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Erectile dysfunction test

Erectile dysfunction test
Erectile dysfunction test

Erectile dysfunction test

Given the modern rhythm of life, many men, sooner or later, face a certain penis standing problem that can arise for various reasons. And it is very important to identify the deviation in a timely manner. After all, only with proper treatment, it is very easy to restore the potency. There is special erectile dysfunction test that will help a man to identify predisposition to problems with potency. Also, the potency test is used in case of an ailment. So, we can predict the success of therapy and the rapid recovery of male power. Since there are many causes of impotence, your doctor can use several different tests to diagnose the disorder and prescribe treatment. Effective treatment can be prescribed only after establishing the cause and the first step is erectile dysfunction test.

Before sending you for any tests, the doctor must examine your medical card and conduct a thorough medical examination. The doctor can also ask you questions about your personal and sexual life. Some of these questions may seem to you too intimate and even indecent. Nevertheless, it is important that you answer them honestly. As the first step you can choose to answer the questions of Erectile Dysfunction test online. After a medical examination and a conversation, your physician can refer you to do next examinations.

List of Erectile Dysfunction test:

  • Clinical blood test: This is a comprehensive blood test which among other things can detect anemia in a person and as a result can be one of the causes of weak erection.
  • Functional liver and kidney tests can determine whether standing penis problem is due to a violation of the liver or kidney function.
  • Functional diagnostics of the thyroid gland: the deficiency of sex hormones which regulate this gland leads to the development of impotence.
  • Urinalysis: From the urine test, you can find out a lot of different information, for example, the level of protein, sugar and testosterone. If the content of these substances in the blood differs from the norm this can be a consequence of diabetes, kidney disease or a low content of testosterone. All this can lead to ED.
  • Duplex ultrasonography: This erectile dysfunction test is one of the most effective among the above mentioned. At ultrasonic research high-frequency waves are used for reception of a visual estimation of tissues of an organism. This test is carried out twice: erected penis (often after the injection of the drug that stimulates the erection like red Viagra pills) and in a relaxed state.
  • Special test during which the erection will be caused by the penile injections of a special solution that promotes the expansion (increase) of the blood vessels and the access of blood to the penis.
  • Everyone knows that about problems may indicate absence of erection in morning but doctors also check its presence at night. Any man can do it also independently at home; you can read the details in the article “Erection self-test”.
  • Cavernosography involves the introduction of a radiopaque substance into the penis. Then an X-ray when penis stands is made to detect a venous leak.
  • PSA-test: PSA-the main marker of prostate cancer. Abnormality in this test can talk about an increase in the prostate or its infection which can complicate the case of impotence.

Of course it is not a complete list but only the most basic of it. There are some others like “porn test” which is quite simple. Specialized clinics have equipped rooms for such a test. The patient is sent to a room with darkened lighting. On the monitor begin to broadcast videos and movies of an erotic nature. The patient is completely alone in the room. At the end of this test, the young man tells all the reactions of the penis while watching porn. But, this method of diagnosis is not completely reliable. Another erectile dysfunction test is biotesiometry. In carrying out the test certain vibrations are used which determine whether the penis has sensitivity to stimulation or not. If there is no sensitivity, then you can talk about problems with nerve endings in the pelvic area. In the future, pathology can lead to complete impotence. To determine the level of blood circulation in the penis will help ultrasound. This test is the most common and mandatory for comprehensive diagnosis. Sometimes, to check the patency of blood vessels and arteries in the penis, use an x-ray machine. For this, a contrast liquid is introduced into the penis which will show its movement along the vessels of the genital organ. If the liquid completely circulates through the veins and arteries then it pours into the abdominal cavity so there is no physiological cause for bad potency. Here the work of the therapist is needed.

Sexual health is an important part of the overall physical and emotional well-being of every person. One of the most common sexual disorders is potency problem. There are many different ways to treat ED. This questionnaire is designed to help you and your doctor when finding out if you have an erection disorder and discussing possible options for its treatment.

The results of this test are determined in the last 6 months. There are five questions to be answered by assessments. If such a situation has never happened to you or almost never then the score is 1. If this happened rarely which means less often than in half the cases then it is 2. If sometimes (approximately in half cases) then it is 3. The next 4 you gave to the question if it happened often which means more than in half the cases. And the last one 5 if it happened always or almost always. The questions are:

  1. How often did you have an erection with sexual activity lately?
  2. How often in recent times did your erection appear sufficient to introduce a penis (to start a sexual intercourse)?
  3. When trying to have intercourse, how often did you manage to get the penis in (start a sexual act)?
  4. How often in recent times did you manage to maintain an erection after the onset of sexual intercourse?
  5. How difficult was it to keep an erection during and until the end of the sexual act?

To understand the results of erectile dysfunction test you can on your own.

  • Norm – no ED of 25-25 points.
  • Easy ED – 16-20 points.
  • Moderate ED – 11-15 points.
  • Significant ED – 5-10 points.
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Every man after 40 has some problems but he doesn’t want to admit it and it is a great option to do erectile dysfunction test online and to know if you should worry.