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Introduction of implant in ED



Unfortunately very effective natural ED treatment for men nowadays does not exist. That is why most of them prefer time-tested ED treatment drugs.

In the US, there was invented an invention that helps men to avoid possible misfires tells the inventor American professor. So how is the nature of unfair: such an important function of the body like an erection often depends on chance. If you were fidgety, got sick and here you have a misfire. Scientists were able to create a “battery” which negates this kind of situation. It is an implant which is placed in body fat in the genital area.

How does it work? In the sexual arousal in the male appears N0 nitrogen compound and this is a signal for filling with blood of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. In the misfire this substance first appears but its concentration decreases sharply after a few seconds. On this features is based the action of implant. It consists of two parts: a shell and a filling. Its shell is a kind of tester containing substances that are sensitive to N0. If during 30 seconds the concentration is maintained then an erection is all right – the implant does not show itself. But if N0 begins to flow and then disappear then will operate “stuffing.” Inhibitors of it will be fed into the blood – substances which will artificially stimulate the synthesis of N0. As a result its level will rise as expected with normal erection; the man will be in the form. This is similar to the emergency power supply if everything is all right then it is turned off but when happens damage – it immediately turns on.

It is addictive? No, this is impossible. Substances will be received only if it runs out, when the body is unable to cope – a kind of “humanitarian aid”. In other situation the “battery” will not interfere.

“But during using the “battery” the man simply will not notice what happened to his body if something is not okay and consultation with a doctor would be delayed” – that is what a lot of men can say. This is not quite true. Sexual misfire is not always a disease. It is a disorder that can be caused by different factors including psychological. And this failure of “battery” is negated. Another thing, if a misfire is a symptom of an endocrine disorder. But in this case the man is getting worse not only the erection but also reduces sexual desire, decreases the level of excitement. Even if a man will wear at that moment a “battery” he would not need it. Its operating life is six months. Thereafter it should be changed to the new.

But of course for that men that prefer pills and afraid of injections for ED treatment and introduction of implant is still available buying medecines online.

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