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Men’s health after childbirth

Men’s health after childbirth
Men’s health after childbirth

Men’s health after childbirth

It has often stated that after the young woman becomes a mother, her libido is often reduced, and how things are going with the potency of men, after he became a father? No one will argue with the fact that such an important life event, like the birth of the child and worries arising from it have a significant impact on the sex life of both spouses. But men’s health after childbirth changes in its own way.

How does birth of children influence men’s health in details?  Their memory improves, sexual desire decreases, and the belly is growing. The experts decided to see why this is happening and whether it is a wide spread phenomenon or not.

For decades, doctors and scientists have paid attention to female body transformation after pregnancy and childbirth.To this are dedicated numerous scientific papers, popular articles in magazines and documentaries. It seems that have already been studied all the topics related to the changes in the body after motherhood. Have been investigated hormonal and mental changes, personal relationships with the baby and even the risk of various diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular conditions. Separately is studied the topic of excess weight.

But men’s health after childbirth is not studied that much. Of course, childbirth does not cause in men such amazing transformations, as in women. But still the stronger sex goes through some physical and mental changes after pregnancy of their wives and girlfriends. So:

  1. Hormonal changes. After the birth, the male hormone testosterone decreases by 34%. This hormone is associated with a dominant, aggressive behavior, and after the birth the new father becomes softer and more patient.
  2. Brain changes. Male brain receives a powerful charge and begins to work in a different way, as considered by some researchers. Fatherhood leads to the appearance of new cells in the brain in the part that is responsible for planning and memory.
  3. Weight changes. During pregnancy of his wife or girlfriend a future father gets some weight, on average, 7 kg. And similar could be observed in the animal world. For example, among the monkeys. Men’s health after childbirth, due to this reason, can slightly deteriorate.
  4. Cardiac changes. The heart starts to work better, and it’s proven by science. Men who never had babies 17% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease. So we can safely assume that childbirth is good for men’s health. After all, we all know that the healthier the cardiovascular system is the better is the sexual health.
  5. Sexual changes. Unfortunately, men’s health after childbirth gets worse. Namely, libido is often diminished. This is due to a sharp decrease in hormone levels. Perhaps the nature itself has taken care to make the fathers more monogamous. However, eventually hormone levels and sexual desire increased again.

According to statistics, sex life after childbirth is not immediately adjusted. American experts in the course of their research found out that men’s health after childbirth, just like women’s health, suffers from decreased sexual desire, and the reason for this is stress and fatigue. Almost every fifth young new father postpone the resumption of his sexual life at least for two, or even three months.

Among men, a special survey was conducted, during which one-third of all respondents said that restored sexual relationship with their wives not earlier than six weeks after the baby had been born. Approximately the same number of participants stated that they restarted intimate relationship even later, after seven – twelve weeks, but every fifth couple decided to have sex only three months after the childbirth. Remember that before you resume sex life, you need to choose birth control method.

Why is this happening? One of the most common reasons due to which the spouses have no sex life, is a male concern about the physical condition of his partner after giving birth. The husband is afraid that it will be unpleasant or painful, so try to put off sex for a later period. Other factors reducing craving and desire are: lack of time, lack of sleep, the new schedule, discomfort or fatigue.

Scientists say that if men’s health after childbirth deteriorates and desire disappears, it is the result of reducing the level of sex hormones, but gradually sex life of the spouses is getting better and everything is back to normal. Being afraid that after the childbirth the man can suddenly become impotent is, at least, stupid. However if you have any problems in the intimate sphere, buy ED pills. Just be sure to consult the doctor beforehand.

A different story — joint childbirth. Not every man dares to go to the delivery room with his beloved wife and not every woman allows her husband to be in this moment around. But, anyway, joint labor today has become particularly popular among young couples. So,according to statistics, the joint labor may have a different effect on the potency and male sexual attraction.Itis almost impossibleto foresee the consequences, but psychologists believe that if the husband is prepared for this process, if he is not afraid of blood and takes this step deliberately, the partnership childbirth on the contrary improves and strengthens the sex life. Psychologists also claim that men’s health after childbirth is not directly depends on this kind of childbearing, but if the couple already has any problems in family relationships, it can aggravate them.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the birth of a child is an important major event in the life of both parents, and the father receives from it no less stress than the mother of the baby. It is possible that at first sexual relations between spouses would be followed by some difficulties, but eventually everything will be back to normal again and the couple will be able to experience all the delights of sexual life.

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