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Men's fears
Men's fears

Men’s fears

Do you think only girls worry about how they look, body shape and other things when it comes to sex? You are wrong! List of fears worrying many men before and during sex nothing less especially if there is not enough of practice. And it turns out that in bed boasting “disappears” opening an ordinary guy who is overwhelmed with the thought of the hole on a sock or sweaty armpits. It was conducted a little research during which the boys have uncovered the hidden men’s fears despite potency problems which your partner will never tell you.

First fear of men: what if suddenly it will not be enough of centimeters? The fact that many men are not averse to occasionally watch porn hardly anyone will confuse. But sometimes “adult” films can catch or swipe to the ego viewer. Porn Stars can often boast of a good form and it is natural that men compare their own with what they see on the screen and when they’re in bed with a woman they could not help think of the “missing inches”.

Second fear of men: their imperfect body. Agree, not every man can boast of sculpted muscles sculpted, bronzed skin and perfectly proportions of Apollo. Everybody worry that they need to pump up somewhere and somewhere to remove the excess. And there are not many men who worry when they take off their shirt in front of a girl.

Third fear of men: they will stick to the sheet. Well, a little bit not in that way. There are guys who sweat more than usual especially during sex or sport activities. Those that belong to that group of men are always worried that this physical feature can annoy girl and discourage her desire.

Fourth fear of men: malodorous or scruffy feet. Not too many guys take care about manicure and pedicure especially. And in the bed begin to fear the gaze of their partner at their scruffy nails and hardened heels but far worse if their feet also smell unpleasantly. This may discourage men from even the lowly woman.

Fifth fear of men: how to extend for longer time. Many guys are perplexed with how to not “finish” too quickly while leaving their partner with nothing. Come into play different ways: anesthetic, distracting thoughts. They think about football, about the work, even the garbage that has forgotten to throw away, about anything but just to prolong the moment. Not very romantic but still it works. Best drug for premature ejaculation is of course Priligy so the problem can be solved.

Sixth fear of men: a man will not give a pleasure to women. Despite assurances and stories of ladies’ man for most of them to deliver a fun to a girl is a priority.

Seventh fear of men: bad breath. Fresh breath is an important aspect in establishing any relationship and especially intimate. “That is why I always keep in stock breath freshener and if I am with a girl at home – first of all I go to the bathroom and quickly brush my teeth” – James, 27 years old.

Eighth fear of men: nonsexual sighs. At first glance it may seem ridiculous but come across such individuals who are seriously considering how and when to sigh and what to say while “this”. “I do not know how she might react if I will give a few sentences from previously viewed porn. Will she like it but most likely it will frighten her – says Michael, 31 years, – so as an option still remains simply to be silent or groaning”.

Ninth fear of men: he is a bad lover.”It is no secret that ego of any guy glowing with pride when the girl speaks of him as a skillful lover whispering into his ear various compliments” – says Mark, 30 years old. “But that’s a bummer when to her girlfriends and friends she says exactly the opposite. It makes man feel not a little scared and the truth about themselves they will never know. “

Tenth fear of men: a man will not be ready at the right time. Okay, ladies, before you begin to question his sexual capacity and attractiveness consider mitigating circumstances: stress, fatigue, bad mood or just “drunk.” In any event, this incident disappoints and scares a man a lot more than you. “It happens rarely but each of us knows that this can happen, however, all fixable, – says Edgar, 27 years old, – The main is that if it already happened to not the girl begin to blame herself or start to talk about this issue with an experienced psychologist”.

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The biggest men’s fear is to become an impotent.