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Pain during ejaculation

Pain during ejaculation
Pain during ejaculation

Pain during ejaculation

Among the most frequent problems for men nowadays is significant that they can feel pain during ejaculation. Some men ejaculating completely without pain and some may feel not very pleasant feeling. Firstly, it can happen because of increasing sensations during orgasm. In this case there is absolutely no need to go to the doctor. Secondly, pain during ejaculation may occur if a man repeatedly interrupts coitus. It is worth noting that this is a very bad effect on the whole reproductive system as a man is always in tension to keep everything under control. Thirdly, the pain may occur in the presence of a variety of sexually transmitted infection. To those include trichomoniasis, chlamydia and others. Most often these infections are manifested through itching, burning or strange release but is not excluded also pain during ejaculation.

It should be noted that the presence of prostatitis, inflammation in urethra and continuous reception of strong antibiotics on men’s health can also cause this problem. If you are in a similar situation, in any case can not hesitate and immediately need to see a doctor as he will help you to choose effective treatments.

The second problem can be much more frightening for man. Just imagine – the blood in the semen. It does not sound very appealing. Next you will know the reasons why it can happen.

As practice shows, during rough sex and orgasm can happen rupture of small capillaries, resulting in sperm appears a little blood. This happens very rarely and it is not a terrible problem. But if that is repeated constantly then it is quite a serious occasion to refer to specialists. In this case, the male genitalia inflammatory mechanisms in the seminal vesicles may occur. This problem in medicine is called as a vesiculitis which is most often seen after prostatitis. Treatment of this problem can prescribe only a professional. In addition, it may be inflamed prostate gland and it is involved in the formation of the ejaculate. Blood in the semen can also appear due to cancer of the bladder but this is a very rare case.

Of course, we should mention premature ejaculation – a problem that people are fighting for centuries. Someone is trying to use traditional treatments which ide were were very popular before but the most effective way is – the use of drugs to prolong sexual intercourse. Generic Priligy for premature ejaculation prevents it and not only increases the potency. If we look at this issue in more detail then it is necessary to understand its causes. And they can be divided into 2 groups. The first group includes the physiological reasons. These include the incorrect functioning of the men, too high sensitivity of the glans penis or the presence of chronic vesiculitis. If the problem lies in the fact that the glans is too sensitive then it is very easy to solve. Pharmacies offer a wide range of different lubricants, prolongators or aerosols due to which it is possible to reduce the sensitivity. You can go the other way – to make the circumcision after which the duration of sexual intercourse increased by 2 times.

For the second group it is psychological factors. Firstly, it could be banal excitement. For example, when a man is just beginning sexual life, this happens quite often. But grown men can face such a problem. Secondly, it can happen because of the fear. This can occur if intercourse takes place in an unusual setting with the result that a man wants as quickly as possible to complete it. However, it is worth noting that these problems disappear with experience and practice.

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After I felt pain during ejaculation I thought about the worst disease but it turns out that it was infection that is why now I always use condoms.