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ED injections that ruined health instead of curing

ED injections

ED injections

A marketing trick ended up in a disaster for a medical clinic from California. The clinic used strongly persuasive advertisements to persuade ED suffering men to apply for their help. When patients came to the clinic, they found out that “magical” cure offered in the advertising included quite unsafe penile injections.
As men who later sued the clinic stated, they were given an injection consisting of strong ingredients, which brought an instant erection. While in the state, men were offered to buy 60 injections to make themselves such injections at home. After the course was finished, erectile dysfunction would never bother patients again, promised the doctors. However, no side effects or possible risks were mentioned by them.
The story behind the curtain is quite shocking. Not only men were not warned about possible side effects, but they also were greatly manipulated, as doctors from the clinic used high-pressure sales tricks while patients were aroused (which is a vulnerable state for a man). It became known that doctors received bonuses for promoting this business. What is even more shocking, they sold these powerful injections for $25 each, while it could be bought by prescription for as much as $3. Besides, the pharmacy providing the injections appeared to belong to the wife of one of the clinic’s founders.
The patients were misled from the very beginning of this ED injection therapy. This kind of therapy is in fact the last resort used by urologists and is taken when no other treatments prove effective. Moreover, similar injections can be provided exclusively in the doctor’s office and not at home in any case. With men from the notorious clinic, they were told injections are safer even than Viagra, which is a complete lie.
Severe side effects from taking injections brought many patients to the court suing the clinic. Some of them faced priapism, which is an erection that lasts for several hours and is really dangerous for men’s health as this can damage very delicate penile blood vessels and cause absolute impotency.
One of the patients received several million compensation for not being warned about possible risks, another one in fact suffered from priapism and also received millions of dollars as compensation. Doctors from the clinic advised to keep taking injections even when men informed about priapism and other side effects.
Clinic doctors never offered their patients any other ways of treatment ED, which brought them to court for their actions. Thus, one should be extremely careful when choosing the therapy for treating ED. It is better to find as safe methods as possible not to suffer from severe health problems later.

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