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Do you know what is weekend pill?

Do you know what is weekend pill
Do you know what is weekend pill

Do you know what is weekend pill

A lot of men today face problems with potency. And the more the world “speeds up” the more these problems remind about it: stress, trauma and unhealthy lifestyle – all this greatly affects the potency and complicates the already difficult lives of modern men, already difficult. However, medical scientists have long invented drugs allowing solving these troubles with varying degrees of success.

Generic Cialis or in other words “weekend pill” is a very effective drug that is designed to successfully overcome and even to treat impotence. And if at first these drugs were very expensive and to buy them had opportunity not every man suffering from erectile dysfunction because Cialis price increase now the price has dropped so much that the drug has become widespread. If you enter into any Internet search engine the phrase “generic Cialis price” you can be pleasantly surprised. But the surprise passes if you understand what kind of medication and how its price is established in such a democratic framework.

Someone calls all known generic drug counterfeiting but it is absolutely not true. It is simply a copy that preserves absolutely all dignity and quality of the original drug. Thus, generic Cialis is a complete analogue of Cialis brand but at the same time it is in several times cheaper. This is explained by the fact that the original is made in the USA and buying it you have to pay more for the brand. In turn, generic Cialis which is made in India is not inferior to an original drug. It has all the necessary patents as well as the original. The structure of the generic contains the same active ingredients. Thus, the price difference can be only explained by a lack of brand name but in any case does not impact the quality and efficiency. Also price are lower due to the fact that the analogue does not spend cost on research and development, advertising and obtaining of various certificates.

In pharmacies it is presented at various doses: 10, 20, 30, 60 and 90 tablets and more of 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 mg each.

What are the Generic Cialis advantages?

It has only positive reviews. Many men who try it are very satisfied with the action that has the drug. Cialis works faster than Viagra though it is an analog (Tadalafil is a derivative of Sildenafil but their combination is forbidden!). It is hard to say Viagra or Cialis which is better. A notable advantage is that the drug effect lasts up to 36 hours. That gives a clear advantage for one and half day at any time to have sex not waiting for the next portion of the drug will work. Another undoubted advantage is that the medicine has no effect without sexual arousal. That is, a man will not feel discomfort before sexual intercourse.

The principle of action of Tadalafil is increased blood flow through the blood to the arteries of the penis. Thus, Generic Cialis cause sustained erections. The drug is used in any form of ED.

You can also buy weekend pill online and I recommend starting taking pills 10 mg for patients at the beginning of acquaintance with this drug. I remind you that a safe daily dose should not exceed 20 mg. If you observe such a technique, the negative feelings and side effects should not arise.

I draw your attention: do not use nitrates! Also if you have recently had a heart attack then from taking Tadalafil I generally recommend to refuse even though, in principle, under the supervision of a specialist there is nothing wrong can happen. Read the precautions before taking Generic Cialis. Also, the drug is not imposed on persons whose age is less than 18 years as well as women and children.

Cialis should be taken with caution by persons who have observed the anatomical (erectile) strain that is the curvature of the penis, as well as leukemia, anemia, multiple myeloma and retinitis. This drug does not affect the driving capability deterioration.

Compatibility with an alcohol: the drug will have effect after the application of alcohol, no adverse effects were detected. However, remember that alcohol adversely affects your sexual capabilities and Cialis enhances them and as a result the preparation cannot give the desired effect at a certain proportion of intoxication.

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Yes, I understand why it is called weekend pills when I buy Cialis it works up to 2 days.