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How Zenegra works

How Zenegra works
How Zenegra works

How Zenegra works

Many men are interested in how Zenegra works and is it safe for use so in this article we will tell you about it. This remedy for today is actively used to combat male impotence and belong to Top ED medications. In the composition of this drug is a substance such as Sildenafil which improves blood circulation in the genital area of ​​a man and provides better erection. Insufficient level of erection and poor potency are the problems faced by representatives of the strongest half of all ages. Among the reasons for the appearance of such phenomena can be identified passive lifestyle, the presence of bad habits, multiple diseases of the reproductive system, as well as constant stress and nerve strain.

How Zenegra works:

The drug is designed to prevent premature ejection of seminal fluid and enhance erection weakened by the development of genitourinary pathologies and unhealthy lifestyle. The basis of Zenegra is the same active substance that is part of Viagra. The component has a stimulating effect and has a lasting effect. Its action is directed directly to the pelvic organs. The drug in a short time normalizes the circulatory process and improves the condition of the vessels, increases sexual arousal and maintains a strong erection for several hours. Nevertheless, Zenegra has fewer contraindications and side effects than Viagra. The effect is observed after 20-40 minutes after application of the product. To eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and complete sexual contact, one-time use of this drug product is sufficient. If the pathology causes systematic violations of sexual function, the drug should be used by the course.

Long-term use of Zenegra allows you to affect the condition of the potency, stimulate the synthesis of hormones and normalize the reproductive function. The drug is available in capsules, each containing 100 milligrams of active ingredients.

Achieving a strong and lasting erection is impossible without healthy circulation inside the pelvic organs. Circulation of blood is disrupted in a number of pathologies of the genitourinary system including with erectile dysfunction. It leads to a decrease in libido and the development of impotence. The action of Zenegra medicinal ingredients is aimed at a healthy stimulation of the circulation. The drug restores the elasticity and elasticity of the smooth muscles of the penis, increases its tone and causes an increased flow of blood to the cavernous bodies after which the erection becomes much stronger and more stable.

Zenegra helps to increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones, as a result of this physical and emotional sensations during orgasm are much more acute. In addition, the product has a good protective property. It restores the microflora of organs, preventing the development of serious inflammatory processes. Under the influence of Zenegra a man feels a surge of energy and an increase in stamina relaxes and feels more comfortable.  The product reduces muscle tension, increases oxygen saturation, accelerates metabolism. After a full course of treatment, the majority of patients are observed to strengthen the immune system, restore healthy production of testosterone and improve reproductive function by activating spermatozoa. This product will last for four hours.

When taking Zenegra you should be aware that this substance does not interact with drugs made from nitrates, donators of nitric oxide, alpha-blockers and selective inhibitors belonging to other groups. The interval between taking such medicines and Zenegra should be at least three weeks. In the presence of chronic pathologies and regular medication intake, make sure that they are all compatible with the composition of Zenegra. The main indication for the reception of Zenegra is a disorder in a male erectile function. This pathology is common in patients older than 45 years. Today, due to the influence of negative factors of the physiological and psychological nature the violation of sexual function develops even in young men. The reasons for this process are not so much the age-related changes and the presence of inflammatory processes as the wrong way of life: unhealthy food, bad habits and chronic fatigue. Zenegra is authorized for use by patients undergoing complex treatment of prostatitis and ED. In the absence of contraindications, the product can be taken to prevent impotence. The drug is effective in androgen deficiency (low testosterone level).

If you use the drug for the first time – limit yourself to 25-50 milligrams of the substance (depending on the degree of the disorder). If the effect is insufficient – increase the dose the next time you use it. Half of the Zenegra tablets are indicated with regular medication or with the use of vasodilator drugs since Sildenafil has an identical property. A reduced dose of the product is recommended for older men. The maximum duration of treatment is four weeks. If necessary, let’s repeat the course. It should be done after a two-week break and only after consulting a doctor.

Side effects of Zenegra:

Synthetic composition of drug causes some reactions. The most common among them:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • symptoms of a common cold;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • spasms in the lumbar region;
  • malaise;
  • allergic rashes and redness of the skin.

With a slight overdose or increased sensitivity of the body to the composition these side effects are not dangerous to health and do not require special treatment. In the presence of severe allergies or an increase in the daily dose of more than two times adverse reactions can have serious consequences for the body. In such cases, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Zenegra and alcohol:

Drinking of alcoholic beverages is contraindicated in the treatment with Zenegra. Ethyl alcohol not only reduces the effectiveness of the inhibiting component but also increases its concentration in the blood. When alcohol is combined with a stimulating product a high load on the liver and heart muscle is observed in a person so that discomfort and pain cannot be ruled out. With regular use of Zenegra completely abandon the alcohol. If the drug is used sporadically – do not drink alcohol 12 hours before taking it. Foods with high fat content do not cause side effects when combined with Zenegra. However, they slow down the effect of the drug reducing the effectiveness of the entire treatment.

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