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Can erectile dysfunction be a consequence of vasectomy?

Can erectile dysfunction be a consequence of vasectomy
Can erectile dysfunction be a consequence of vasectomy

Can erectile dysfunction be a consequence of vasectomy

Vasectomy blocks the reproductive function of male body. In other words it is sterilization for contraception with the voluntary consent of the patient.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia (it is necessary to do laboratory tests to find out the blood’s ability to clot) and takes 20-30 minutes, sometimes even less. A surgeon ties vas deferens and as a result the sperm do not reach the seminal vesicles. Ejaculatory tract take the sperm from the epididymis to the outside. To prevent insemination it is necessary to make ejaculatory duct impassable. The surgeon do this through very small incisions in the skin of the scrotum, the severed ends of the ducts are closed by “clips” – tiny titanium clips. On the same day the patient can go home but follow two major recommendations: do not perform heavy physical work over the next two days and be protected for about two months.

Male sterilization scares many men because they afraid of decreased erection and libido but do not confuse vasectomy with castration. In male sterilization balls retain their function – testosterone will be produced in the same number. Vasectomy does not decrease the amount of semen and does not affect the quality of sex. After surgery, the patient is a complete man with the only difference that his sperm loses its ability to fertilize but retains all the other components.

If the operated man suddenly wish to become the father of many children it is usually impossible (according to statistics after vasectomy 2-6% of men want to restore their fertility capacity). Recovery is possible but the operation is more complicated than a vasectomy and doctors don’t give you 100-percent guarantee. Important is also the time: the longer the time period after the operation the less chance of having children. With each passing year the chances of conceiving a child decreased by 10%.

You should also know that male sterilization is performed for men older than 35 years or after 30 years if they have two children. Other indications for vasectomy are: the inability to have children by social or health reasons, intolerance of other contraceptive methods and hereditary or mental diseases.

Today scientists are trying to create a contraceptive pill for men. To choose a drug for men is much more difficult than for women because it is enough to slow down ovulation once a month and a man’s body produce every day millions of spermatozoon. For contraceptive effect it is necessary to contain or limit the process of their production to make the sperm lose its fertilizing capacity.

Contraindications for vasectomy:

  • Different types of tumors;
  • Presence of infectious skin diseases;
  • Low levels of blood clotting.

Disadvantages and side effects:

  • Irreversibility of the process (a man may regret his decision);
  • Pain and discomfort after the operation;
  • Lack of protection from diseases, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV;
  • Additional contraception during 3 months after surgery;
  • There is a risk of side effects after surgery and anesthesia.

Some men complain of a decrease in sexual interest while others complain of ED. However, it does not affect the testosterone levels, the sensitivity or any other physical function in men. Side effects usually associated with sexual desire and ED usually have the emotional nature and only psychotherapy can help with it.

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