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Birth control pills and alcohol

Birth control pills and alcohol
Birth control pills and alcohol

Birth control pills and alcohol

Usually hormonal contraceptives do not cause significant changes in a woman’s life. This means that she still goes to parties, holidays and on dates, where often is present alcohol and there is temptation to have a glass of wine or a cocktail. However, many believe that alcohol reduces the effect of birth control pills, leading to an unwanted pregnancy. Today we will talk about the correct combination of alcohol and oral contraceptives.

Usually, when you decide to use oral contraceptives, you must realize that you’re going to use these pills for a long time; accordingly, manufacturers do not run the risk of limiting their potential customers in the use of alcohol. As a rule, there are no direct contraindications, but having decided to combine these two factors, one must become acquainted with their interaction and possible negative consequences.

Many girls and women ask themselves: “can I drink alcohol when I’m on BC pills?”

The basis of these medicines consists of female sex hormones that restrain ovulation in the organism. Drinking alcohol cannot directly affect the work of hormones. It affects the liver, which, in turn, affects the action of all pills.

Alcohol makes the liver to work more actively: the processes of enzyme production, metabolism is accelerated, hormones are affected. If a tablet you took contains a daily dosage of hormones, so under the influence of liquor, the duration of its action decreases.

Does alcohol reduce the effect of oral contraceptive pills?

Based on the foregoing, it turns out that the joint use of these two factors leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of medicines, so the woman becomes unprotected from an unplanned conception.

A small dose of liquor would not have a noticeable influence on the effect of these medicines. However, a lot depends on what type of alcohol you consume. For instance, low-alcohol drinks are made on the basis of alcohol of low quality, which disrupts work of the liver, reduces the effectiveness of contraceptive tablets. The safest are considered to be quality champagne and wine, but most importantly is to have a sense of proportion.

Does alcohol affect OC at the beginning of the course?

During the first month of taking these pills, drinking should be discarded altogether. This is due to the fact that hormones must “settle down” in the organism. Alcohol can disrupt the adaptation process, especially if used in large quantities. If you drank a lot of alcohol, it is better to refrain from sex for several days or use condoms. Mix of these two substances would not pass without any consequences for the organism, so each woman must decide whether to drink alcohol with her medicines or not. So make your own decisions.

Compatibility of contraceptive pills and alcohol

Both medications and ethanol (the basis of alcoholic beverages) are absorbed and digested differently by the organism, would be the best if they don’t get mixed. Under the influence of alcohol, the organism can behave unpredictably, so it is undesirable to combine these two factors.

You must remember not to wash down any pills with alcohol, so make sure that passed at least 3 hours after you drank alcohol before the next pill. Most tablets are taken in the evenings, so it is necessary to postpone their reception to an earlier time. If the party is over only in the morning, then the pill should be taken as recommended in case of missed admission.

When and how to combine alcohol and contraceptives?

If you want to drink alcoholic beverages do it irregularly and in small quantities. By small amounts we mean 20 mg of ethanol per day, i.e. a glass of wine, a shot of vodka or whiskey, a bottle of beer. Not regularly no more than 2 times a week.

If a woman drinks low-alcohol drinks or beer regularly, her liver cannot function normally. Accordingly, the body isn’t able to correctly and completely absorb and process drugs. When drinking alcohol in large doses, memory dips may occur, also the woman can sleep for a very long time. As a result, birth control tablet will be missed, which is highly discouraged.

These drugs have virtually no adverse effects. Previous generations of such pills could have a negative impact on various body systems, for example, they could cause increased blood pressure and there could even be a stroke or a heart attack. A new generation of OC tablets contains lower doses of hormones, so the likelihood of negative reactions is significantly reduced. The only thing that can happen is intermenstrual bleeding. If it is not pathological, it does not pose danger. Only an experienced gynecologist can tell whether there is any danger or not. You’re probably wondering, can you order birth control pills online? Yes, you can, just make sure that you use a reliable online pharmacy.

Despite the low concentration of hormones, modern contraceptives reliably protect against unwanted pregnancy and do not pose a health threat. Such medicines are sometimes considered as a method of preventing ovarian cancer and other oncological pathologies; they normalize the menstrual cycle and purify the skin of the face. However, before acquiring such pills, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist to exclude increased sensitivity to the components of a drug and possible consequences.

Bleeding because of simultaneous reception of alcohol and OC

This phenomenon can arise as an adverse consequence of the combination of these two substances. Bleeding can be smearing and breakthrough. The first is more likely in those who drink alcohol during the first weeks of the course of therapy. At this time, the process of accustoming of the organism to components of the pills happens. Alcohol barge in this process; accordingly, tablets are unable to protect you against conception.

To protect yourself against these unwanted consequences, it is better to just give up alcohol at all. In case of smearing bleeding the medicine is not required to be withdrawn. When the body adapts, the bleeding will disappear on its own. Breakthrough bleeding requires medical attention. They can testify about inflammation, ectopic pregnancy and other serious problems. In any case, you must stop taking alcohol.

Vaginal extractions in case of use birth control pills and alcohol

Some women say that with a combination of these two factors, they have vaginal discharge. It is quite natural, but if they are not discharged in a large volume, they do not have a smell and color.

  • When hormones are mixed with liquor, the appearance of bloody discharge is possible. This is considered normal, but the nature of the mucus may change
  • Sometimes there could be liquid or curdled discharge. As a rule, these are signs of thrush. It is quite difficult to fight this illness. The fact is that with concomitant use of alcohol and OC pills, hormonal imbalance changes, accordingly, are created favorable conditions for active reproduction of conditionally pathogenic flora. Your health care provider can prescribe the necessary antifungal drugs, vitamins, evaluate possible risks, but alcohol must be abandoned
  • Discharge of yellow or white color, which has a very bad smell, requires a visit to the gynecologist. These phenomena can intensify against the background of hormonal therapy and alcohol consumption. These signs are typical for STDs

Based on the above, it is impossible to say unequivocally how much alcohol affects the effect of contraceptive preparations for oral use. Many studies conducted in this area have confirmed that these two substances shouldn’t be used at the same time, since alcohol reduces the effectiveness of medications. In addition, the reaction of the body to their combination can be very different in each individual case. Just follow all the doctor’s instructions on using birth control pills and everything should be fine. You can buy OC pills in any drugstore or online. If you want to find out how to buy medicines online safely, you can read the relevant article on our web site.

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I use Yasmin and it is allowed to drink but, of course, if it is forbidden to combine alcohol and birth control pills then you shouldn’t do this.