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How to prolong sex?

How to prolong sex
How to prolong sex

How to prolong sex

How to prolong sex? It is natural that for every couple their sexual life has colossal importance because in the process a pleasure should get both partners. And the main component of this unforgettable process is, of course, the duration of sexual intercourse. And in this question there are a lot of interesting facts that will affect the sexual life of partners, since the time to get an orgasm for a man and a woman is different. Basically, if you refer to statistics and numerous studies, the average sexual intercourse lasts about 3 minutes. At the end of this period, a man can get a full satisfaction but not a woman. Therefore, many people think about how to prolong sex. Especially if you turn to medicine you can understand that 3 minutes is not much for sex. In order to understand how to make long lasting sex, one should first understand the causes of rapid ejaculation and only then start looking for methods to combat the problem.

How to prolong sex and indicators that affect it:

Initially, before delving into the question of how to prolong sex it should be noted that this aspect will be significantly influenced by the frequency of intercourse with sexual intimacy. And it should be said that this factor will not affect the urinary system or the sensitivity of the sex organ itself. Of great importance will be how much time passes between sexual intimacies. In the case when a man has not had sex for a long time then you should not be surprised that even the prolongation of the sexual intercourse will be powerless since the orgasm comes very quickly. In addition to all this, the rapid onset of orgasm in men is affected by the sensitivity of the penis head but in the case of this option, the question of how to prolong sex should be solved only with physicians by specialists.

Of significant importance is circumcision since after circumcision the sensitivity of the glans penis decreases many times. That is why before starting a conversation about how it is possible to significantly extend the male sexual intercourse, one should take into account the fact or absence of circumcision. In the case of circumcision, the sexual process itself will not change from this but the erection time will decrease. An important aspect is also the psychological state of a man. After all, everyone understands that sex and psychological state are always in very close connection, if before that moment a man has experienced a bad experience then he will always remember this. In order to cope with the problem and adjust to prolonging normal sexual intercourse in men should seek help from a sexologist.

How to prolong sex and technique of the process:

 Quite often, this aspect depends directly on the experience and efforts of the woman herself. In the case when a woman behaves correctly and manage her body and organs she will bring her man to orgasm as soon as possible. Thus, when considering how to extend a male sexual intercourse, the main factors should be considered:

  • The duration of abstinence from intimacy;
  • Frequency of sexual acts;
  • Sensitivity of the genitals;
  • Experience and ability of sexual partners;
  • Psychological aspects;
  • Presence or absence of circumcision.

Start with slowdown and wait for the recession of excitement. At a time when sexual intercourse has just begun you should be fully prepared on a psychological level. That is, all the right to act should be given to your partner and you do not do anything. And thus wait until the first wave of excitement. After this stage behind you can take the initiative in own hands.

At the moment when there is a new influx you should slow down and again just wait. In the event that such an exercise is used to prolong the sexual intercourse of two partners, you should initially gain maximum patience and not concentrate on what is happening. It is inability to slow down in time and is a fairly frequent reason that a man prematurely gets an orgasm.

It’s not a disease – you should take the reality calmly and understand that there are a lot of ways how to prolong sex. Very often as an assistant in this matter can serve the adult video, this will tell and show partners the increase in the duration of attraction and sexual intercourse between partners. Thus, the problem that has arisen can be looked at entirely from the other side. And do not need to compare this situation with the problem.

The correct solution in how to prolong sex will be:

  • Do not do tragedy at all, as this can affect not only the intimate but also the daily life;
  • Add a little humor and learn to stop criticizing yourself;
  • If there is a desire to discuss the process then it should be done frankly without hiding anything and not feeling fear at the same time;
  • In case if the first time did not last long you need to wait a bit and give your body a little time. After that, try again. It should not immediately after the “failure” to run away.

In addition, a man can bring his woman a lot of pleasure with the help of preliminary caresses. Therefore, it should be given some time and special attention.

Do not hold your breath if you are interested how to prolong sex:

Even knowing the mass of methods how to prolong sex, one must always remember the daily rules and principles, the first of which is – in no case to delay breathing during sexual intercourse. You cannot hold your breath, that is, you should breathe in one rhythm. Many inexperienced young people start to hold their breath before the onset of an orgasm and this is their main mistake and therefore this method does not help them. Conversely, the opposite effect will simply happen.

Other methods of how to prolong sex:

Quite often the problem of this nature appears in young men. And all because of the fact that sex is a matter of experience. Quite often, it is young people who do not have normal sexual experience, quite quickly experiencing orgasm after the onset of sex. But do not despair because, of course, everything will come with experience.

To facilitate the process and training, one should heed some simple advice:

  • Use condoms in the process. Using the most primitive means of contraception you can significantly prolong sexual contact with a partner;
  • The process needs to change positions;
  • Sometimes, before going directly to the process, you need to masturbate. This method will greatly prolong the time of closeness;
  • Surgical processes – circumcision. This option is used to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis.

If you pay attention to medical aspects and do not know how to prolong sex without ejaculating you can use specialized tablets, for example one of the Top ED pills and supplements the range of which is now very large. You can even use the currently popular contraceptive pill, designed for men. In addition, you can use patches which are used without problems at home; some of them can slightly extend the penis.

In the event that the problem has arisen against the background of a neurologic disease, doctors are prescribed a special course of therapy. But for proper treatment, you should first consult with a neurologist. In the event that you should take pills or other supplements you need to undergo a premature examination because due to improper admission you can bring significant harm to the body. Also there is a very big mistake that is repeated in many men because they believe that when taking alcohol – the erection comes later. But this is not true! Simply alcohol will dull the main reflexes of a person and that will affect both sex and its duration.

If you have more serious problem like dealing with premature ejaculation then you must know that only Priligy can help in this case. You can read about it more in the article “Priligy is the best drug for premature ejaculation”. But if your problem is not that serious then you can use our recommendations on how to prolong sex in this article.

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