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Contraceptives and smoking

Contraceptives and smoking
Contraceptives and smoking

Contraceptives and smoking

Contraceptive tablets are now used by many ladies, including not only young girls, but women over 45 years. And they are used not only to protect against conception, but also in case of hormonal failures and for some other gynecological problems. But it is very important to remember that these pharmaceuticals are quite active and therefore their combination with other equally active agents is not always particularly positive. However, each case, of course, should be considered separately. Let us talk about smoking and birth control pills.

Do they mutually affect each other and if so, is it dangerous or maybe, conversely, beneficial?

Every third adult woman, according to statistics, at least occasionally smokes, therefore, accordingly, many of the women who smoke also buy birth control preparations and use them. Therefore, the joint use of these two things should definitely be considered more closely. After all, it has the potential to be quite dangerous stunt, if not take into account the consequences.

It is necessary to go in order and understand in all details the classification of contraceptive pills, because the effect that can occur due to the combination of certain OC pills with smoking depends directly on what kind of their type is used by a woman.

There are two main groups of such medicines. The combined hormonal contraceptives containing estrogen and progestins:

  • Low-dose, containing 50 mcg ethinyl estradiol
  • Medium-dose, 35-40 mcg ethinyl estradiol
  • Low-dose, 30 mcg
  • Micro-dose, 20 mcg

Purely progestin contraceptives contain gestagens only. The most undesirable is considered to be combination of cigarettes with estrogens contained in combined contraceptives. This includes not only tablets, but also injectable drugs, and vaginal rings and spirals. Today more and more use medicines with low estrogen; they belong to a new generation of OC pills and cause fewer negative reactions.

The impact of smoking on the heart and female sex organs

Let us consider the impact of cigarettes, which increases in conjunction with birth control pills.

Nicotine increases the development of adrenaline and noradrenaline, which leads to a spasm (constriction) of blood vessels.

Carbon monoxide, which is released during smoking is capable of binding to hemoglobin and cause tissue hypoxia (lack of oxygen), which reflexively increases the number of the heart rate. Nicotine raises blood levels of fibrinogen a substance that is involved in blood clotting, which means that the risk of developing blood clots increases.

It is scientifically proven that smoking contributes to cancer development, not only for the lungs, but for the uterus too. Early start smoking (before 17) increases the risk of breast cancer.

Effect of estrogens on the heart and female sex organs

The study of this question gives conflicting data. On the one hand, estrogen protects against the development of strokes, heart attacks and thromboses. This is evidenced by the fact that heart problems in women begin to appear after menopause, when there is extinction of sexual function. On the other hand, the researchers say that in those taking combined contraceptives, the risk of heart attack, stroke or thrombosis increased by several times. They attributed this effect with a high dose of estrogen in pills the old generation.

There are forms of estrogen dependent malignant tumors (cancer of the breast, uterus and ovaries). These conditions are usually caused by excess hormones in women, including after using certain medicines. Mix of estrogens and nicotine

The probability of heart problems and breast cancer is increased by 2 times when the BC pills combined with nicotine. This is confirmed by studies conducted in the United States. Moreover, the negative impact on health, cause even passive smoking.

Venous thrombosis in women who use contraceptives with estrogen and smoke, occur 10 times more often than in those who do not have this habit. The negative impact of nicotine depends on the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the age of a woman.

Most often suffer from heart attacks malicious smokers (those who smoke over 15 cigarettes per day) and those over 40.

Remember that you must choose hormonal contraceptives together with gynecologist who will prescribe a medication based on your age, taking into account probable risks and comorbidities. What suits one woman may be harmful to another.

Also, more attentive to their health should be those who take contraceptive pills for the treatment of gynecological illnesses. It is reliably proved that these pills significantly reduce the risk of benign tumors of the breast, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis, inflammatory pelvic disease. To treat these pathologies use medicines with a high content of estrogens, this, in turn, increases the risk of negative reactions, especially in smokers.

When a woman takes contraceptives, it can be an excellent help for her health, but with any wrong combination there is a chance that the organism will be harmed and seriously enough. Therefore it is strongly recommended to always consider how different substances will be combined. And if we have more or less figured out what are the drawbacks of combining smoking and contraceptives, with other substances the approach can be completely different.

It is best to give up smoking completely, regardless whether you take birth control tablets or not. This harmful habit brings nothing but destruction to the organism. Of course, it is not easy to abandon nicotine, so do not feel ashamed to ask for medical assistance. There are special preparations that designed to inhibit your craving for nicotine. One of the most effective Wellbutrin Sr. Online on special web sites you can find it at the best price. Also you can look for it in drugstores. Just do not self-medicate, get your physician’s approval first.

So do not experiment. It is better to once again make an appointment with a gynecologist and clarify all the possible negative consequences that can theoretically arise, than take a risk and try in practice. The expert will give you clear recommendations: what you can use during the reception of certain preparations and from which you are strongly recommended to give up. If you follow them clearly, then your health will be much less problematic. The health is the most valuable and important think we have, this is what you need to protect with special care, especially when it comes to gynecology and other “sensitive” internal systems of the organism.

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