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Loss of erection during sex

Loss of erection during sex
Loss of erection during sex

Loss of erection during sex

Lack of excitement before sex is a very unpleasant phenomenon, but when the erection disappears already during the process, then it is even more depressing and frustrating for both men and his partner. The problem arises more and more often, especially for persons who have reached 40 years of age. But even younger men sometimes encounter with this calamity. When erection is lost during sex, it could threaten with serious consequences. A man develops an inferiority complex, self-esteem suffers and self-confidence day by day wanes. Being afraid to suffer another failure, the guy refuses to have intimacy. Gradually, sexual contact and lack of attention of the opposite sex, affects the nervous system condition and functioning of the reproductive system. Do not forget that less often a man is having sex; the weaker becomes his sexual power. Fear of intimacy is groundless, and refusal from it is not going to fix the problem.

In order to understand why you lose erection during sex, you have to find out the reason why this is happening. The reproductive system of men is constantly susceptible to the adverse effects of the various factors. In the prevalent number of cases loss of excitation occurs as a result of psychological disorders. Erectile dysfunction on this basis can be caused by:

  • Frequent depressions, emotions, stress
  • Visible dissatisfaction with the partner
  • Lack of confidence, low self-esteem
  • Anxiety before intimacy or during it
  • Unsuccessful sexual experience in the past

The leading cause is of course self-doubt. The fact that a man subconsciously doubts his abilities and powers strongly reflects in erectile function. To help him resolve issues of this nature he has to consult with an experienced psychologist.

Quite often disappearance of an erection during sex happens if the man is suffering from illnesses of the reproductive system, but this is more typical of the young representatives of the stronger sex.

Disorders of the urinary system may also lead to weakening of the excitation. These influences are called physiological. These include overexcitement, which occurs due to unstable erection. Failure of a hormonal background is also a physiological reason for the failure of men in bed.

Often domestic reasons can stand behind the lack of sexual power. These include: fatigue, changes in habitual schedule, excessive physical exercises, fights and scandals with the partner, apathetic condition and indifference to everything. Often lost an erection during sex happens to those men who are constantly concerned about the troubles in their household. Frequent masturbation is also a negative impact on sexual function.

 On the degree and duration of the excitation may have serious influence such harmful habits as smoking and alcohol. Heavy smokers are regularly experiencing problems with firmness of the penis. Alcohol abuse has detrimental effect on male’s power and gradually depresses it.

 Please note

Frequent loss of erection during sex can be caused by a serious illness prostatitis, which in turn can lead to infertility. How can you improve erection? As we already mentioned it is crucial to find out why the erection weakened. If this is due to psychological conditions, you need to take the following measures:

  • Asks for medical assistance
  • Share a problem with your significant other
  • Try to understand yourself and get rid of complexes and fears
  • Become confident; believe in your abilities and capabilities

 Support of your loved one is very important when it comes to psychological problems. A loving partner will always understand and assist in resolving such issues. If the adverse factor than caused this problem is an illness of the urinary and/or reproductive system, hormonal disruptions, you must be examined and appropriately treated.

Domestic factors are sometimes the most difficult to eliminate. Financial distress, indifference to the partner, a tense situation at home can deprive a man from the desire to make love. And if at first he loses erection during intercourse only occasionally, over time it may disappear altogether. In this case a family psychologist can really help to cope with the problem.

Methods for erection recovery

So, if erection disappears during sex, you must go to these actions:

  • Give yourself a good rest and sleep
  • Reduce physical activities on the organism
  • Avoid stress and nervous overstrain
  • Seek the support of your loved one
  • Play sports
  • Start leading a healthy way of life
  • Get yourself examined for illnesses
  • Have sex on a regular basis
  • Gain confidence in yourself

 Sometimes, male ED pills can help the man to be more confident and maintain erection long enough to complete sexual act. The main rule that you should follow is to remember that all medications without exception have contraindications. So make sure that the treatment is safe for you to take. But nowadays the pharmaceutical industry offers a huge range of drugs, among them you can choose a perfect one; it could be Viagra, Levitra or Caverta.

If men take these recommendations and make them a way of life, they can be sexually healthy and strong for a really long time, and intimacy will always give pleasure to both lovers.

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