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Habits useful for potency

Habits useful for potency
Habits useful for potency

Habits useful for potency

One of the ways to combat impotence is to make certain changes in our traditional way of life. For some men, in order to facilitate illness, is enough to switch to a healthy lifestyle, stop smoking, exercise regularly and eliminate stressful situations. For those who require more intensive ED treatment, lifestyle changes in combination with other treatments also would benefit.

Give up smoking

Giving up smoking could be very difficult. There is no perfect method to quit this addiction helpful for everyone. Here are some tricks that can come in handy in the process of giving up this harmful and dangerous habit:

  • Choose for yourself a date of smoking cessation; let it come no later than 3 weeks after your acceptance of this decision. Get ready for this day by reducing the number of cigarettes consumed per day, do not visit your favorite places for smoking and make a plan to relieve stress without smoking
  • On the day of smoking cessation, get rid of all cigarettes, get busy and try to always be in places where this harmful habit is forbidden
  • Talk to your health care provider about the advisability of nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine patch, gum, or other medicines may benefit, but wouldn’t save you from the urge to smoke
  • Avoid smoking altogether. Do not allow yourself to smoke “from time to time.” Dependence on nicotine may make itself felt at any time, even after years of abstinence
  • Increase gradually a period of not smoking from one hour to a day or more. The physical craving to smoke is short-lived and will pass eventually whether you smoke a cigarette or not
  • If necessary, ask for help. Choose a comprehensive program to quit smoking, which does not rely on only one technique (eg, hypnosis). Your physician can give you good advice

Also, avoid alcohol abuse and use of narcotic drugs. The fact that bad habits are greatest enemies of potency is proven by doctors. Getting rid of bad habits can improve male sexual function.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can greatly improve your state of health. Apart from improving your erectile function, regular exercise will also help you to:

  • Strengthen the heart
  • Increase the supply of oxygen in the blood
  • Increase endurance
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve muscle tone and build strength
  • Train the body
  • Reduce the percentage of body fat
  • Relieve stress, tension, anxiety and depression
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Feel relaxed and refreshed
  • Feel fit

For maximum effect it is necessary to find about 20-30 minutes for training, preferably every day. According to recent studies, it is necessary to engage in physical activity at least five times a week. If you are a beginner, practice a few minutes each day, gradually increasing this time to 30 minutes.

Sports will help you to stay in shape, and, as the matter of fact, this habit is good for strong erection. Overweight is the worst enemy of potency. The fact that obesity increases the level of estrogen — a female hormone, excess levels of which are often an underlying reason for problems in intimate sphere and also to the general health deterioration in men. Additionally, excess weight leads to heart problems and diabetes, which are also major factors in ruined sex life and health hazards. To make sure that you are not at risk is necessary to measure waist circumference. In men 94 cm or more indicates obesity.

Ask your medical adviser about special exercises to increase potency. They are aimed at increasing blood circulation in the pelvic organs and the potency muscle training. These exercises do not take up a lot of time and give noticeable results after the first week of training.

For a start pick up a set of exercises that is easy for you. When you get used to the load, you can change the exercise or number of repetitions. Here are a few tips for beginners:

  • Choose something interesting and exciting. Exercise should bring joy and not turn into a routine
  • Let the daily exercise become a part of your daily schedule. From time to time add various exercises so you do not get bored
  • Sports should not be a blow to your wallet. Do not buy expensive sports equipment or a subscription to a sports club, if you are not sure that you will regularly use them
  • Do not make breaks. If you start to practice regularly, soon sport will become a part of your lifestyle
  • If you think that you need a doctor’s care or medical opinion about what kind of physical activity is better to choose, ask your physician to prescribe you physical therapy sessions. Physiotherapist will take into account your needs and will pick up a safe and effective exercise program

Reduce stress

Everybody from time to time experience stress. Our organism has the property to perceive the stress and react to it. It allows people to be alert and avoid danger. But we are not always able to avoid difficult for the psyche events, so it is easy to be taken by surprise. If a stressful situation is retained, our health begins to deteriorate and various illnesses may develop. To cope with stress, you need to determine for yourself the harmful factors that may trigger it and learn how to minimize their impact.

The first step in dealing with stress may be studying effective ways of relaxation and their regular use. From time to time, allow yourself spending a few minutes “alone with yourself”.

Analyze and change your way of thinking, it is especially important to get rid of unrealistic expectations. Discussion of problems with a friend or family member will help to look at things at a right angle. Seeking professional help will give you a new perspective on the methods of dealing with complex forms of stress. Use these techniques to reduce stress exposure:

  • Keep a positive approach towards life. Believe in yourself
  • Accept the fact that some events are independent of you
  • Be positive, not aggressive. Customize your thoughts and feelings in a positive way instead of getting angry, belligerent or passive
  • Learn to relax
  • Get regular exercise. Your body will be able to cope with stress, if it is in a good shape
  • Stick to a balanced diet. It should consist of all essential nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals necessary for men’s health, these are zinc, selenium, vitamin E, C, B vitamins B. Vitamin D is also a great vitamin for sex.
  • Sleep as much as need. That means no less than 8 hours a day.

The issue of habits for improving potency must be approached comprehensively and then the treatment will succeed.

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