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Menstrual cramps, how to relieve the pain?

Menstrual cramps, how to relieve the pain?
Menstrual cramps, how to relieve the pain?

Menstrual cramps, how to relieve the pain?

Menstrual cramps, how to relieve the pain? Menstruation is not the most pleasant days in the life of every girl, associated with discomfort and deterioration in overall well-being. How to relieve menstrual cramps?  Find out in this article.

It’s not a secret for anyone that menstruation is unpleasant. So, according to statistics, every second girl suffers from abdominal pain during “these days”. Someone’s pain is strong. Someone just feels slight discomfort in the lower abdomen. If the pain is severe and the pain is heavy, the gynecologists advise to find out the reason for this situation. Because critical days are normal, they should not cause strong pain. The presence of severe pain can indicate a number of illnesses. Such as endometriosis, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, polyps of the uterus and so on. Therefore it is necessary to consult a gynecologist who will confirm that you are healthy. If the pain is just a consequence of spasm of the uterus, then one of the existing methods will help you get rid of menstrual cramps.

Appropriate pills

The very first assistant in the fight against menstrual cramps is painkillers. Everything is very individual, so it is necessary to select the medicine depending on your own sensitivity to these or other active substances.

It is important that taking pain pills do not become a habit. Adjust yourself to the fact that these meds are a “life buoy” in a situation when you have an important day ahead, and the pain in your stomach does not let you live peacefully. Are you feeling absolutely horrible and cannot do anything? Use painkillers on the first day of menstruation, and further discomfort try to remove with folk methods.

Many women say that birth control pills help them to get rid of menstrual cramps. True, some OC pills have this ability. Among them such pills as Yasmin tablets. But before using them you must talk to your physician.

Do some sports

It used to be believed that critical days imply complete physical rest. Now everything has changed and doctors, on the contrary, advise girls to play sports during menstruation. Of course, excluding any burden on the abdomen and lower back. Ideal options are yoga, cardio training or stretching.

The main thing is to get you to start the exercises, and after 15-20 minutes the menstrual cramps should disappear.

Only without fanaticism! The Olympic motto “Faster, higher, stronger!” has nothing to do with menstruation. Intensive physical activity can provoke convulsive muscle contractions and cause severe bleeding. Just move more, walk.

Relieve severe menstrual cramps and tension in the groin area can help usual squats. Also help the following exercises (perform each no more than 5 minutes):

  • Sit on the floor, legs crosswise, slowly fold your knees together and then bend them in different directions
  • Stand on all fours, and, lowering your head and shoulders as low as possible, perform circular movements with your pelvis
  • Lie on your stomach, put your hands on the floor, raise your head and torso as high as possible and take a deep breath. Exhaling, slowly return to the starting position. Repeat ten times
  • Turn on your back, raise your legs, tuck them in and tap your feet against the wall. Try to relax. Keep this position for three minutes. If the pain does not disappear, then certainly it becomes noticeably weaker

By the way, you probably shouldn’t go to the pool during these days.  Despite the fact that swimming excellently improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, raises the mood and serves as a natural analgesic. Theoretically, this activity can help you with menstrual cramps. But even with the use of good purification systems, water is unlikely to be crystal clear. The tampon can get wet, and you risk catching some kind of bad infectious disease, which will take a long time to heal.


Another method to relieve menstrual cramps is heat. Take a hot shower for 10 minutes and you’ll feel much better. Also for this purpose you can apply a heating pad, the hand of your beloved man or a cat. The main thing is that in the lower abdomen there was something warm for 10-20 minutes.

If you want, take a warm bath that will relax the muscles and reduce menstrual cramps. But before you flop into it, be sure to use a tampon. It’s not just aesthetic considerations. During menstruation, the body becomes very vulnerable. And while soaking in water without adequate protection, one can easily catch an infection. For the same reason, do not use bubbles, sea salt with dyes and fragrances and other means for the bath. It is not known how the natural microflora of the vagina will react to them.

In the event that thermal procedures do not bring the desired relief, try to act from the opposite and “freeze” the pain. Fill the heating pad with cool water and put it on your stomach for 15-20 minutes. This time is enough for the blood vessels to narrow. And as soon as this happens, the menstrual cramps will immediately recede.

Give yourself a massage

In principle, simple stroking of the tummy can ease the pain, but there will be more benefit from acupressure. It is absolutely harmless, has no contraindications, and it’s not difficult to learn. All that is required of you is to find the acupuncture point with the beautiful name “San-yin-chiao” and rightly press on it. Place your right palm along the inner side of your left foot so that the tip of the little finger is pressed against the bone knob. The index finger will be just above the point “San-yin-jiao”. Click on it with your thumb and hold it in this position for six seconds. Then make a two-minute break. Repeat four times first on one leg, then on the other.

Reflexology therapists assure that acupressure will instantly improve blood flow, increase vital energy and relieve excessive stress in the uterus.

Or you can do even easier. Stroking of the abdomen can remove menstrual cramps. That is why many intuitively massage their belly during menstruation. The main thing is to keep your hands warm and your stomach relaxed. Stroke your belly only clockwise, without pressing. Movements should be gentle and smooth.


British scientists have made an amazing discovery. They found that the cause of acute menstrual cramps may be a calcium deficiency. The fact is that this mineral is not only the basic building material of bone tissue, but also a full participant in many biochemical processes in the body. The depletion of calcium can lead to numerous health problems, ranging from dental problems and sleep disturbances to muscle spasms and uterine hypertension. To protect you from this trouble, ten days before the start of menstruation eat sesame, hard cheese, sardines, broccoli, celery, dried apricots, milk and cottage cheese. In these products, calcium is particularly abundant. Just keep in mind that it is difficult to digest. In order not to lose a single microgram of valuable substance along the way, eat foods rich in boron, copper, sulfur, zinc, vitamin D and manganese.

Give up for a while coffee, green tea, sweet soda, potatoes, sorrel, spinach and oatmeal. They excrete calcium from the body. A cane sugar, cocoa and chocolate make it difficult to assimilate. Therefore, these products are also better not to get involved.

Pose of the embryo

Strangely enough, many people feel much better after a short sleep in the embryo’s pose, with legs tucked up to the stomach. The body located in this way automatically relaxes, and the menstrual cramps become much weaker.

In addition to the above, you can get rid of menstrual cramps with sex. Yes, it sounds unsuitable, but orgasm, as best as possible, relaxes the uterus and removes any discomfort in this area.

Choose your own most effective way to relieve menstrual cramps, but remember — too much pain can be a symptom of some problems in the body. Therefore, you need to seek medical attention. A skilled professional is able to choose the best way of treatment for severe menstrual cramps. Whether this is a folk recipe or birth control pills. In the latter case you can find a necessary medicine in a drugstore or buy Yasmin birth control online.

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