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Medications for premature ejaculation



About a third part of men in the world faced with the premature ejaculation. In this disorder a man is unable to control the process because it occurs earlier before a man has time to get the pleasure from the intimacy. Sometimes the causes of this disease are neurological disorders, sometimes inexperienced in sex. To solve the problem you can almost always; it is not such a serious situation. Medications are just one of the many ways to help a man feel again the joy of sex.

One of those agents is Dapoxetine (it has a second name – Priligy). It is believed if not the best then one of the best. By pharmacological action belongs to the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This substance blocks the ejaculation centers for some time to prolong sex. In addition, Dapoxetine leads the nervous system in a state of rest, makes a man more confident before sex. Continuation time of Priligy effect is maintained for about three hours. Priligy for premature ejaculation can be used in conjunction with tablets, enhancing the potency: such as Cialis, Levitra and Viagra.

The three above-mentioned agents are among the most effective to increase the potency and sex drive. The use of any of them should solve the following problem directly: to help a man to have longer sex, increasing the number of sexual acts. If there will be several acts then every following always will last for longer time. This will help to delay the onset of rapid ejaculation. Viagra is known perhaps by all men. For more than 10 years it helps to improve the quality of sex. An erection occurs after ingestion of pills at any time within four hours from the moment of reception. Other medication, Cialis, works even longer – 36 hours. Therefore, by popularity it is not inferior to Viagra. The third drug in the list Levitra although it retains the effect as Viagra but it can be combined with alcohol and products containing high amounts of fat. They are available both in the original and in the form of generic drugs.

A lot of men ask the following question “Can I take Dapoxetine with Cialis?” In some cases, medications for premature ejaculation can be performed in conjunction with medications to improve sexual desire (Dapoxetine + other ED drugs). New coincident medication is usually given a new name. Thus there is extension of sexual intercourse and stronger erection. There are several drugs of this type. All of them have the same principle of action, side effects, contraindications and ways of reception.

One of those drugs – Viagra Super Force. One of its tablets contains 60 mg Dapoxetine and 100 mg of Sildenafil. Dapoxetine slows down the ejaculation time and allows by 3-4 times longer enjoy sex. But Viagra enhances erections by increasing blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, giving the man an opportunity to make a greater number of sexual acts. This wonderful drug will not only improve the quality of sexual life but can cure two diseases at once of intimate sphere of man. To get rid of all unpleasant dysfunctions you need to undergo treatment – take 1 tablet daily Viagra Super Force for 1 month. The drug is washed down with water or other nonalcoholic liquid. The drug is necessary to use approximately 1 hour before sex, the time of its action is about 8 hours. Viagra Super Force is well tolerated by most men, the negative reaction of the organism to the drug may occur only in rare cases. These include: headache, nausea and dizziness, redness of the skin, diarrhea, tinnitus, insomnia and nasal congestion. The drug cannot be used in such cases: priapism, curvature of the penis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, severe violations of the kidneys and liver, sickle cell anemia, epilepsy, heart attack or stroke, carry-forward of a man in the last 6 months. Before the use of the drug it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Medicine Levitra Super Force is a combination of one tablet of 20 mg Vardenafil and 60 mg Dapoxetine. This product is also ideal for the treatment of the rapid ejaculation and weak erection. It differs from Viagra Super Force that its side effects have less degree of manifestation. This is due to the fact that one of its ingredients is Levitra: it had an adverse reaction of the body not as strong as the rest of medicines. The principle of operation of Levitra Super Force is the same as that of the previous preparation. Dapoxetine prolongs sex time and Levitra enhances the erection. As a result a man can not worry about the quality of sexual intercourse. With the help of the drug man can by 3-4 times longer satisfy women. The drug is available in tablet form. Reception method of Levitra Super Force is internal in an amount of not more than 1 pill per day for 1 hour before sex. The drug can be taken with any liquid other than alcohol. Drug action time is approximately 7-8 hours. This time will be enough for enjoyment by both partners.

Course of treatment of ED and premature ejaculation is 1 month. If necessary it can be extended. Contraindications to the reception are the same as that of the Viagra Super Force. So you can choose the most suitable one for you and buy ED pills online.

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