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Obese women’s health is under a serious threat

Obese women's health is under a serious threat
Obese women's health is under a serious threat

Obese women’s health is under a serious threat

Obese women’s health. Unwanted kilograms always upset women, sometimes leading even to protracted depression. But psychological problems are not the only companions of excessive body weight. Weight gain can cause the development of various illnesses. Sometimes it is enough to lose weight just a little to get rid of many problems.

Fat cells: friends or enemies?

The saddest thing is that such hormonal changes manifest themselves in conditions that are “officially” in no way associated with excess weight. For instance, such as diabetes mellitus! Moreover, you can often hear something like this: “I have problems with hormones I cannot lose weight!” The saddest thing is that in this situation the cause and the effect for some reason change places! But it is often enough to get rid of several kilograms of excess weight and you can forget about so many problems. In short, obese women’s health improves. Such as: the syndrome of polycystic ovaries, intermenstrual uterine bleeding and fibroids of the uterus and mastopathy of the mammary glands, infertility. The last one is so common that it requires a separate examination.

By the way, women often complain that OC pills often cause unwanted excess kilograms. And that obese women’s health suffers even more because of these pills. But that is not quite true. Besides, modern pills do not cause overweight. One of them is Yasmin. You can find Yasmin birth control online or in any drugstore.

In addition to the fact that fatty tissue negatively affects the balance of female hormones, it also synthesizes the hormone-leptin. Leptin is dubbed “the voice of the fat tissue.” By the way, it is most actively synthesized if the fat tissue predominates in the abdominal region! “The voice of the fat tissue” not only changes the appetite and sends false signals to the brain. It interferes, gently speaking, not in its business, and tries to influence our intimate organs. Moreover, very roughly and actively invades immediately in all processes, without which conception itself is impossible. It is the maturation of eggs, their preparation for conception, the implantation of a fertilized egg into the wall of the uterus, etc. That is at once so many factors that destroy obese women’s health.

Moreover, excess weight often becomes the main cause of “withdrawal” from the program of artificial insemination (IVF). In obese women, eggs simply “refuse” to perceive and succumb to medicines. Or their quality is such that a healthy pregnancy is impossible. And such situations happen in 2-2.5 times more often than in women with a normal body mass index. And if the pregnancy is successful, then the process of delivery itself is launched by extreme boost of hormones-estrogens. And obese women’s health is also much weakened by this fact. In addition, overweight women are much more likely to give birth to children with the help of Caesarean section. Sometimes this is the only safe way to give birth to a baby.

However, with a lack of fat tissue, or too rapid loss of body weight in women, there are problems with menstruation. There is anovulation, andamenorrhea, the ability to become pregnant decreases. So remember this important information: obese women’s health decreases with rapid and improper lose weight. In this regard, experts talk about the concept of “critical amount of fat tissue.” It is associated with puberty. When the mass of fat cells reaches a certain level, the menstrual cycle begins. This mechanism explains why girls who are prone to obesity are more likely to experience early puberty. According to some scientists, the early age of puberty predicts the appearance of excess weight in the future.

Excess kilograms and different illnesses

Obese women’s health is a very fragile matter. The back hurts, and in the morning it is necessary to knead and rub the knees? Do you dream of starting to go to the gym but are afraid that the joints will be damaged by active work out? Then first, let’s look at the causal relationship. Remember how weightlifters bandage knees, elbows and all other joints?! Correctly, bandages help to protect them from injuries at the moment of lifting the rod. After all, excessive weight flattens the cartilaginous tissue of the joint, as if changing a pounded feather pillow into a thin mat. The same does excess weight with our joints!

Thrush (candidiasis) is another frequent companion of obese women’s health. After all, they often have high blood sugar, and yeast simply cannot live without sweets!

It would be dishonest to scare you and give no prescription for weight loss or predictions there are a lot of proven diets and nutrition systems. But do not force events! Too fast weight loss can, on the contrary, cause you a few extra pounds on the waist due to the yo-yo effect. So the process of losing weight must be slow and gradual.

The risk of developing cancer of the uterus directly depends on excess weight. So, obese women’s health is very weak, as you can see. Ladies with excess weight 10 times more prone to cancer than those whose weight exceeds the ideal weight by 25 kg.

A similar mechanism explains why the incidence of breast cancer in 50-year-old women weighing more than 80 kg is 48% higher than that of their peers with normal weight.

And one more figure, negatively reflecting the real picture of obese women’s health. 30% of women who have a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome suffer from different degrees of obesity. And, if a girl on the eve of puberty suffered from excessive weight, the likelihood of developing a syndrome of polycystic ovaries is also higher.

Excess weight is a risk factor for pregnancy

Obese women’s health is often too weak for normal pregnancy. According to gynecologists and endocrinologists, women with an overweight are less likely to have a successful pregnancy. Even if they are young and healthy.

The more excess weight, the more likely is the chance of infertility. 38.1% of ladies with a body mass index of more than 30 develop spontaneous abortion. With a body mass index of 20-24.9 this figure is 13.0. At the same time, reducing the excess weight by only 5-8 percent increases the probability of conception by 2 times.

In the case of pregnancy, various complications with obese women’s health are possible. For instance: the threat of abortion, high blood pressure during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, thrombosis, fetal hypotrophy, gestosis. The childbirth itself can be complicated by a violation of the contractile activity of the uterus, the excessive weight of the newborn, premature or belated discharge of amniotic fluid. With a body mass index of more than 30, the probability of a cesarean section increases by 5.82 times!

Therefore, during pregnancy, it is very important to monitor the obese women’s health. And it is very important not to let it grow.

And what if a woman decides that she should lose weight before getting pregnant? This is a very responsible approach. As we already found out that obese women’s health suffers during pregnancy and childbearing. So, to avoid conception this woman should use reliable birth control methods. One of them is OC pills Yasmin. You can find an affordable generic for Yasmin 28 online or in any drugstore.

Weight loss is the first recommendation of doctors for many health problems. For example, a 10% reduction in body weight can restore the menstrual cycle and reduce the risk of intermenstrual bleeding. As for mastopathy, its manifestations also decrease. After all, the mammary gland is almost 70% fat. And if the size of fat cells decreases, then the pain, discomfort and feeling of heaviness in the chest decrease. Nerve endings simply stop experiencing constant pressure.

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