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How to improve the quality of sperm?

How to improve the quality of sperm?
How to improve the quality of sperm?

How to improve the quality of sperm?

Why should a man improve the quality of sperm? Several decades ago, if a couple had no kids, usually the woman was to blame. The majority of men did not even realize that they also need to be examined for infertility. Yes, in fact, the former technical capabilities of medicine did not allow physicians to properly examine the male organism. Now, undoubtedly, there are such opportunities. And in the long absence of the desired pregnancy, both men and his girlfriend or wife should be examined and this is crucial.

Today, doctors say that there are many reasons for the development of infertility in men. But above all it is poor quality of sperm. Sometimes it is the complete absence or very small amount of semen. Sometimes it is the decrease in the motility of the sperm cells themselves (insufficient activity). Or a change in its structure. Such reasons make conception extremely difficult or in some situations even completely impossible. Modern medics, in order to improve the quality of sperm, can resort to both modern hormonal techniques and to simpler “folk” complexes. In this case, hormonal treatment can be carried out exclusively by a doctor. Amateur performance and carelessness in this case can have tragic outcomes. Nevertheless, modern medicine knows such techniques in which practically the same effect can be achieved using safer means. For example, to improve the quality of sperm sometimes help changes in certain principles of the male way of life.

For example, in beer there is an unusually large number of phytoestrogens. As a result, excessive consumption of beer will undoubtedly worsen the quality of sperm. And in order to change the situation it is better to give up this drink.

 In addition, the presence of excess weight in men is bad for the quality of sperm. The doctors proved that the fat tissue located on the belly is a kind of organ that can produce estrogens. Estrogens, which you understand, in this case, do not completely benefit the man.

It is also important to understand that the testicles of a man are those organs that do not like heat. Undoubtedly, young moms should start taking care of the boy from the very birth. This includes taking care for the future sexual health of the boys. Also, this approach helps to improve the quality of sperm of the boys. And above all, it’s important not to dress the boys too warm! It is important to remember that hot baths, sauna, and in general, any overheating is not good for the male reproductive organs. If the man has already faced infertility, it is better to completely abandon such procedures. As well as abandon excessively tight panties or pants. These kinds of underwear are guilty of blood flow disorders directly in the spermatic artery.

There are plenty of no medical methods for solving this issue how to improve the quality of sperm. After prolonged use, these methods can give a very good effect.

For men who want to improve the quality of sperm it is extremely important to take zinc preparations in sufficient quantities. People can get zinc from food. First of all, we are talking about seafood and red meat. Because of these products zinc is best absorbed. Vegetable products are extremely important beans or vegetables and of course gray bread. It must be said that most unique product on the amount of zinc contained therein is considered to be wheat bran. Namely, in one tablespoon of the wheat bran contains almost daily rate of such an important macroelement. In any case, you should avoid vitamin deficiency. Erectile dysfunction can be one of possible consequences of it, along with inability to improve the quality of sperm.

Additionally, it is extremely important for men who want to improve the quality of sperm to consume as much greenery as possible. Namely: parsley, celery, or cilantro. There is another valuable and well-known means that improves the composition of sperm. It, among other things, brings a huge amount of benefits to the male heart and other internal organs. This is a cocktail of ingredients such as dried apricots, raisins, lemon, together with prunes. To the mixture must be added honey and aloe juice. This tasty “medicine” can be used a few times a day. Don’t worry; it is impossible to overdose on it.

Next we want to give some practical recommendations to men on how to improve the quality of sperm.

10 ways to improve sperm quality

#1. Take care of your weight

 Both some insufficiency and a significant excess weight have an extremely negative effect on male sperm. In addition, the weight deviation from the norm can negatively affect the sex life of a couple, because it affects the libido of men. In this case, it is recommended to adhere to the principles of a balanced healthy diet. It involves a large number of fruits, vegetables, useful lean protein, as well as cereals and dairy products. Moderate physical exercises are also important.

 #2. More folic acid

 Men with low levels of folic acid have a higher level of abnormally working chromosomes in the sperm. However, this does not mean that every future dad must immediately start taking folic acid pills. Beans, any green leafy vegetables, as well as whole grains, most citrus fruit, black bread are rich with folic acid.

 #3. Urgently quit smoking!

 Often smoking causes the extremely low number of active sperm. And it is bet that a man quits smoking at least 3 months before the couple expects to get pregnant. So rejection of cigarettes is crucial if a man wants to improve the quality of sperm.

#4. Stop using any drugs

 Unfortunately, sperm cells can easily be damaged by any narcotic drugs. As a consequence, in women who become pregnant by such men, the likelihood of miscarriage increases at times. Besides, there is a dangerous interconnection between marijuana and erectile dysfunction.

 #5. Do not drink much beer

 It is not necessary to refuse beer completely; however, it is necessary to reduce its consumption. This applies to other alcohol. Alcohol contributes to a sharp decline in the production of good quality sperm in men and, among other things, causes anomalies.

#6. Undergo an adequate medical examination

 It is extremely important to check as thoroughly as possible the general state of a man’s health before conception. Otherwise it is impossible to improve the quality of sperm.

#7. Reduce the consumption of caffeine

The latest studies of Danish scientists were able to show interesting results. The quantity and quality of sperm are significantly lower in those men who regularly consumed excessive amounts of foods that have a high content of soda or caffeine. And this means that you should limit the use of coffee, strong tea, chocolate, as well as any energy drinks.

#8. Keep calm

Stress increases the number of abnormally developed sperm cells. In addition, stress leads to a reduction (and significant) of sperm concentration.

It is important for men to get enough sleep, eat regularly and do sports (moderately).

#9. Coolness is better than heat

 It is extremely important not to overheat. After all, sperm is produced only at a certain temperature of the organism. And this means that the testicles of a man should always be in coolness.

#10. Avoid toxins

Working with chemicals or with toxins, a man should make sure that this job does not affect the quality of sperm. Any toxic chemicals, any heavy metals (say lead or chemical solvents) at times increase the percentage of abnormal spermatozoa. So if you want to improve the quality of sperm, pay attention to the environment of the workplace.

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