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What pathologies affect potency?

What pathologies affect potency

What pathologies affect potency? Pathologies manifest themselves in the stronger sex at various ages and depend on various causes. Many patients are embarrassed to handle delicate problems with a specialist. This leads to deterioration in sexual health and the development…
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In the life of every man is a very important component of his men's health. Approximately on thirty-year age is the peak of sexual activity and then the libido begins to gradually decline. Their men functions all men trying to maintain as long as possible since they determine the self-esteem and quality of life. Every man wants to be always in good shape, full of energy and enjoy good health, up to 100 years. Unfortunately, very few people succeed. Interfere to do this first of all, a wrong way of life, bad habits, and bad environment.

Regardless of any reasons for today there are very effective methods to improve and maintain the male sexual function. A whole branch of medicine andrology studying men's health pills but it is not necessary to be a doctor to at least know what the disease exist, what their symptoms and how to prevent them with prophylactic agents. You can read a lot on men’s health blog.

Is it possible to prevent problems with men's health? If to timely pay attention to it – of course, yes. Many experts say that if a man does not keep an active lifestyle, neglect physical exercise while has sitting job; it would be guaranteed in the future prostatitis, impotence and hemorrhoids. Today modern andrology identifies main objectives to fight the male illnesses such as prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment of disease. In the overwhelming majority infection is the main cause of defeat urinary system. Diseases arising as a result of their occurrence and are divided into the following types: nonspecific and specific infections.

These infections usually enter the body during sexual intercourse, sometimes occurs hematogenous transmission, in the motion of the blood, for example, they come from places that are concentration of a chronic infections. There are other causes such as defects and possible abnormalities of the genital area of men. The development of diseases of other systems and organs is a factor in diseases of the reproductive system in men, particularly erectile dysfunction which include neurosis, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and many others. Male infertility in most cases arises from the use of fatty foods, alcohol and smoking.

Experts insist that every man should pass examination as prevention not less than twice a year and in certain disease a doctor can prescribe men’s health medication. Such preventive measures will contribute to the early detection of existing infections. In casual sexual relationships you should always use condoms and better to exclude such relations. Because regular sex with a regular partner is a guarantee that infectious diseases do not affect you.