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Women’s Health

Female body is full of secrets and those that badly conceal all sorts of symptoms. Gynecological diseases are some of mostly-without-symptoms, therefore to find out about their existence is only possible with regular medical examination.

Unfortunately, many of us forget that no one is safe from female diseases. Referring to the lack of promiscuous sexual life and prevention the girls refused to go to the gynecologist and as a result – a lengthy treatment and restrictions. You can also read everything that you are interested in on women’s health blog.

Disease №1 is a menstrual disorder. With this disease faced in their lives almost every woman. Menstrual disorders – is any deviation from the norm. If you cannot measure blood loss in milliliters then the interval between menses is quite simple to calculate. Characteristics of normal menstrual cycle: menstruation lasts 3-7 days; between periods (from the first day of the current to the first day of the next) is 21-35 days; 60-120 ml blood loss. The menstrual cycle is disrupted due to many causes: stress, exhaustion, various infectious and endocrine diseases, pathology of the ovaries, changing of the time zone and climate, even minimal weakening of immune system may result in disruption. Since there are many reasons the treatment is chosen individually.

Diseases №2 is cervical erosion. Erosion is a disease which frightens all and everyone. With regular examination it can be diagnosed at an early stage and to cure this illness. Otherwise, the disease can cause cancer. It is redness on the cervix that is visible during normal inspection with mirror.

Diseases №3 is an ovarian cyst. This is a benign formation cavity with liquid or semi-liquid content. Cysts are temporary and occur through hormonal disruptions. This disease resolves by itself within a couple of months. It is enough to take medicines prescribed by a doctor. But there are cysts with dense capsule which in the process of growth can become malignant then it required surgery. The illness is mostly asymptomatic; the only symptoms that can be determined are infringement of menstrual cycle and stringy low back pain and in lower abdomen.

Disease №4 is colpitis. It is more common in women who are sexually active. The reason of this illness is microorganisms. Development of colpitis contribute to somatic diseases and endocrine pathology, mechanical and chemical damage of the vaginal mucosa, failure to comply with personal hygiene and the use of antibiotics. It manifests itself as follows: there is itching and abundant excretion of unusual color and odor. It is treated with women's health medication using irrigation, baths, ointments and suppositories.

Disease №5 is uterine fibroids. Fibroids – is a benign tumor that arises in the muscular layer of the uterus called the myometrium. Its dimensions are different – from a few millimeters to centimeters. People say that the biggest fibroids weighed 63 kg. Symptoms of fibroids – is a pain and pressure in the lower abdomen, heavy menstruation. Sometimes regarded as a symptom are infertility, dysfunction of the bladder and rectum. Fibroids are developed in the case of excess estrogen, also in the presence of infection. It is diagnosed by ultrasound radiation and treated by expectantly method – upon reaching certain size of fibroids quickly invade in its activity.

To protect themselves from gynecological problems women need to follow some rules – personal hygiene and regular medical examination. And they will safe their Women’s health!