Bath benefits for men

Bath benefits for men
Bath benefits for men

Bath benefits for men

Not many men know about bath benefits for men and in this article we will try to explain how to correctly take a bath to help men’s health. In improving potency, in other ways, as well as for improving health in general, physical exercises and hardening procedures help excellent. But it is important not to confuse physical education with the sport of high achievements. And then from the excess of enthusiasm you can damage your health, instead of strengthening it. About bath benefits for men we will talk later but now we want to remind you what exercises help strengthen the potency and erection:

1. Improve blood circulation. First, the muscles of the perineum should be strained in the standing position, as if restraining urination, then this same exercise in the sitting position, then lying down. Do this exercise daily for 30 minutes.

2. Riding a bicycle. You probably have already read what not to do in “The impact of cycling on men’s health”. The muscles of the perineum can be developed when riding a bicycle or simulator. The downside is that the saddle injures the perineum and the area of ​​the prostate gland. Therefore, it is much more useful to ski, Nordic walking or also we all know that running is good for potency.

3. Walking barefoot. When walking without shoes, the mass of biologically active points responsible for erection is mechanically stimulated and irritated.

4. The ceremonial step. Stand upright, lower your arms, start walking, lifting your knees as high as possible and pressing them to your stomach.

5. Hold the stone. Stand up straight, your arms on the waist, bend your knees slightly, then harden, strain and relax the gluteus muscles a few times, alike, if you held the stone between them. Straighten, not fully stretching your knees.

6. Around the pelvis. While standing, make 50 circular motions with a pelvis clockwise and 50 counterclockwise. Perform daily in the morning.

7. Breathing with the belly. Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your hands behind your head. Rapid pace 12 times breathe belly, 24 times rub your hips to stretch the tailbone.

These exercises are indisputably useful, especially with regular execution. And to surely get rid of the worry about the strength of your erection you need one of top ED pills. Strong potency can be the result of increased circulation in the lower body: pelvic region, genitals and legs. The best way to increase blood circulation in these parts of the body is water procedures and we will give several recipes and you will understand all bath benefits for men.

Methods that provide bath benefits for men:

1. Baths. The loss of male power is naturally accompanied by psychological complications such as bad mood, neuroses, anxiety, etc. Men often lose the ability to relax and even sleep normally at night. It is clear that a constant emotional tension does not help restore potency. And here, general baths come to help, relaxing the body and nerves. This bath is best taken in a room with muted light, in silence. You can use additional means for relaxation: salt, aromatic sticks and candles. Under the head is best to put a pillow so that the neck does not get tired. So maybe the first and the most pleasant among all bath benefits for men is relaxing.

Baths can be neutral or hot. The first perfectly calms naturally. The water temperature for such a bath should range from 33 to 36 ° C, duration – from 10 to 20 minutes. Take neutral baths immediately before going to bed.

Hot baths are, respectively, a higher temperature (41 to 43 ° C). The main criterion is your well-being: any, even the slightest discomfort, is contraindicated. Therefore, choose only a pleasant temperature for your body otherwise there are no bath benefits for men. It is recommended to wrap the head with a wet towel to prevent a rush of blood. The bath lasts 20 minutes. Maintain a constant temperature by adding hot water as the bath cools. Another important point: protect your chest from immersion in hot water as this can damage the health of your heart. After the procedure, take a cold shower. The hot bath not only perfectly relaxes the strained nerves but also perfectly removes cramps and muscle contractions. Sitting baths are indicated with prostatitis for daily use.

2. The use of contrasting sedentary baths. To do this, you need to fill two pelvis – one hot (not boiling water but so that you can tolerate) and the other – with cold water. First sit in the first pelvis for one minute, a very important point – to withstand exactly the specified time, do not overdo it! Then change into the second pelvis, also for 1 minute. In each pelvis you need to visit 6 times. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. It is better to spend the procedure before going to bed when nothing distracts you. Contraindications: atherosclerosis, acute inflammatory diseases.

3. Contrast shower. This procedure is traditionally considered the morning but you can take a contrast shower at any time of the day. It is useful for the circulatory system, it normalizes blood circulation, reduce potency problem, discharges the heart muscle and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, speeds up the metabolism and positively affects the nervous system as a whole: restores a healthy sleep and relieves depression. In addition, this shower tones, invigorates, relieves fatigue and perfectly temperes the body which, in turn, leads to greater resistance to aggressive microorganisms that cause a variety of diseases. According to research of scientists, contrast shower gives the same effect as bathing in a pool or a natural body of water (they can also replace a one-hour walk).

4. The Georgian way. It is necessary to impose finely 500 g of ice, wrap in gauze, folded eight times. After preparation, keep this ice first at the nape (1 minute), then at the ribs in the heart area (1 minute) and finally attach to the scrotum for one minute. The procedure can be repeated 3-5 times a day. Contraindications: cardiac and acute inflammatory diseases.

5. Sleep in the bath also belongs to the list of bath benefits for men. When training astronauts it was found out that sleep in the bath works wonders with any man. In the evening, pour a bath three quarters of the body’s water temperature. Leave a thin stream of hot water turned on so that the water in the tub does not cool. In order not to drown, put on the neck a children’s inflatable collar (sold in children’s goods stores). Turn off the light in the bathroom. Course – 30 days, without a break. Contraindications: skin diseases.

How can water procedures enhance potency? The secret is that in the water our body reacts quite differently to temperature fluctuations. The sweat glands of skin areas immersed in water stop the moisture from evaporating, resulting in even warming up of these areas. In the water, the character of blood circulation also changes due to the pressure in it that is why there are definitely a lot of bath benefits for men.

The reaction of the human body to a low temperature of water is a spasm of small vessels. As a result, the metabolism in the tissues of the body increases and the temperature of the internal organs rises. Further spreading through the chain of regulatory mechanisms in small vessels improves blood circulation. Vessels of the body expand, reddening of the skin, we feel warm and cheerful. Therefore, water treatments are useful not only to increase potency but also to improve the overall condition of the body.

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Well? first of all I must say that a great benefit is relaxation but in this article there are so many tips that I do not even doubt about all the bath benefits for men.