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Little-known causes of impotence

Little-known causes of impotence
Little-known causes of impotence

Little-known causes of impotence

Healths experts estimate that on Earth at least 50 million men suffer from ED. Approximately 22 million of them are in the “over 20” age group. Most of them are trying to buy ED medication online. But even in large cities up to 75% of men that faced with symptoms of impotence do not go to the doctor but in vain. Often to get rid of potency problem is necessary to do a very different treatment of the disease. In most cases we are talking about diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, unhealthy lifestyle. But there are other little- known causes of impotence of which few know. If you remove them then Viagra or Cialis better not needed.

  1. Lack of vitamin D.

Research has shown that vitamin D is never too much. Conversely, in the bodies of the majority of people it is in short supply. The lack of it threatens the development of heart failure, diseases of the peripheral arterial system, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, addiction to heart attacks. Problems with the heart and blood circulation are well-known cause of impotence.  So we can assume that can cause a lack of vitamin D impotence. Therefore, we recommend more often being on the sun (for a safe period of time). Get vitamin D from natural food better than from supplements. A good source is salmon, fortified milk, eggs, mushrooms, pork, beef and ricotta cheese.

  1. Working in healthcare.

In the United States was conducted a study involving men working in various fields. Scientists have found that the development of erectile dysfunction badly affects permanent stay in the atmosphere of depression and anxiety. Most often for this reason impotency occurs in health care workers. The risk group also includes firefighters, police officers and staff catering facilities. Anxiety and depression are the main reasons for the emergence of psychological impotence. To achieve an erection must be followed by an appropriate response of the nervous system. And if it is in a stressful condition, the desired effect will not appear. Then, in order to achieve an erection is necessary to use Viagra or other preparation.

  1. Watching of porn too often.

Sexologists say that many people that often watch porn have ED. When a man is watching the adventures of “hot men” it can dramatically decrease self-esteem. Movies of questionable content may affect the overall behavior and relationships with a partner. In addition, the researchers found that about 9% of men cannot make themselves to stop watching porn. Some doctors even use the term “porn addiction”.

  1. Poor dental care.

Israel researchers believe that Viagra may be necessary for people who badly caring their teeth. They found that over 15% of men with erectile dysfunction suffering from periodontal disease. It’s quite a serious disease of the gums. In modern medicine it is believed that periodontal disease can cause chronic inflammation throughout the body. Ultimately, this can lead to atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Frequent cycling.

It contributes to the development of ED. The risk group also includes men that riding a horse and engaged on an exercise bike. If you suspect that impotence is associated with one of the following types of physical activity then limit your stay in the saddle. If symptoms remain after this – you need to consult a doctor.

  1. Strong snoring.

It is known that a strong snoring during sleep can cause impotence, cardiovascular disease, memory problems, weight gain, and hypertension. Employees of Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine interviewed about 18 million men who constantly snore during sleep. It was found that 63% of them are faced with erectile dysfunction, 69% feel too weak libido, 46% are bad excited. Incidentally, snoring occurs mostly in men only because potency and snoring are connected.

  1. The absence of a slim figure in the Lady.

If you do not like the body of the Lady, libido will decline over time. Eventually this can cause impotence. On the contrary, a slim figure of the beloved is the key to a strong sex drive and success in bed.

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