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Is it true that condoms cause erectile dysfunction?

Is it true that condoms cause erectile dysfunction?
Is it true that condoms cause erectile dysfunction?

Is it true that condoms cause erectile dysfunction?

Is it true that condoms cause erectile dysfunction? The first intimate affinity with the new partner is always very exciting for a man. A special awkwardness occurs when you need to put on a condom. In this situation, it can cause a weak erection. Not wishing to test fate and show weaknesses, men often forget about safety, having sex without contraceptives, which increases the risk of contracting and infecting STDs.

Once in The Journal of Sexual Medicine was published an article of a large international group of researchers about the problems with erection with the use of condoms. The team led by Stephanie Sanders and Cynthia Graham included physicians, psychologists and sexologists from the famous Alfred Kinsey Institute for Sexuality Research (Indiana University, USA). As well as their colleagues from the UK, Belgium and Canada. The researchers wanted to understand whether condoms cause erectile dysfunction or not. And for this the question had to be formulated a bit differently. Do those men who complain about difficulties with erection when using a condom have no problems with unprotected sex generally?

To find the answer to the question do condoms cause erectile dysfunction they recruited 479 volunteers at the age of 19-24. They questioned the young people in detail about their difficulties with erection. And they had to talk about their feelings both in a condom and without it. Other young men were forced to complete the International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire. It is the international index of erectile function. The simplest version consists of only 5 questions.

Of all this young company, only 38.4% did not complain about any problems with potency (with or without condoms). Others said that condoms caused erectile dysfunction in them. 13.8% said that they lose their erection while putting on a condom. 15.7% that they lose it during sex in the condom. And 32.2% that they were dissatisfied with their potency in both cases: with and without a condom. But the researchers were able to formulate an important conclusion. Those people, who have difficulties with erection when using condoms, have the same difficulties during unprotected sex. So the general conclusion from the study: not condoms are to blame. So do not say that condoms cause erectile dysfunction when erection without them is not too firm. Of course, such men can buy ED pills to ensure strong erection. But only if there are no contradictions.

The study’s authors suggest these explanations:

  • A man who already has problems with potency naturally will be confronted with them when using condoms
  • But in some men, a conditioned reflex can also form, as in Pavlov’s dog. Suppose the first time a young man felt that his erection is not very firm, was when wearing a condom. Naturally, after that he will worry for his masculine strength, both with a condom, and without. And all studies show that emotional factors — fear, excitement and anticipation of failure — are at the heart of erectile weakness even more often than purely medical problems

Researchers remind: men who complain that condoms cause erectile dysfunction usually need more time and more stimulation in order to get sexually aroused and achieve a steady erection. So they must not hurry up for the sex act to be successful and pleasant. And certainly do not try to put on the condom in a hurry without getting excited enough. Well, the specialists advise women to be more careful, cautious with men’s fears. If it is necessary, such men can use special ED pills, such as Caverta. But you have to get your doctors approval before using any of these drugs.

The authors note that many failures can be associated with improper use of a condom. 37% of the participants in this study reported that they were never taught how to put it on. And according to earlier studies, a large percentage of men use a rubber product incorrectly. They do not put it on when they have to, not when they need to. As a result, condoms slip, tear and painfully squeeze the penis.

And that is not everything. All of us are for safe sex, but the current generation of latex condoms is far from ideal. Studies show that many men and women are not happy with condoms. Many of them believe that condoms cause erectile dysfunction. And a large-scale American survey in 2010 brought terrible figures: 45% of men and 63% of women who recently had their first sex with a new partner did it without a condom. In a study of 2013, men who rarely use a condom explained such lack of consciousness mostly because they do not feel anything during sex.

Classic complaints from the representatives of both sexes:

It is difficult and inconvenient to put on condoms (especially in the heat of passion)

  • The existing line of sizes is not diverse enough
  • For some men condoms are too small and painfully tight. For others they are too large and slip at the most inopportune moment
  • Latex does not convey the whole range of sensations and warmth of the human body
  • Many people are dissatisfied with its taste and smell
  • Not to mention the fact that latex often causes allergies

Nevertheless, today most men can find a suitable condom. And fortunately most men no longer believe in the myth that condoms cause erectile dysfunction. So it is better to spend some time in search of a suitable condom than to risk getting sexually transmitted diseases. After all, we already understand that it is not true that condoms cause erectile dysfunction. But venereal diseases are really capable of causing serious problems with sexual health.

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I could not even think that condoms cause erectile dysfunction but fortunately it’s just a myth.