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Female erection: how does it arise and why?

Female erection: how does it arise and why?
Female erection: how does it arise and why?

Female erection: how does it arise and why?

Female erection: how does it arise and why? It is virtually impossible to find an adult person that has no idea what a male erection is. But there is also such a thing as a female erection. Surprisingly, this phenomenon caused controversy even among sexologists. Not so many of them believed in the existence of erectile function in women some time ago. Today, the existence of female erection is beyond doubt. At the same time, this phenomenon in the representatives of the beautiful half of mankind is not analogous to the same phenomenon in men. It has a number of features, which will be discussed in this article.

To begin with it is necessary to say a few words about how a male erection occurs. At the moment of sexual excitement, blood flows to the cavernous bodies. Due to this the penis increases noticeably, becoming more firm and elastic. Through the process of erection, it becomes possible to commit a sex act. It may seem that women cannot do anything like this, since they do not have a penis. However, one of the most sensitive areas of the female body — the clitoris — is nothing more than an underdeveloped penis. In the process of embryonic development, both these organs develop from the so-called sexual tubercle, so their structure is pretty much the same.

The clitoris consists of:

  • A clitoral glance
  • A bridle, rich in blood vessels and receptors
  • Clitoral hood

 Inside the head of the clitoris are two small cavernous bodies that can fill with blood and swell just like a penis. When a girl is sexually excited, the clitoris grows in size up to two times, while it becomes hot and elastic. This is how a female erection starts. In contrast to a fairly rapid erection of the penis, the reaction of the clitoris to stimulation occurs after 30-40 seconds.

By the way, many people think that the bigger a woman’s clitoris is, the more temperamentally she is in bed. This is not true: numerous studies have shown that there is no relationship between the size of the clitoris and the capacity for sexual arousal.

Shortly before orgasm, the clitoris diminishes in size for some time. It is believed that this is due to its increased sensitivity. A strong stimulation of an excited clitoris can lead to painful sensations. This is confirmed by the fact that right after orgasm many girls don’t like even a light touch to the clitoris due to the arising discomfort.

 Many have heard about the existence of priapism — an illness that leads to a permanent erection of the penis. Women have an analogue of priapism. Unnaturally prolonged female erection is called clitorism. With this pathology, the clitoris is constantly in the erect state. Sometimes in the medical literature this term is used to denote an abnormal increase in the size of the clitoris. Clitorism is an extremely rare condition. It, as a rule, is caused by the taking of certain medications. For example: an antidepressant bupropion.

Sexual arousal in women: the main manifestations

 Under the erectile function in women in the medical literature is often understood a whole complex of changes. They, at the time of sexual arousal, occur not only in the clitoris, but also in other genital organs. The main manifestations of a female erection include the following:

  • Small labia become larger and change color from pink to red
  • The vagina swells, its walls narrow and become elastic. Due to this at the time of sexual contact a penis is more closely in contact with its walls
  • The sexual organs become wet due to lubricant secretion from special glands. Lubrication facilitates the sliding of a penis and avoids damage to the mucous membrane of the vagina. If there is not enough lubrication, the commission of sexual intercourse becomes quite difficult

Interestingly, physiologically a female erection is a mirror image of the same phenomenon in men. If a male penis increases with erection in size, then the women’s vagina decreases, becomes narrower and narrower.

Of course, to experience a female erection, a woman should be sexually aroused. Sometimes this could be quite problematic. One of the main reasons could be reduced libido. Luckily, this condition can be healed. For this purpose were created special medicines, such as female Viagra jelly.

At the time of sexual arousal in women not only the clitoris can eradicate, but also the nipples. The mammary glands are provided with numerous nerve endings. During the prelude, these nerve endings are irritated, sending an impulse to the muscles. As a result, the nipples harden, which is one of the indicators of sexual arousal. Nipples can grow in size by 0.5-1 cm. Of course, the nipples can become hard for other reasons, for example, because of tight lingerie, breastfeeding or cold weather. However, in the latter cases, the erection of the nipples quickly disappears by itself, while with sexual arousal it persists for a long time.

How does a female erection occur? Interestingly, in men and women, erections are triggered by different stimuli. The vast majority of men are visuals. That is, to develop an erection, it is enough for them to see an attractive woman or imagine an erotic scene. Women do not get excited by visual stimuli. From the contemplation of a beautiful male body only 25% of the fair sex feels sexual desire.

To experience sexual arousal, thereby provoking a female erection, a woman needs two factors:

  • As a matter of fact, a woman can fell sex drive by thinking about sex Therefore, the most effective approach to achieving a woman’s arousal are hints of sex. At the same time, poetic female fantasies have nothing to do with coarser and more straightforward masculine ones
  • Love games lead to the fact that a woman begins to experience sexual desire. This leads to female erection. If a man is able to have sex right after seeing a beautiful lady, a woman should be well prepared for coition by gentle touches and caresses. This feature should take into account every man who wants to be a good lover

 Female erection is a rather complex phenomenon. It consists of psychological, physiological and emotional reactions. It takes some time for a woman to become sexually aroused. And, of course, some effort on the part of her boyfriend or husband. If a woman doesn’t feel sexually exited even after a long prelude with an experienced partner this could be a sign of a reduced libido. In this situation could be used a pill of female Viagra. But only if such treatment was approved by her doctor.

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