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Do men have periods?

Do men have periods?
Do men have periods?

Do men have periods?

Do men have periods? This question seems very funny. But, as the discoveries of scientists prove, there is some truth in this joke. So, recently, experts have proved that men also experience depressive-manic periods due to a change in the level of hormones in the organism. So, let’s figure out what the men’s period is and why it happens.

Nature decreed that regular menstrual bleeding was given to a woman. That’s a part of a process that enables the birth of offspring. But conception is impossible without the participation of the male sexual cell. And these cells are not present in the female body. So if the maturation of the egg does not go without menstruation, maybe the formation of a sperm accompanies something similar? And men also have menstrual periods? Most of these questions seem ridiculous. But not everything is simple.

The anatomical differences between boys and girls are evident from birth. Even more pronounced they become with age. It should be immediately said that in the male body there is no uterus, ovaries or vagina. Consequently, there cannot be any bleeding from the male genital (we are talking about a healthy person). From the point of view of anatomy, every man has a set of the same organs as a woman. In particular, we are talking about the genitals, no matter how strange it sounds, but it’s a fact! The reality is as follows: the men have female genital organs, but they are present only in an embryonic state. This is the evidence that all the natural cycles of development that are inherent in women also have a certain echo in the life of every man.

One of these organs is the prostate gland, the so-called second heart of a man. Sometimes it is called a small uterus. The truth is in the name, because the prostate has a site in its structure, really similar to the female organ. But most importantly, it produces prostaglandins, which inevitably have an effect on the male body. Therefore the health of this organ has a crucial importance. Often it suffers from chronic prostatitis and this situation needs urgent and thorough treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the state of the prostate and, if necessary, adhere to chronic prostatitis treatment guidelines.

Since there is no uterus, there are also no appendages that affect the cyclicity of the processes occurring in the women’s sexual sphere. But men have testicles in which spermatozoa mature and testosterone is produced.  This hormone is also a defining difference in the physiology of boys and girls.

All of the above makes it obvious that the organism of the stronger sex works in the same way cyclically. Hence, it is quite natural that there is a phase that can be characterized as men’s period.

When it first appears?

Becoming more mature, the boys notice not only the external changes:

  • Increased hairiness of the body
  • Lowering the tone of voice
  • Increased greasiness of the skin and hair

The emotional and physiological interest to the opposite sex also increases. And this in its pure form is a hormonal phenomenon. Hence, a process capable of leading to the conception of a new person is launched. And the boys also start to show themselves in a peculiar way:

  • Irritability
  • Aggressiveness
  • Physical malaise in the form of nausea, poor appetite, weakness
  • Impossibility to concentrate

This period can last 3-4 days. Its signs resemble premenstrual syndrome in women. Even if during this time a boy feels weak in sexual terms, this has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. Teenager rarely face with serious problems with sex, however although such situations also happen.

By the way, the aging of men is also determined not only by external changes. The signs of aging could be traced in the sexual sphere, characterized by various kinds of neurological disorders, a decrease in potency. That is, the likelihood of becoming a father, like motherhood among women, is gradually coming to naught. So it is safe to say, that sooner or later, the men also experience menopause.

The instability of the emotional state in teenage boys, it would seem, can be attributed to this specific age. Their behavior is dictated by hormonal bursts. And in men, these manifestations should not exist, because all the processes occurring in the body are already subject to certain logic. Well, not really. A man continues to regularly produce hormones, the number and ratio of which is not the same in different periods of life. Therefore, the answer to the question, do guys have periods, is rather affirmative.

Only in contrast to women, in men, these days are not so vividly expressed, they are as if muted. More specifically, perhaps every man from time to time notices some kind of strangeness, for example, once a month he is completely indifferent to everything: nothing goes right, everything falls out of hand, it’s not clear where the overwhelming laziness comes from, nothing is to be done, even sex is not interesting and so on.

And sometimes there is regular pain in the lower abdomen or general malaise. These are truly signs of “man periods”. Of course, with this, menstrual bleeding is absolutely impossible, but the body of men in this period tends to hysterics and stress. For example, some people try to arrange a scandal at home without significant reasons; some are skipping work or suddenly expressing to their colleagues everything that they really think about and so on. In addition, it is worth noting that it is during this period that men are most susceptible to all kinds of infectious diseases. But after this both women and men feel an incredible upsurge of strength and with sincere joy return to the old rhythm of life, get back to work, sex, etc.

How to survive “man periods”?

A woman can understand such a man like no other. Therefore, she can help. The best thing to do is to leave him alone, to not demand increased attention and to not start new things. And remember that this does not last long and should normally not be more frequent than once a month and a half. But if the male period lasts or his behavior goes beyond, perhaps this is the result of hormonal disorders. In this case, only a specialist can help.

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