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Perfect weight for men

Perfect weight for men
Perfect weight for men

Perfect weight for men

A lot of women worry about their weight but not men although they also do not mind to know the perfect weight for men. Tireless American scientists again confirmed the old truth about the “golden mean”. Any extremes in the struggle for an ideal body weight harm male health and sexual power. Excessive limitation of oneself in nutrition depletes the strength of the body. It inhibits the work of internal organs. Reduces the production of male hormones and sperm. These body-important body fluids are composed of a mass of ingredients that enter the body only with food. Accordingly, the food should be at least diverse.

The same applies to the deliberate abandonment of certain products. This method gives a positive effect only for a short period of time. Then the body starts to pick up the missing substances by cunning. How does this usually happen? You begin to experience a brutal famine. And then either break and eat “forbidden” foods. And eat more than you need (in reserve) or you eat “allowed” but as much as you do not need them. With such type of life it is not possible to get perfect weight for men. Do you think that your body will calm down on this? If yes, then you underestimate it. If the human body were so simple, then it would hardly have been at the top of the food pyramid on this planet. First of all, it will start making reserves. This is its survival strategy. In case you mindlessly start to starve him again. The result is that you compensate for weight loss and go to a larger weight class.

In a similar way things are also with increased physical exertion. Any physical load provokes an increase in appetite. Therefore, you easily compensate for lost energy at the next meal. This is practically running on the spot. But still a lot of men do that to have perfect weight for men. What to do? For successful weight loss nutritionists advise to maintain a balance between physical exertion and moderate nutrition. And, the food should be varied. It should provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. There is everything, little by little. And also is important to avoid “Top 10 foods harmful to the potency”.

In doing so, you need to closely monitor your desires. Before you start the next meal, ask yourself: “Do I really want to eat this now?”. There is a need at will, and not out of habit or in reserve. Experts also advise adhering to the balance of food intake, in which carbohydrates are twice as large as proteins. For example: a toast with an egg or yogurt for breakfast. In the case of a violation of this balance in the body the hormone of stress, cortisol, is produced. This hormone neutralizes the effect of the male hormone – testosterone. As a result, the endurance of the body decreases, muscles weaken, the sexual desire and men are faced with potency problems. That is, the strength of men is weakening.

Fats for perfect weight for men:

The amount of fat you better limit. Of course, fats are also needed for a full-fledged male power. For example, cholesterol is the main element of testosterone production. However, the body is easier to put fat in reserve than to extract energy from it. Excess fat provokes weight gain and difficulty circulation. Excess fat deposits have the property of absorbing testosterone, thereby reducing its level in the body. This has the most negative effect on the state of male power. Usually, our food contains more fat than the city dweller needs. Therefore, preference is best given to low-fat meat, chicken (without skin) and best of all – fish. Mayonnaise is better replaced with vegetable oil. From dairy products it is better to choose those in which there is less fat. It is desirable to avoid artificial fats such as margarine. They are worst processed by the body.

Sugar and perfect weight for men:

Also experts advise to refuse from products with zero caloric content and artificial sweeteners. Such products negatively affect metabolism and body weight. Instead, scientists recommend choosing natural food. Especially they recommend including in the diet blueberries, oats, oranges, broccoli, potatoes, salmon, yogurt, nuts, spinach, tomatoes, green tea, dark chocolate and other products containing antioxidants. These substances interfere with inflammatory processes in the body which are the root cause of cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants protect against deterioration of immunity, lower endurance and male strength.

Exercises and perfect weight for men:

As for exercise scientists say that you cannot exercise on an empty stomach. For a couple of hours before going to the fitness room it is advisable to have a snack. To improve the efficiency of physical education experts urge to choose exercises that bring joy and at the same time improve flexibility, increase strength, strengthen the heart and joints. During the training, doctors propose to maintain proper breathing which reduces stress levels, stabilizes the heartbeat and increases oxygen consumption. The simplest indicator of stress is the amount of saliva in the mouth. If the mouth is parched, it’s time to pause between exercises and regain breath.

Sleep and perfect weight for men:

In addition, scientists advise to give enough time to sleep. Eight-hour sleep is normal. A good sleep helps to stay active throughout the day. In addition, it is during sleep that the main male hormone, testosterone, is produced. Therefore, lack of sleep and fatigue are the main causes of imaginary problems with male power and you know that poor sleep destroys potency. Although these are imaginary problems, however, their consequences can be very difficult. Repeated weakening of the erection caused by banal fatigue can cause a persistent fear of intimacy. But to cope with the fear of a simple dream does not always help. In this case, professional psychological assistance may be required to restore male power.

Thus, a balanced combination for perfect weight for men:

  • physical exercises;
  • sleep and rest;
  • a full-fledged moderate food.

This list will allow you to lose those extra pounds and maintain yourself in good physical shape. Which will provide you with a strong male power and a long sexual activity.

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Of course perfect weight for men is individual thing and depends on how tall you are and other factors but the main thing is healthy style of life.