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How to identify and overcome depression after wedding

How to identify and overcome depression after wedding
How to identify and overcome depression after wedding

How to identify and overcome depression after wedding

It would seem that after the wedding should begin the period, which the fairy tales describe as “they lived happily ever after”. But statistics show that about a tenth of couples who had just celebrated their wedding feel sadness and desolation. Many newlyweds are familiar with the situation, when hopes for a happy family life are not fulfilled; there is no desire to build up a cozy and lovely “nest” or to go home from work. And therefore a question arises — whether it was a good decision to marry at all?

The main danger in such state as post wedding depression is the fact that often it is quite difficult to even detect it because the illness can masquerade as many other problems:

• Troubles with sleep, difficulty falling asleep, restless and heavy sleep, problematic awakening in the morning

• The pain in the heart or discomfort in the chest (interesting that in this case cardiogram shows no problems)

• Joint pain for no apparent reason (of course, consultation with a profiled specialist in this case is necessary, but if he (she) does not detect any abnormalities, you may be sure this is a symptom of depression)

• Frequent headaches that resemble migraine or manifestation of vegetative-vascular dystonia, pain in the temples

• Poor appetite or lack thereof (although the presence of illnesses is also must not be excluded)

• Groundless fear, anxiety, agitation, sometimes even panic attacks

• Lack of sexual desire, or, conversely, excessive libido

It is worth noting that girls are more prone to desolation after the wedding, and not always the cause for it is fatigue after a difficult preparation for the holiday. What is the cause of depression immediately after marriage and how to prevent such a sad start of family life, read in our article.

1. Wedding is the beginning, not the end

By planning a “royal” wedding, the bride and groom do not think about anything else. Preparation for future festivities makes them strive on all 100%. So when the wedding march is played by, and the guests were satisfied and went home, husband and wife begin to wonder: “What’s next?” And gradually fall into depression.

What shall you do?

Set yourself new goals, such as purchasing cars, improvement of living conditions, birth of a baby, etc.

2. Proper financial planning of the ceremony

A banquet usually requires considerable investments. As a result, the ceremony is amazing, but the honeymoon is postponed because first of all the newlyweds need to restore their material well-being, and often return the borrowed money.

What shall you do?

The bride and groom should evaluate their material capabilities before compiling the list of guests. Before inviting scarcely known people it is best to weigh all the pros and cons. Indisputably, many wedding are paid off thanks to the wedding presents. But people invited at your celebration, and may come up empty-handed. It is impossible to predict such course of events. It is best not to take a risk.

3. Wedding magic must not lead you astray

It is naive to think that after the marriage the husband and wife will not have any disagreements. Perfect relationships do not exist, and betrothal, during which the bride and groom vow to always and anytime agree with each other is just an ancient custom. The most troublesome time for the newlyweds is the first month of marriage. They state that their desires often do not coincide with reality; they often feel conned and disappointed.

What shall you do?

Do not build any illusions and be able to find compromises.

4. Wife is also a woman!

Many ladies after getting married voluntarily driving themselves into the rigid framework. They are moving away from friends, no longer look after themselves and become free housekeepers. Over time, these ladies become addicted and unfit to life. As a consequence appears depression after the wedding and inferiority complex.

What shall you do?

Take care of your appearance, make surprises for the husband, keep in touch with the loved ones, engaged in favorite activities and from time to time just devote some time for yourself.

5. Time to talk frankly

During parties and wedding celebrations, you certainly used to be the center of attention, but it should not prevent you to remember that your friends’ life goes on. Set a meeting on a neutral territory and try to escape from your new status; you’ll be surprised to discover that giving your attention to others is no less pleasant than getting it from the people around.

6. Keep something for later

A great way to extend the holiday is to postpone a few boxes of gifts for later. Therefore, when you return from the honeymoon and feel sadness, you’ll get the “last piece of candy in a box” so to speak. The pleasure of unpacking and examining deferred gifts will be much sharper than if you disassembled them with the general mass.

Immediately after marriage a new period in your life begins. And adapting to it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. As always all you need is time, do not be upset and rush things. It turns out that post wedding depression is not so terrible, the main thing is to trust each other, and then you will succeed.

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Sharlena Foster

Now a days, Depression has become one of the major problem. Many of us are suffring from it. However, by changing your daily life style and via doing meditation, you can reduce the level of depression.