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Different types of testosterone therapy

different types of testosterone therapy
different types of testosterone therapy

different types of testosterone therapy

Testosterone deficiency shows up stronger in men than in women because this hormone is the principal male sex hormone. This deficiency occurs in the body when it falls to 300 nanograms or less per deciliter of blood.

Age-related decrease is a normal physiological phenomenon. This process starts after thirty-five years and a level decreases by 1-2% per year.

 To treat testosterone deficiency men usually use medicaments that contain testosterone and they are used as monotherapy or by combining them with other drugs.

Clinical trials cannot give a clear answer whether such a treatment is effective for ED but if you use only testosterone drugs it just enhances sexual desire.

Types of testosterone therapy include:

  • Muscular injection with testosterone enanthate or cypionate. These drugs are similar in their pharmacological actions. Medications are taken every two or three weeks 200 – 300 mg with 100 mg usual dose per day. The maximum level is seen in five days, but it returns to normal in ten – fourteen days. The advantages of these drugs are their low price and the ability to achieve a high level of testosterone in the blood. The disadvantages include of pain at the injection site and regular visits to the doctor for injections.
  • Transdermal system that increases the level of testosterone: patches and gels. For better results they are used every day. With this method its daily dose is five – ten grams of the substance. The patches are applied to the body or directly to the scrotum. The advantage is a constant level of testosterone in the body during its applying.
  • Oral forms are not widespread because of their toxic effect on the liver. Due to rapid metabolism it’s impossible to maintain a sufficient level of testosterone.

However, taking those drugs can have side effects among which quite common are headache, acne, changes in breast size or emotional imbalance. Use of testosterone for a long time can contribute to the development of diseases such as: worsening of sleep, benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc. If during taking those drugs were observed any adverse symptoms then treatment should be interrupted. Therapy can be resumed after regression of symptoms but with a decrease dosage.

Such drugs are mainly used to build muscle and increase libido. Many people do not have the same objectives with the use of such drugs. Someone needs it to enhance sexual activity and somebody uses it to enhance the effect of bodybuilding, but the success of its using or the side effects depend on the age and the initial level of testosterone.

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