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Inguinal hernia, impotence.

Inguinal hernia. Impotence.
Inguinal hernia, Impotence

Inguinal hernia, Impotence

Many men worry about inguinal hernia, impotence and other consequences of this problem. In this article we will try to explain everything and to recommend what to do in this case. Hernia, especially inguinal is the most common type of such pathologies – they account for 75% of all hernias. In men it occurs in 5 times more often than in women. This is due to the difference in the anatomy of the female and male inguinal canal. Male’s is shorter and wider and it is weakerly strengthened with muscle tissue and tendon layers. One of the consequences of this hernia can be a significant weakening of potency, problems with the work of the intestine and bladder that is why inguinal hernia, impotence are bound and it is extremely important to start the appropriate treatment in time.

Why does inguinal hernia, impotence as a consequence appear?

The reasons for its formation are diverse and congenital pathology often occurs in intrauterine development and is found in boys at an early age. Mature men may also face a similar problem but it will be already acquired and predisposing factors are often: trauma, intense physical activity, weak back of the inguinal canal, disease of the prostate, digestive tract and urinary system.

Depending on the anatomical structure the following types are distinguished:

  • Indirect – occurs when the hernial contents enter the canal into the inner ring from the abdominal cavity and pass along near the spermatic cord.
  • Direct – characterized by the fact that it falls into the inguinal space, outside the spermatic cord.
  • Combined – it can consist of several hernial sacs, different in their anatomical form.

Symptoms of inguinal hernia, impotence and other effects:

At the initial stage, its signs are often unobtrusive, it has the appearance of a slight swelling of a rounded shape in the groin area but it can also have rather large dimensions that prevent a man from walking. At the same time there are painful sensations of the aching, pulling and dull character, localized in the groin or lower abdomen, the most pronounced they become when physical activity. Sometimes there are complaints of burning and discomfort in the groin, malfunctioning of the intestine, frequent urination but this all arises already at later stages of the disease due to a strong squeezing of the organ.

Inguinal hernia, impotence – consequences in the absence of timely treatment:

The most formidable and dangerous complication is the infringement which entails the death of the most injured organ (necrosis) and the development of peritonitis such conditions are extremely dangerous for the life of a man and require urgent surgical intervention. In addition, the consequence can be: severe constipation and bloating, difficulty with conception, potency problem, dysuric phenomena, infertility and others.

If it is found in the groin of a man, modern medicine suggests surgical intervention and asserts that non-surgical treatment with all kinds of folk remedies and compresses from herbs, as well as manual hernia management, is untenable and can harm the body. Modern operation, taking into account the latest developments, is not traumatic, it reduces the risk of relapse, guarantees a quick recovery.

The process of rehabilitation after such an operation is not specific and does not require special instructions and after ten days a man can return to normal life, his potency is gradually restored and the pain is no longer disturbed. To prevent the formation of a hernia in the groin in men, prophylaxis is of great importance: heavy lifting should be avoided and adequate physical exertion should be used.

A lot of men are that afraid of inguinal hernia, impotence that they start to believe in a lot of myths. The most wide spread is that it is, of course, unpleasant but it does not represent any danger to health. In fact, it is the protrusion of internal organs through an opening in the anterior abdominal wall, formed as a result of a defect in the connective tissue. While the hernia lends itself to correction the situation is uncritical. But when it is infringed the organ that emerges from the abdominal cavity appears as if in a “trap”: the blood supply in it sharply worsens which in the end can lead to the necrosis of tissues and the rupture of the wall. If in the next few hours nobody helps a person the case may end in a lethal outcome. Infringement of a hernia can arise after lifting weights, excessive loading in the gym, a strong cough, straining with constipation. Despite the fact that severe pain rarely worries a patient with a hernia, this disease not only delivers psychological and aesthetic discomfort but also poses a real threat to health. It can have a negative impact on the reproductive function of a man but it is dangerous, first of all, by the development of infringement, as a result of which peritonitis can begin. That is why its appearance in the entire civilized world is an indication for the hernia surgery. Impotence after it can disappear.

The second misconception is that bandage helps get rid of your problem. The only task of the bandage is to prevent internal organs from leaving the abdominal cavity through the hernial gates, that is, to prevent infringement. And to get rid of it can only surgery. Using of bandage makes sense only in the case when surgical treatment is impossible. For example, if a hernia appeared during pregnancy or a very elderly person who cannot undergo surgery for health reasons. It is important to keep in mind that prolonged wearing of the bandage can injure the hernia and also provoke its increase. It is also not true that for prophylaxis of a hernia it is necessary to do special gymnastics. Such gymnastics does not exist. The reason for its appearance is the weakness of the connective tissue and gymnastics only strengthens the muscles.

Answers for all questions: Can inguinal hernia cause ED? Can inguinal hernia affect ejaculation? – is yes. It is very important to take care of your health. And if you already have inguinal hernia, impotence as a result then just to buy ED pills will not help.

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Of course inguinal hernia, impotence are bad illnesses but it’s important not to delay so you do not have to do surgery.