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High testosterone level and high libido are two major prerequisites of good sex

High testosterone level

High testosterone level

The most important thing for your health, if you are a man, is the ability to obtain and maintain an erection. Normal testosterone level is one of the key factors that ensure the presence of an erection after awakening or during sex. Of course it is not the only factor of man’s sex drive and sexual performance.
On the other hand, if you wish to have satisfying sex it is of the highest importance to keep your testosterone level high enough. Low testosterone level causes potency problems in men. Men start to feel a lack of sex drive.
Testosterone is a hormone produced in our body as a result of complicated chemical reactions. It means that we can directly adjust testosterone level in our body and even increase it if needed by adopting positive life style changes. A man needs at least 30 times more testosterone than a woman.
While libido is the inner energy of the sexual drive. Unlike testosterone which belongs to our physiological state, libido is the part of our mental state. It reflects our inner emotions and feelings. Together testosterone level and libido play crucial part in sexual intercourse.
High testosterone level and high libido are required if you want to get a satisfaction from sex.
There are no doubts that testosterone is a big subject for discussion and for consideration when ED problems begin. Should men justify their ED problems only with low testosterone level? Surely, no! Surprisingly, it is very rare case when low testosterone becomes a major reason of erectile dysfunction.
Usually men experience problems with erections because of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease of the arteries. An excessive amount of fatty material which cover the inner walls of the arteries hinder a normal blood flow to the penis. The tiny blood vessels become unable to supply the penis with the blood flow which is strong enough for a firm erection. Beware atherosclerosis more than low testosterone.

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