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How much time does a man need to rest after sex?

How much time does a man need to rest after sex?
How much time does a man need to rest after sex?

How much time does a man need to rest after sex?

Rest after sex. Having sex is one of the most exquisite, but at the same time simple and accessible pleasures that are given to a person to satisfy his or her desires. Consequently, the more sex, the sweeter is life. But, unfortunately, not always we “can” as much as we “want”. Most often, this relationship between the desired and the actual depends on the sexual capabilities of a man, because in this area he acts as a dominant. Sometimes after sex, a man needs to rest. Sometimes this period of rest after sex last so long that both the man and the woman simply lose the desire. More details about how much time a man needs for relaxation after sex, and also how many times a man can satisfy his partner, will be discussed in this article.
How many times a man can finish during sex normally?

As a rule, men need some rest after sex to regain strength. And during this period of time, called the refractory period, he is physiologically incapable of experiencing orgasm. Scientifically speaking, the refractory period is the minimum time that must pass between two ejaculations.
The first minutes of the refractory period are characterized by a sharp decline in sexual excitability. And for some time after sex no stimulation is able to cause a second erection. According to scientists, this time for rest after sex is developed by nature to limit sexual activity of a man.

It is interesting that, as sociological surveys show, men are not very happy about such a feature of their physiology. They believe that it would be better for nature to give them the opportunity to have sex again without delay.
However, some members of the stronger sex do have this unique opportunity. The physicians found that there are men who simply don’t have a refractory period, which turns them into wonderful lovers and ensures success for women.

 The number of sexual acts that a man can commit overnight depends not only on his partner, who can show great activity in sex, thereby causing a man to have passion and energy. How many times a man can make love depends on his age, body characteristics, amount of testosterone, lifestyle, nutrition and many other factors. Most sex acts per day can be performed by men, whose age does not exceed 20 years. The most active of them are capable of more than 20 orgasms a day! Although, it is more a happy exception to the rules than a regularity, and normally 20-year-olds can perform about 8 sex acts a day. Of course, even a young man has to get rest after sex. After reaching 35 years, half of men lose the ability to multiple repetitions of sexual acts per day, bringing their maximum to 3 or -2 times. And, finally, in 60 years, the ability to have sex several times a day is preserved only in 3% of men out of 100.
How much time does a man need to rest after sex? — Responses of men

It is possible to conduct direct interrelation between temperament of the man, and some other factors. We already mentioned them in the previous paragraph: food, a way of life, relationship with the partner, and also his own behavior in bed. Much will depend on the sexual constitution of a man, as well as his hormonal background. Based on the numerous reviews of men, it was noticed that too short breaks between sexual intercourse (about 15 minutes or less), cannot guarantee obtaining very vivid sexual experiences during orgasm and the sexual intercourse. Especially if the number of sexual acts exceeded 3 per short time. Therefore, rest after sex is very important for men. Several sexual acts per day significantly increase the time until the onset of a “qualitative”, full-fledged orgasm in all sensations. Everyday sexual pleasures with several orgasms per day deplete the body of a man, and sperm simply does not have time to be developed. And as inherent by nature, men’s ejaculation is the main purpose of sex.
Many men say that in order to be able to experience orgasm several times a night, a break in sex has to be at least 7 days. Otherwise it is not possible to experience an orgasm more than 2 times a day. And this is justifiable, because you cannot argue with physiology. On average, in the presence of all favorable conditions, a very young man needs about 20 minutes for rest after sex. A mature man (30 years) — up to one hour or even longer. In addition to the physiological capabilities of men, an important role is played by sexual attraction to a woman.

According to German doctors, the recovery time for each man is individual, but on average this process takes from half an hour to days. Yet the scientists have not been able to unravel the exact mechanisms that take place in the male organism during rest after sex. But there are some guesses. So, they believe that the hormone prolactin, which is released immediately after ejaculation and temporarily blocks the erection, is responsible for this issue.

However, this is not all. There are a number of factors that can influence the duration of rest after sex. For example, the frequency of masturbation and the amount of alcohol consumed. Of course, this statement could be argued, but despite many popular myths about masturbation, too much enthusiasm for doing this has a negative impact on the duration of rest after sex.

Because of frequent masturbation and abuse of alcoholic beverages, you can lose the ability to recover quickly.

However, if the time of rest after sex takes more than a day, then this is a serious reason to address to a doctor. So, there are certain problems that need to be solved as soon as possible. Stress, chronic fatigue and a number of medications can have a significant effect on libido and potency.

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