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Numerous benefits of sperm for the women

Numerous benefits of sperm for the women
Numerous benefits of sperm for the women

Numerous benefits of sperm for the women

The benefits of sperm for the women have been known since ancient times. Even the inhabitants of ancient Rome used it as a means of maintaining youth and beauty. Nowadays, due to numerous studies of the properties of seminal fluid, its effect on the woman’s body is well studied.
Composition and properties of sperm

Sperm is a non-uniform viscous substance. And benefits of sperm for the women are numerous. The sperm consists mainly of:

  • Spermatozoa (up to 10%)
    The secret of the prostate (about 30%)
  • The contents of seminal vesicles (about 60%), necessary for liquefaction of the ejaculate

The inner surface of the prostate is rich in substances that nourish sex cells. Without them, spermatozoa cannot actively move and quickly die.
The ability of a man to fertilize depends on how many living mobile sex cells are contained in the ejaculate. Normally, the concentration of spermatozoa is 60-120 million in 1 ml of seminal fluid. Reducing this figure to 5 million cells / ml and less leads to infertility.

The benefits of sperm for the women is due to the fact that this body liquid contains such components:

  • Trace elements: zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium
  • Vitamins: C and B12
  • DNA
  • Prostaglandins
  • Antibodies
  • fructose
  • Acids: citric, pyruvic, lactic, uric, hyaluronic
  • Enzymes
  • Hormones
  • Choline
  • cholesterol

Despite the presence of organic acids in the sperm, its reaction is slightly alkaline. Getting into the organism of a woman, and, more precisely, inside her genitalia, ejaculate neutralizes the acidified environment of the vagina. This protects the sperm from destruction. But benefits of sperm for the women are still many.

If the ejaculate reaction changes, for example, due to inflammatory diseases, male sex cells cannot live and move when they enter the vagina of a woman. This is one of the mechanisms of development of infertility.

On average, for one ejaculation the organism of a healthy man releases 3-5 ml of sperm. If this volume decreases, the acidic environment of the female vagina begins to destroy the sex cells. Increasing the “portion” of ejaculate over 5 ml is also undesirable. It is established that the ability to fertilize is reduced. Thus, the fertility of a man depends on the amount of concomitant substances in the sperm, the response, the volume and concentration being allocated. But what if you are not planning to have a baby? Then, you better not forget about timely taking a birth control tablet. Yasmin is one of the most effective medicines for the purpose of protecting against unwanted pregnancy.

The benefits of sperm for the women:
Seminal fluid contains a lot of biologically active substances and macromolecules useful for the organism. Numerous studies conducted since the beginning of the last century have proved that the components of ejaculate are not only necessary to maintain the viability of spermatozoa, but also have a positive effect on the female body. Therefore, benefits of sperm for the women are a real thing.

Sperm contains prostaglandins – substances with high activity, taking part in many important processes. Their presence explains the anti-inflammatory effect of seminal fluid. Also prostaglandins of ejaculate can eliminate spasms and normalize the blood pressure by entering the female body.

More benefits of sperm for the women are pronounced in the fact that sperm contains precursors of sex hormones. Absorbed in the vagina, the seminal fluid stimulates the formation of estrogen. This female sex hormone helps maintain youth and beauty: thanks to its action, the hair and skin look healthy and strong. Also increase the production of female sex hormones prostaglandins.
When entering the oral cavity, benefits of sperm for the women are no less positive. It is useful for tooth enamel, since it contains calcium and zinc. In addition, the seminal fluid strengthens the gums and relieves inflammation. It is proved that oral sex reduces the risk of caries development by 40%, provided that they are engaged at least 2 times a week. However, swallowing ejaculate is not necessary. In the gastrointestinal tract, the biologically active substances of the sperm are destroyed, and it is completely digested.

Benefits of sperm for the women, namely on the reproductive system and pregnancy.

The strongest influence the seminal fluid has on the female reproductive system. It supports the growth of useful microflora, and also increases the resistance of the cervix to pathogens. Sperm stimulates ovulation. Also, contained in it biologically active substances help the uterus to be cleansed of the remnants of menstrual blood.

Special studies have shown that regular sex without a condom can help women with anomalies in the development of the main organ of the female reproductive system. The sperm components stimulate the maturation of the uterus, helping to cope with its hypoplasia (underdevelopment) and infertility caused by this condition.

Benefits of sperm for the women that are planning to become mothers and pregnant women. Regular intake of ejaculate in the organism contributes to the “habituation” of the immune system of the future mother to foreign proteins. As a consequence, because of sex during pregnancy (if this is not prohibited by the doctor), the risk of rejection of the fetus is reduced.

In addition, according to scientists, sperm reduces the chance of developing eclampsia in pregnant women. This pathological condition is associated with convulsive seizures and coma. It is also accompanied by an increase in blood pressure to a level that threatens the life of the mother and child.

Benefits of sperm for the women and their nervous system
The fact that a woman who has been deprived of sexual contacts for a long time becomes more nervous and irritable has been known for a long time. The thing is that sperm contains hormones-antidepressants:

  • Serotonin
  • Melatonin
  • Releasing hormones
  • Oxytocin
  • Estrone

Serotonin stabilizes the emotional state, improves mood. Melatonin supports healthy, sound sleep and protects the body from stress. Releasing factors affect the production of sex hormones and indirectly improve the mood of a woman. Oxytocin reduces emotional tension, soothes and eliminates feelings of anxiety and fear. The effect of an antidepressant is also possessed by estrone, although its main influence is directed towards stimulation of the organs of the reproductive system. Therefore, benefits of sperm for the women are also psychological.

Negative impact of sperm

A lot of words are said about benefits of sperm for the women. However, it is absolutely safe for the female body. So, ejaculate can cause an allergic reaction. Most often it develops when smearing sperm on the face: it turns red, swells, starts itching. The severity of the reaction directly depends on how much seminal fluid is applied to the skin: the more it is, the stronger the allergy.

The use of sperm as a cosmetic means is due to the content of hyaluronic and citric acids, phospholipids, protecting cell membranes, and vitamins. However, do not think that benefits of sperm for the women include incredible skin rejuvenation. The concentration of nutrients in the ejaculate is much lower than modern face creams.

In addition to the ability to cause allergic reactions, sperm, according to American researchers, inhibits the growth of normal microflora of the rectum and leads to a decrease in immunity in general.
There are also preliminary data of Russian scientists that the ejaculate of men suffering from prostatitis and other inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system has an oncogenic effect if the partner has gynecological pathologies.

Despite the fact that there are many benefits of sperm for the women it is not a panacea. Also, one should remember about the possibility of transmission with the ejaculate of pathogens of venereal diseases and AIDS. Unprotected sex should only be practiced with a trusted partner. But with unprotected sex you can never exclude the possibility of unwanted pregnancy. Therefore you can buy birth control pills online or in a nearest drugstore.

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