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List of jobs that cause impotence and are harmful for men’s health

List of jobs that cause impotence and are harmful for men's health
List of jobs that cause impotence and are harmful for men's health

List of jobs that cause impotence and are harmful for men’s health

Jobs that cause impotence. When choosing a future specialty and place of work, few of the men think about how specific working conditions can affect their male health.

Who is at risk?

So, let’s consider the main examples of the factors that are most unprofitable for men:

Exposure to high and low temperatures
As it is known, in the course of evolution, the mother nature prudently placed male testicles outside the abdominal cavity. This was done, in order to provide ideal temperature conditions for the production of sperm cells. Also for the production of the most important male hormones. And if suddenly one of the testicles due to some pathology remains in the body, then the sperm cells in it do not possess the fertilizing ability or are altogether unviable. The same principle applies to all other external factors that cause a prolonged increase in the temperature of the scrotum. In addition, the constant presence of testes in a hot environment can lead to more serious consequences, including hormonal disorders and the gradual development of impotence. At the same time, frequent hypothermia of the perineum can cause inflammation of the prostate. Therefore, occupations where the temperature is of great importance relate to jobs that cause impotence.

These men are in great danger:

  • Drivers of taxis, minibuses, buses, truckers — these men often undergo overheating or hypothermia, both in the warm and the cold season
  • Cooks
  • Men who work in saunas or spa salons
  • Workers of other “hot shops”, for example, steelworkers or smelters

Regular night shifts

Each person has an internal biological clock. For every hour there is a “program” and a process that must occur at this time. For those processes that occur at night, an important aspect is darkness, sleep and relaxation. Jobs that cause impotence often include night shifts. That’s why working at night can be dangerous for internal biorhythms until the emergence of stress and depression. This cannot positively affect men’s health. In addition, if night sleep is replaced by wakefulness, then the organism does not produce a night hormone melatonin, which is responsible for many important processes in the organism:

  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Improves immunity
  • Counteracts the growth of cancerous formations
  • Has the property of removing toxins
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Helps the nervous system to recover to its normal state

Another important argument. According to WHO studies, men working in the night shift have a much greater risk of developing prostate cancer.

The list of night jobs that cause impotence is quite long. The victims can be:

  • The guards
  • Dispatchers in various services: taxi, train stations, airports, an ambulance service, etc.
  • And also a whole series of professions: bartenders, policemen, taxi drivers, tankers, in general, all those who are forced to work at night

Nervous environment

The nervous atmosphere in the workplace is inherent in very many professions. And very often these jobs that cause impotence are dangerous for:

  • Office workers of all levels
  • Businessmen

Stresses in these cases can be associated with constant competing and struggling for the best positions, orders and financing. Not surprisingly, for a normal sexual life, there is simply no time or energy left. But the seriousness of the problem lies in the fact that stress can exert a strong influence on the production of male sex hormones.

At the same time, according to the results of sociological and psychological research and interviews the most “nervous”, which means jobs that cause impotence are:

  • Air traffic controllers
  • Sappers
  • Firefighters
  • Rescuers
  • Miners
  • Surgeons

Sedentary work

Working in a sitting position for the whole working day can lead to stagnation of blood and lymph in the organs of the small pelvis, which in the most direct way can affect the erectile function. Therefore, jobs that cause impotence often involve a sedentary lifestyle.

So in the group of risk are the following people:

  • Programmers
  • Office managers
  • Drivers (again)

Well, there are several other jobs that cause impotence. They are not suitable for generalization with the main harmful factors, but also represent a potential danger to male health:

Military men and sailors. Endless travels, monotony of diet, constant discipline, participation in battles and related experience, long service without quality rest and sleep — all this also leads to impotence. Representatives of these jobs that cause impotence are so used to be in suspense, that he cannot relax. Especially disorders in the genital area are observed in the sailors of long voyages. They are not by hearsay familiar with prolonged abstinence, which is a serious enemy for potency.

Servants of the law enforcement agencies. Here the problem is caused by horrendous crimes and communication with moral monsters. Even when a man comes home it is difficult to switch attention to the spouse and sex with her. So the policemen and lawyers are jobs that cause impotence.

Unrecognized creative personalities. If the world does not recognize you, the loser syndrome develops. And such a person withdraws into himself, starts seeking solace in casual sex, drugs, etc. But when ecstasy passes, sexual dysfunction begins. Therefore, very often musicians, artists, acting are jobs that cause impotence.

Employees of harmful, toxic and difficult manufacturing. Constant contacts with chemicals, radio emission, heavy lifting, sharp temperature changes (especially for fuselage shops) do not have the best effect on potency. And if such jobs that cause impotence involve night shifts — sex will eventually cease to bring pleasure.

Professional athletes. Healthy lifestyle is great, but strict diets, exhausting workouts, obsessive thoughts about victory, irregular intimate life and accidental trauma are bad for men’s health. According to scientists, every fourth athlete suffers from sexual impotence.

Aircraft pilots are often subjected to frequent changes of pressure that occur during landing or take-off. This is harmful both for the whole organism and for the male health in particular. That’s why aircraft pilots are one of the jobs that cause impotence.

What to do?

No matter what you do and what your profession is, staying in shape is absolutely necessary. And this is quite real. First of all, once a year, take tests for infection. Further, diversify your life with walks, trips, different relaxing activities, moderate workouts. Do not forget, light, but regular loads will only go for good.

Now revise your menu, it should contain seafood, plenty of greenery, black chocolate, vegetables and lots of spices. And as for drinks, definitely give up beer and coffee. Well, at the same time you can give up smoking. Erectile dysfunction is often a consequence of harmful habits.

Set up your sex life so that it does not have long gaps. Avoid prolonged abstinence and frequent overheating. And do not forget that most of the problems arise in our heads. This applies to potency which means that everything would be normal with erection and sex if you get used to thinking positively.

On the basis of all this, it becomes clear that there are quite a few jobs that cause impotence, but this does not mean that it will happen. This only indicates that men of these professions should take care of themselves and pay attention to their health. Besides, any problems with potency can be successfully treated. For this purpose use various ED pills. If your physician recommends you to use them, you can buy ED pills online or in a drugstore.

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