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Is it true that OC pills cause low libido?

Is it true that OC pills cause low libido?
Is it true that OC pills cause low libido?

Is it true that OC pills cause low libido?

Is it true that OC pills cause low libido? For many years, reception of contraceptive pills has been controversial they are attributed with the ability to cause cancer and disrupt the structure of the genital organs. But most researchers attribute to the reception of oral contraceptives sexual dysfunction. Is it true? Do OC pills cause low libido?

This is a very urgent issue, because being happy with the sexual life is a reliable basis for the development of long-term and reliable relations between a man and a woman. Hormonal contraception is one of the most reliable ways to protect you against unwanted pregnancy. About how much it is reliable says the fact that millions of women around the planet use these pills. Therefore, we must understand clearly whether OC pills cause low libido or not.

This method won appreciation of many women because it is very convenient. And there are many pills, so you can choose one that is just perfect for you. All you have to do is to timely take such a tablet. Yasmin is one of such preparations. And it is one of the most reliable.

The myth that combined oral contraceptives (COCs) reduce the sexual desire is based on the experience of our mothers and grandmothers. Several decades ago, oral contraceptives contained high doses of hormones and therefore cause numerous negative reactions. Among them the belief that OC pills cause low libido and have negative influence on sexuality in general. However this statement is very controversial. Nevertheless, in the process of development of new generation of OC pills, researchers have learned a lot about the impact of modern oral contraceptives on female sexuality. There is reason for optimism. The formulas of hormones which are a part of preparations are improved. For example, birth control pills containing estradiol valerate — estrogen, identical to the natural. The dosage of a hormone in each such pill is also improved. The dosage of hormones in each pill recreates the natural fluctuations of hormones throughout the menstrual cycle.

Hormonal contraceptives improve the quality of a woman’s sexual life from within

This conclusion was made by Italian scientists on the results of a study of how hormonal contraceptives of a new generation (containing estrogen identical to natural) affect female sexuality. The researchers were interested in question whether OC pills cause low libido and decided to either confirm or dispel this myth. The study involved 72 healthy women aged 18 to 48 years who have a permanent partner and who do not have contraindications for taking COCs.

Women who took such pills, by the end of the 6th cycle of admission noted an improvement in the quality of sexual life. They talked about the increase in sexual activity, increased excitement and better orgasm.

The positive effect of these pills on women’s sexuality, scientists explain by the peculiarity of the effect of natural estrogen on the woman’s organism in general. Also, condition of the genitals is improved. This is important because it provides increased comfort when making love. This study was the first scientific work that proved that not always OC pills cause low libido. The positive effect of a contraceptive containing natural estrogen on female sexuality is undeniable. Hormonal contraceptives positively affect a woman’s mood

 It is a well known fact that the mood in women often changes during the menstrual cycle. More than 75% ladies notice such negative symptoms as mood swings, most often when the first day of menstruation approaches. Such differences and increased irritability affect the quality of life, relationships with others and, of course, harmony in relationships with the loved one. So no wonder that often ladies say that OC pills cause low libido. Although in reality mood swings are to blame. Luckily, nowadays we are able to get rid of such symptoms with the help of properly selected hormonal contraceptives. Today there are special pills indicated for the treatment of psychoemotional symptoms along with quality protection against unplanned conception.

 Modern contraceptive pills relieve sudden fluctuations of hormones within the menstrual cycle. They also prevent the fluid retention in the organism caused by such fluctuations. This significantly weakens or alleviates the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (unstable appetite, increased irritability).And this means that you can forget about the myth that OC pills cause low libido.

In addition, there are COCs that contain active folate — a special form of folic acid, fully digestible by the organism.

 Folic acid positively influences our mood. The fact is that folic acid is involved in the synthesis of serotonin — the so-called hormone of happiness. If you often feel tired, you feel anxious and scared; it is likely that your body lacks folic acid. Thus, the combination of contraceptives with active folate has an additional advantage for women who care about a good mood and increased stress resistance.

 It is absolutely obvious that when a woman gets rid of the debilitating mood swings and increased irritability, she wants to live in pleasure and have sex more often! So that women do not even have to care that allegedly OC pills cause low libido. There is evidence to the contrary.

Using a convenient method of contraception gives a sense of psychological freedom

Because many women are afraid that OC pills cause low libido barrier methods of contraception (cap, spermicide, etc.) or the method of interrupted sexual act is still very popular. But such precautions can hardly be called romantic and fomenting passion. After all, their use is associated with additional manipulations that must be made before sex. Or the need for enhanced self-control (in the case of interrupted intercourse) which s not romantic at all. At the same time, taking oral contraceptives is a convenient measure that only positively influences the psychological evaluation of the quality of sexual life. Besides, this is one of the most accessible methods. Such modern tablets as Yasmin can be bought at any pharmacy. Or you can buy Yasmine birth control online in many online pharmacies After all, neither a woman nor a man has to be distracted by getting ready to sex. Or to worry about the effectiveness of the chosen method of preventing unwanted pregnancies. The effectiveness of it is estimated at 99.7%, which relates this method of contraception to the most reliable. For many women this fact is much more important than the question whether OC pills cause low libido or not. Especially since we already know that with the modern pills this is nothing but a myth. That’s how scientific progress opens up more opportunities for women to enjoy life.

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I also think that OC pills cause low libido is just a myth because I take it for 2 years and have never felt low libido.