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Pharmaceutical methods of dealing with premature ejaculation



According to the statistics, nowadays 35% of modern men struggle with a problem of premature ejaculation. Most of them are young. Under this concept understand episodic or continuous occurrence of ejaculation prior to or immediately after the start of sexual intercourse. This problem is even more widespread than violation of erection. In this condition, a man achieves full erection, but the ejaculation overtakes much sooner than he would like it to, sometimes even before he can enter the penis into the vagina or after the first few friction movements.

Most often and in most instances the causes of premature ejaculation are of psychological nature. But this is not always the case; sometimes certain conditions of physiological terms are to blame, for example, inflammatory illnesses of the genital glands.

Urologist is the medical professional that can diagnose this unpleasant condition. To confirm or refute the diagnosis, he may resort to different methods of inspection such as uroflowmetry, neurological examination, ureteroscopy, cystoscopy, transrectal ultrasound examination of the prostate and seminal vesicles, determination of the sensitivity of the testicles, scrotum and penis.

Cure of premature ejaculation is quite a long process. Based on the causes of premature ejaculation, practiced various methods: medicinal, physiotherapeutic, injectable or surgical correction.

Probably most often when people hear the phrase “pills for erectile dysfunction” to their minds comes one word: Viagra. But can this, seemingly almighty preparation, prolong sex? Before we begin detailed consideration of this issue we must clarify some concepts. Particularly, how does Viagra work after ejaculation?

First and foremost let’s determine what a refractory period is. It is a period of a complete sexual non-excitability that comes right after ejaculation. There is a sharp decline in nervous excitement, and no kind of erotic stimulation, including even caress of genitals are not able to immediately cause a second erection.

Viagra helps not only to reduce the refractory period; it assists some men suffering from premature ejaculation but only indirectly, because Viagra has no effect on timely ejaculation itself. It certainly does not sound very promising, but nevertheless it is true.

This medicine helps to maintain an erection, but is helpless in cases where the penis is inclined to “hasty conclusions”. But if the sick has taken Viagra pill before sex indirectly he can improve his results in bed.

The fact is that after ejaculation erection immediately ceases. But if the man would be able to get aroused again, this second erection lasts much longer because the sensitivity of the penis slightly decreased since the previous ejaculation. And for this second time sexual intercourse is long enough to both the man and his partner could reach satisfaction.

As the evidence we would like to quote the words of a famous doctor of medicine from New York who specializes in sexual problems of men Nechyum Katlovitts: “I had a patient who suffered from premature ejaculation and was never able to get an erection twice in one night, no matter how much he would want it. After an intercourse, which would have typically completed extremely fast, he could not wait for the re-election and would just fall asleep, because the duration of the refractory period for him was about three hours. After I prescribed him Viagra the refractory period was reduced to 2 hours. During these two hours the man had no time to fall asleep, and since the last orgasm penis sensitivity remained low, the second erection lasted for about 15-20 minutes”.

Yet it is easy to conclude that Viagra is not the most effective tool to combat the problem of premature ejaculation. In cases where the famous blue pills are inappropriate or unhelpful most often urologists advise taking preparations containing dapoxetine. This medication has a relaxing effect, relieves stress and psychological constraint, allows a man to take pleasure from sex for an extended period of time. Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation has absolute compatibility with all the preparations intended for potency improvement presented at the pharmacological market: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

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