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Popular men’s and women’s sexual complexes

Popular men's and women's sexual complexes
Popular men's and women's sexual complexes

Popular men’s and women’s sexual complexes

Popular men’s and women’s sexual complexes. Modern culture forms specific, characteristic to it sexual experiences and behavior, determines the contacts between the sexes. A number of reasons can cause sexual complexes. Upbringing, influence of modern culture, myths about masturbation, religious views, etc. Fortunately today, sexual complexes are well studied and now we have the opportunity to look at ourselves from outside and get rid of the invisible chains that prevent us from loving and being loved, enjoy life and enjoy every moment of it.
Common sexual complexes
Complex of panic or “closing doors” complex

This sexual complex usually manifests itself in women after 40 years of age and consists in an ever growing fear of loss of attractiveness. A woman seeks to look younger. Her clothes, lifestyle — everything is aimed at provoking adoration of men younger in age. She attaches great importance to dresses, sex, new romantic experiences. This is the result of the desire to achieve purely external female attractiveness, the ideal of youth. It also appears when femininity is associated only with sexuality.
The castration complex

It is characteristic for women seeking power, having male character traits and associated with the influence of cultures in which the male role dominates. Women of this type inherit the male life style. In relation to men they show contempt, they often ridicule them. In sex, the requirements are inflated so much that the partner is sometimes unable to meet them. The castration complex, other than the psychic (envy of the sex and position of a man, the need for power among aging women, etc.), also has a cultural conditioning stemming from rebellion against men. In the twentieth century, it was extremely common among emancipated women.
Tristan and Isolde complex

Among other sexual complexes this one is distinguished by the fact that it combines eroticism and anxiety associated with a sense of guilt. Young men and women who violate the prohibition of premarital cohabitation often experience very conflicting feelings. Namely, sexual pleasure and guilt. So there is a state of constant mental tension. When the couple finally gets married and cohabitation becomes legal, mental stress is removed by a lack of guilt, and eroticism is deprived of attractiveness. Excitement disappears; interest in sexual intimacy is gone. This complex resembles the “forbidden fruit” and is among the most common sexual complexes.
Women’s sexual complexes
Alice in Wonderland

It appears in women living in a world of dreams, fantasies. Their rich imagination creates a love script, an alliance in which partners play a role. Orientation on dreams leads to the fact that such women perceive their partner as the embodiment of their fantasies. Reality is subject to desires, and the real partner to the imaginary one. The level of perception of a partner depends on how much he is able to play the role imposed on him and meets fantastic expectations. In the event of a divergence of reality and fantasies, a woman, although she lives in the real world appreciates her hidden world of poetry and dreams more. This is the reason for her many failures, development of new sexual complexes and brings many problems.

Complex of Titania

This and the previous one are two very similar sexual complexes. A woman in the imagination creates the image of the ideal man. Not finding it, which is very likely with such high requirements, she marries a partner below the level of expectations. The more the image of the husband differs from the imaginary one, the more he is punished for this and rejected. With age, such a woman has a feeling of lost illusions, loss of the meaning of life.

The male ideal is formed under the influence of characters from books, films. Certain literary heroes, actors are included in the sexual fantasy. For example, during sex such a woman imagines another person as a partner. The Titania complex is characterized by many hidden narcissistic features. This is an attempt to escape from the gray daily routine, exaggeration of one’s own value, and even the creation of legends about oneself.
The knight and the debauchee complex

 A woman wants to find both a knight and a debauchee at the same time. The knight embodies masculinity, evokes confidence, a sense of security, a support for a sensual, romantic, adoring woman, pure and innocent. And a debauchery embodies spontaneity, rough masculine strength, violent temperament, super-sexuality. It is from this complex a division of men into partners “fit for husbands” (knights) and partners for romance (debauchees) arises. And such an attitude brings problems and can even lead to other sexual complexes.
Messalina complex

It is inherent in passionate, sensual, sexually excitable woman. Such ladies often present increased erotic requirements to partners, and often change them. In the history of many cultures, there were periods when women’s sexual qualities were highly valued. Today, the image of a sensual woman is considered attractive, for, according to many men, this is the most important thing in marriage.
Men’s Sexual Complexes
Often men’s sexual complexes arise from subconscious uncertainty in his own sexual powers. Luckily today such conditions could be successfully treated. For example one of the most popular — premature ejaculation could be cured with the help of dapoxetine. Dapoxetine effectiveness has been proved by many studies.

Don Quixote complex

This is a male version of the Alice complex in Wonderland. These two sexual complexes are really very similar. In fact, such a man shows illusory expectations and desires towards the woman, idealizes her, perceives her as an angelic being, speaks of her with special adoration, elevates her to the altar.
Madonna/whore complex

Once again sexual complexes of men and women are linked. This is an analogue of the knight and debauchee complex. It very accurately determines the behavior of many men brought up in the traditions of Western culture and is extremely common. It is the inconsistency of the assessments given to women. On the one hand, femininity, loyalty, virtue, devotion and friendship are valued. On the other — sensuality, ease, accessibility, playfulness. One woman gives a man a spiritual love, she is perceived as a wife and mother of future children. The other woman causes a strong sexual desire. For such a man she is often a way of realization of sexual needs.
Donjuan Complex

 The style of behavior is similar to some other sexual complexes. The main goal for such a man is “conquest” and possession of a woman, satisfaction of his sexual needs. Strengthening of his masculine value is the number of love relationships. A woman is seen as a thing and she becomes uninteresting after sex. This complex expresses the male’s need for domination and hidden homosexual traits, because in essence he is afraid of a woman, before the estrangement of her psychic world.
Leont’s complex

Leont, the king from Shakespeare’s Winter Tale, who was morbidly jealous of his wife and even refused his children. The main thing in this complex is distrust and jealousy for a partner, and as a result — disbelief in his paternity. Sometimes it even has to be established by judicial means. Typical for European men is mistrust of a woman, a contradictory attitude toward her, fear of losing his power over the partner and fear of being mocked.

Othello Complex

Among the numerous sexual complexes this one is the most common. It is the pathological jealousy of the partner. Jealousy occurs most often under the influence of alcohol. This complex is rather a manifestation of fear of a woman, a fear of being ridiculed, of losing one’s own dignity.
These are sexual complexes most common among men and women in Europe, America and central Russia. But there are global complexes and no nation is immune from them. For example, sexual complexes that can appear in a woman after the birth of a child. The attitude towards her husband changes dramatically — from positive to extremely negative.

Perhaps in these small portraits you saw yourself? Do not be upset, but draw conclusions. What kind? It depends on the degree of your self-criticism and the desire to understand that you cannot let complexes dominate your life. After all, you deprive yourself of the pleasure of being yourself.

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