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Can energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction?

Can energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction?
Can energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction?

Can energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction

Nowadays many people like to drink different energy drinks. Basically young people do that. Some of them are interested in the question – whether the power drinks affect the potency? This is due to the fact that after drinking one or two cans of the drink a person feels a surge of unprecedented vigor.

Lovers of energy drinks use them every day. However, this product may cause serious damage not only to the potency but the entire health. About this we will talk in this article.

The deceptive effect.

Power drinks primarily affect the central nervous system that is why people have feeling of euphoria, arousal. And all thanks to the presence of caffeine in the drink (most often), guarana, taurine and others. They are all alkaloids. The man’s pulse quickens 10 minutes after drinking it.

Most medical experts say that such drinks are vitamin replacements for organic coffee except that their effect is more dangerous to health. Many power drinks contain in its composition hazardous substances (chemical) – glucuronolactone. The dose of the substance in the two banks of this drink exceed the daily rate in five hundred times!

They begin to act very quickly and contained therein alkaloids accelerate the work of the heart, heart rate increases. As a result there is always an increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure causes the appearance of a headache.

Cardiovascular system after the use of drinks is experiencing a load of work. Yes, it invigorates very much but it only gives a sense of power. It can be called false.

However, the body believes that it is received an energy. Hence, it is necessary to give it: because the laws of physics say that it will not disappears but only passes into another form of energy. It “cheats” our brain.

So having received a large dose of excitement people after the end of its action always feeling tired: this is the body restores power. Therefore doctors recommend always eating after drinking of energy drinks. Located alkaloids in the heart loaded it with double work.

Regular consumption of this product is harmful to the cardiovascular system which is responsible for the quality of erections. Fans of power drinks repeatedly noted violations of erection. Action of product for each person is strictly individual and depends on the state of health.

Stronger people may not even notice the feeling of energy and excitement. This danger may lurk because a person wants to drink more to feel the effect. The more you drink the greater danger is for your heart.

Power drinks gradually weaken our body. And as long as these reserves are strong enough a person may experience sexual arousal. But regularly drink beverages is harmful. Especially dangerous is the combination of energy and alcohol. The first component maximally excites the nervous system while alcohol relaxes it. For the human body it is a real strength test.

Energy drinks weaken the potency.

People who drink that product more than once a day observed not only a violation of the potency and weakening but also problems with nervous disorders.

To summarize if the energy affect the potency we can say the following: at the young age the product gives a sense of euphoria in the wake of which the person experiences a desire for sex. But cardio-vascular system suffers and it is responsible for the content of a man’s penis with blood. However, this occurs in men who drink them more than one year. Not one bottle per day. There are those who are just start drinking them and at the beginning the problems with potency is not noticed and people start to drink more and more to have the strength to work.

With age there are serious health problems such as hypertension, tachycardia, and arrhythmia, all this only heart disease and blood vessels. In these diseases sexual activity represents a serious challenge to the already weak body.

Doctors recommend drinking maximum 0.5 liters of power drinks per day. It cannot be combined with alcohol. In other words it is an incompatible combination. The body is forced to mobilize the maximum energy for the two tasks. Chronic use of large doses can bring down even the strongest body. And then there will be no time for sex.

To drink or not – it’s up to you. Of course there are times when a jar of invigorating drink is a must (the night shift, exam preparation). But as you know everything should be in moderation. Therefore before the use of the second and following jars think about it: is it worth risking your health?

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