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Poor blood flow in the small pelvis in men

Poor blood flow in the small pelvis in men
Poor blood flow in the small pelvis in men

Poor blood flow in the small pelvis in men

Very often a man learns that he has problems with poor blood flow in the small pelvis, when they have already caused a malady. It is much better to know in advance why the blood flow is disturbed. Also, how come this condition is dangerous? And what can we do to improve poor blood flow in the small pelvis in men. Preventive measures taken in a timely manner will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The causes of poor blood flow in the small pelvis First of all, let’s talk about what can provoke this condition.

Firstly, this is a sedentary lifestyle. By this we mean people who do not move much during the day, do not walk. They are often faced with the fact that the blood vessels are squeezed by the muscles and cartilage of the small pelvis. This changes blood circulation to worse.

 Secondly, the malady can be caused by the constant lifting of heavy objects. This is especially dangerous for women. But men should also be very careful. Heavy loads can be harmful for male potency. Age also can be an important factor for sexual health and circulatory system.

Thirdly, of course, nutrition is of great importance. Let’s say you prefer fatty foods, sweets and flour products, fast food. Then cholesterol plaques appear on the walls of the vessels. They also interfere with normal active blood flow.

Fourthly, the disease leads to a weakening of the walls of the vessels. This is due to the fact that the organism receives an insufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Another important reason — the use of alcoholic beverages, smoking, which causes a strong intoxication of the body and blockage of blood vessels.

Signs of blood stasis in the pelvic organs

 The poor blood circulation in the small pelvis can be evidenced by:

  • Sharp and stitching pain in the lower part of the belly, which after a sudden appearance also spontaneously disappear
  • Painful sensations of a nagging character with irradiation in the leg, the region of the waist or perineum
  • Discomfort and heaviness in the stomach

 The narrowing of blood vessels, letting less and less blood, occurs gradually. Therefore, the discomfort becomes more and more obvious. In the initial stages, unobtrusive tingling or minor discomfort may appear. Over time, the symptoms of poor blood flow in the small pelvis transform into intense pain, appearing increasingly and interfering with a normal life. Treatment in such cases should start without delay to prevent even more serious health problems. Otherwise, this condition can lead to more serious consequences. Such as hemorrhoids. Erectile dysfunction is also not rare.

What can happen with poor blood flow in the small pelvis? In the cavity of the small pelvis, men have seminal vesicles and prostate. These organs greatly affect sexual function. They are very vulnerable to blood circulation disorders. Poor blood flow in the small pelvis can cause:

  • Prostatitis
  • Prostate adenoma
  • Impaired production of sex hormones, impaired sperm quality

 Next to the internal male genital organs are also the bladder and rectum, which also suffer from violation of pelvic blood flow. Urethritis and hemorrhoids are frequent and very unpleasant companions of blood stagnation in the small pelvis in men.

 Ways of improvement of poor blood flow in the small pelvis

If the malady is not in a severe form, as a rule, the drug solution of the problem gives the expected effect. The patient takes medications that dilute blood and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. What if traditional treatment does not produce results? Or the stage of the illness requires more radical measures? Could be made a decision about endoscopic surgery. Such therapy is effective and does not require a long recovery of the patient.

Prevention of poor blood flow in the small pelvis

 Special gymnastics can help to reduce the risk of violations in the blood vessels and circulatory system. As well as reduce the influence of sedentary lifestyle on the condition of the body will help. These exercises should be performed regularly regardless of haste, increased employment and bad mood. This workout can include any exercises that help strengthen the muscles of the abdominal and pelvic floor. Just remember that gymnastics is not a guaranteed panacea for all ailments. So when you experience discomfort or pain, as well as any additional symptoms, you need to seek help from a doctor. An important point on the way to good health is proper nutrition. The abundance of fatty and fried foods with high cholesterol negatively affects the condition of blood vessels and their work. In addition, it is useful to move more and walk. It is better to give up bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle.

 Healing exercises to improve poor blood flow in the small pelvis

Those who have a working day associated with a continuous eight-hour sitting at the computer, simply have to hourly get up from the table and at least five to ten minutes to walk, to do several slopes, it is good to stretch. If in the mornings or evenings there is time for jogs, then you need to use it. This will help you to avoid many health problems. Normal exercises, which we’ll talk about further, can be performed even at home in front of the TV. A positive result will not be long in coming. The main thing is not to be lazy. Here’s the gymnastics for improving poor blood flow in the small pelvis for you:

1. Stand straight, feet to the width of the shoulders, slightly bend the knees. Put your hands on the waist. Perform a slow squat, strongly squeezing the buttocks. We do not sink to the end. We keep in the semicircle for 10-15 seconds. Also slowly come back up. In total it is necessary to make not less than 12 repetitions. For beginners it is best to begin with 8-10 repetitions

2. Lay down on the back, bend your knees. With your feet press yourself to the floor. Lower your hands to the floor along the body, try to lift the pelvis as high as possible, while strongly compressing the buttocks. This exercise is simply amazing, not only for restoring blood circulation, but also for tightening and strengthening the muscles of the buttocks. Do 20 repetitions

 3. Remain in a prone position. Raise your legs and perform the simplest exercise a bicycle. The duration of one repetition is 3-4 minutes, then a break and 3 more approaches. It would be nice to do a real bike ride. This is not just a general strengthening activity, cardiogram, but also one of the best ways to combat poor blood flow in the small pelvis

4. After that, stretch your legs forward, stay in a lying position. Raise your legs up again and begin to perform circles before our eyes. First, rotate the legs along the clockwise direction, then against. With a break, you need to repeat the execution 3 times.

 5. Lay your head in about 50 centimeters from a wall. Put your hands under the buttocks and with the straight legs try to reach the wall, throwing them over the head. Repeat 8-10 times. Now you can relax. After such exercises you can feel a rush of blood to the pelvic organs.

These exercises will take no longer than 15-20 minutes. But the well-being will noticeably improve. The poor blood flow in the small pelvis will be cured. Excellent results will gives swimming. In combination with gymnastics, practicing in the water will not only correctly and safely train the muscles and joints, but will also bring the entire body into tone.

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