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Means for keeping the men’s health in a good shape

Means for keeping the men's health in a good shape
Means for keeping the men's health in a good shape

Means for keeping the men’s health in a good shape

A complete sexual life is undoubtedly a very important aspect of the general well-being of a man. So if in the intimate sphere there are any problems, it greatly affects the well-being in general. And one of the most widespread reasons of problems of intimate nature is the lack of the right vitamins in the organism. The lack of certain nutrients leads to reduced libido, violation of other vital organs, mental well-being and so on.

Before we describe the biologically active agents that are able to enhance the potency let’s consider the main factors affecting the loss of “male power”: improper diet, addiction to unhealthy habits, bad ecology, heredity, stress and emotions, low self-esteem, incredulity.

The major vitamins for males include the following:

  • Vitamin E makes the condition of blood vessels better, which brings to a minimum the threat of potency weakening, assists to maintain high efficiency, and helps to avoid depression
  • B group vitamins help better digest proteins and amino acids distributed in the tissues of the male body, resulting in improved eyesight, urination and normalization of conducting impulses along the nerve endings
  • Vitamin A also reinforces potency, improving testosterone production. Also, this vitamin assists with problems with vision, lowers the probability of cancer
  • Vitamin C normalizes blood pressure, is an excellent tool for prophylaxis of blood vessels illnesses. It also reduces cholesterol. Vitamin C is crucial for modern man, due to the fact that this substance reduces the damage done by nicotine

Vitamins for males in various situations:

  1. When planning a pregnancy. If the nearest plans of a couple contain conceiving, then for 3-4 months before the intended date of conception the man must initiate consuming certain vitamins, such as:
  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid), which promotes proper formation of sperm and its motility
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a well known sex vitamin, which promotes the vitality of sperm. Sperm counts become more mobile and less susceptible to negative environmental factors
  • Vitamin C promotes the synthesis of testosterone, which could be observed in the better production of sperm of higher quality
  • Zinc eliminates sexual violations
  • Selenium contributes to the maintenance of male sexual activity that additionally helps women to easily conceive. Particularly important selenium is for males of older age groups
  1. For erection. Vitamin E has a positive impact on men’s health. This vitamin can be taken individually or as part of a vitamin complex, where it, as a rule, included
  2. To strengthen the immunity. To support good health and immunity it is important to consume vitamins E, K, B12 and as much as possible calcium
  3. To improve spermogram. If a man has difficulty conceiving a baby, he should think about improving the quality of spermogram. To achieve good results will help vitamin A and vitamin C: one helps the organism to produce high quality sperm, and the second improves potency, libido and helps generating testosterone
  4. From tiredness. If a man for long periods of time is in a state of stress and fatigue, he should consume vitamins B:
  • B1 is needed to avoid shortness of breath, abnormalities in the work of cardiovascular system and restore weak muscles
  • Folic acid is needed to restore the work of the cerebrovascular and digestive systems, helps to regulate sleep mode, helps to fight the frequent loss of strength
  • B12 contributes to the acceleration of metabolism, eliminates tiredness and weakness The general preventative set of vitamins

If you like to eat mostly spicy, salty and fried foods, you smoke a lot and drink alcohol beverages be sure to be taking vitamin N, which will greatly help to reduce damage from the influence of these factors on the liver.

In general there is innumerable number of reviews on vitamins for males in the global network. You can choose an interesting range of vitamins and browse ideas online. Reviews and opinions about all vitamins are generally good, but there are some negative comments on some complexes because of adverse responses such as nausea, which appear early in the course. Also, negative feedback is often triggered by the fact that buyers choose wrong dosage, taking inappropriate for their organism vitamins or not paying attention to the composition (there might be contraindications).

When you choose the right product, be sure to pay attention to what you have to consume at your age.

  • Up to 40 years. For men under 40 is very important to stay in a good physical shape to easily accrue muscles and produce high-quality sperm. This requires vitamins B. For the production of testosterone and maintaining potency in a great shape vitamin E is the best sex vitamin, as well as vitamin A. Vitamin N helps young man to deal with harmful substances that enter the organism: unhealthy foodstuff and supplements, alcohol and nicotine
  • After 40. It is time to think about ways of saving the energy and former activity: antioxidant vitamins, vitamins E, C, A would be helpful in this case. Potency support could be provided through the vitamin A and E. If you are concerned about hair loss or extremely strong hair loss, then be sure to start taking vitamin N
  • After 50 men the organism requires extra vitamin D because the skin at this age starts to lose its ability to synthesize the substance naturally in the sun. Also, vitamin D can cure impotence. Over time reduces the ability to metabolize vitamin B12, so you must increase the intake of it. It is really important to take antioxidant vitamins: their importance for older men is growing every year, because vitamins E, A and C are helpful with problems provoked by many sicknesses. These vitamins strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and are useful for maintaining immunity

But there are also vitamins that are designed for all people, regardless of age. Typically, the packaging of such complexes do not specify the age for which they are intended, therefore they are suitable for anyone.

Be sure to follow the dosage. Overdose may adversely affect the health of a man, especially if he is aged or does already have health problems.

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