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How to choose birth control pills?

How to choose birth control pills?
How to choose birth control pills?

How to choose birth control pills?

In the 60’s of the last century, one of the pharmaceutical companies presented to the consumers first hormonal contraceptives, and for more than half a century, women unconditionally rely on these helpful remedies. And yet, this situation has its own drawbacks. Many girls prefer to select these pills independently, often with the help of “online friends”, quite frequently being deluded by different myths about birth control means. Some take them to get rid of pimples or overcome hair loss.

Of course, this approach is wrong.

Incorrectly selected medication can lead to:

  • Infertility (due to the fact that women’s ovaries are informed about the fact that it is not necessary to produce hormones, and they completely stop doing this)
  • Challenging childbirth (ongoing weakness, emotional distress, placental abruption. But this negative consequence threatens only those who used for birth control pills for a long time)
  • Circulatory system disorders
  • Birth of children with disabilities (more than 70% of women, according to statistics, after taking hormonal preparations have children with certain mutations)

Of course, statements of advertisers about full safety of OC pills are nothing more than a commercial move, but each of us weighs the pros and cons and decides for herself what to do or purchase. But before we start talking about the selection of contraceptive pills, let’s talk about contraindications to which attention should be paid.  And if at least one point has to do with you, consider stop taking oral contraceptives.

  • An attack of depression or severe stress that you had less than three months ago
  • Smoking, because in combination with birth control agents this habit greatly increases the risk of thromboembolic complications
  • Hypertension
  • Absence of menstruation for several cycles or menstrual cycle for more than 40 days

How to choose the right contraceptive pill with your physician

If you act according to the rules, of course, you must:

  • Undergo a survey
  • Have a pelvic ultrasound to be sure that there are no cysts
  • Pass at least twice analyzes on hormones that will allow more correctly judge about the organism’s hormonal moods
  • Be tested for blood clotting, as the majority of oral contraceptives can make you prone to hemodilution, which in turn, can lead to bleeding in case of hidden pathologies
  • Check the blood sugar to determine the predisposition to diabetes

Independent selection of contraceptive tablets according to the phenotype

But, if for some reasons you decided not to go to the gynecologist, then let’s talk about how to select the perfect remedy on your own. When selecting an OC, the biggest role is assigned the phenotype.

You should also consider the quality of menstruation; it in fact reflects the woman’s hormonal background. Heavy and prolonged critical days indicate the predominance of estrogen activity and short and scarce about progestogen activity.

Women belonging to the estrogen phenotype, have a short stature, very feminine appearance and voice. They generally have well-developed breasts, and their skin and hair are usually dry. At the same time they have copious menses that last for at least five days. Among premenstrual signs are mainly marked: breast engorgement and nervous mood. Duration of the menstrual cycle is 28 days or more. For these women, progestin component medicines are the perfect choice.

Women belonging to the balanced phenotype have an average stature, feminine voice and appearance. Their breasts have average dimensions, the skin and hair is normal. Menses are moderate, last about five days. Premenstrual signs are not observed, the character remains balanced.

Women of the progesterone phenotype typically have a high growth, boyish appearance and gruff voice. Such women generally have underdeveloped breasts, and skin and hair are greasy. Menses are scanty and do not last more than five days.  As the premenstrual signs are pain in the abdomen and lower back. The mood is depressed, and the cycle lasts less than 28 days. That is why for these girls prescribe pills with anti-androgenic effect.

The criterion of successful selection of contraceptive pills is the absence intermenstrual bleeding at the expiration of three months, when the organism has adapted and, of course, that the health and mood of the woman do not suffer when taking these drugs.

If you were able to find such a preparation, it can be taken for a sufficiently long period; do not worry about the damage to health. Fortunately, nowadays the selection of this kind of pills is very extensive. They are available in all drugstores. Also, for convenience and for the purpose of saving time, you can find instructions for them online and thereby gain knowledge about a particular product. You can also buy medications online using your favorite Internet services.

Moreover, modern contraceptive tablets not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also provide the prevention of the formation of ovarian cysts and uterine cancer. Oral contraceptives can reduce the inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs and reduce the risk of benign neoplasms, as well as improve the skin and hair condition. Pick a contraceptive medication wisely and then most of the troubles caused by the body’s addiction to pills you can avoid. Good medication will not disturb the menstrual cycle and does not harm health.

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