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Positive effects of contraceptive pills

Positive effect of contraceptive pills
Positive effect of contraceptive pills

Positive effect of contraceptive pills

After receiving a recommendation from a gynecologist to take a contraceptive drug Yasmin every woman wants to know what other doctors think about it and most importantly women who have taken it. Generic Yasmin is a hormonal tablets belonging to monophasic oral contraceptives. As with any drug there are side effects from Yasmin – desirable and undesirable.

Positive effects:

  • Decreases the duration and intensity of menstrual flow and therefore reduced the monthly blood loss;
  • It can be administered for therapeutic purposes under certain hormone-dependent diseases of the uterus and ovaries – polycystic, endometriosis;
  • Provides the regression of fibrocystic breast;
  • Normalizes the thyroid gland;
  • Significantly reduces the risk of cancer of the rectum;
  • Reduces the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Rarely there are inflammatory processes in the pelvic area: viscous on the background of hormonal contraceptives mucus prevents the penetration of infection – anti-androgenic effect of drospirenone reduces the oiliness of the skin and hair, treating acne;
  • Antagonism with antidiuretic hormone promotes the excretion of excess fluid, resulting in decreased weight sometimes by 2-3 kg.

Adverse effects of Generic Yasmin and reviews of doctors allow to be divided into three main groups:

  1. Related to the estrogen component: nausea, vomiting, dizziness; heavy menstruation, edema. This kind of complications in reviews of Yasmin mentioned infrequently because the estrogen dosage in the formulation is lower than the other combined contraceptives.
  2. Related to progestogen: irritability, depression, decreased libido, weight gain due to an anabolic effect, increased appetite. These complaints to the review are found more often in the first 3-6 months of starting treatment.
  3. Adverse reactions which can be triggered by two components: headache, breast tenderness, intermenstrual spotting. Last complaint most often causes failure of the drug: even despite the assurances of doctors which in general are negligible blood loss need for long-term use of tampons still gives women an inconvenience. However, this problem usually disappears alone after three, at least – by the end of the sixth round.

Despite all the myths about birth control reviews characterize Generic Yasmin as a reliable drug: a contraceptive effect in a timely beginning of the reception appears from the first day; easy to use: there is no need of a pause between packages of the drug, the risk of excessively tighten of it is excluded; it is an agent with a relatively small number of side effects. Gynecologists talk approvingly about the birth control pills Generic Yasmin, reviews of doctors say that experts are ready to actively prescribe a drug but remind that the key to success will be the use of a preliminary examination. Women suffering from autoimmune thyroiditis often worried about nausea. Against the background of elevated levels of prolactin should be wary of intermenstrual bleeding.

 Hypothyroidism can cause depression and mastalgia. Cholecystitis, gastritis, nose and throat diseases, elevated levels of testosterone will manifest themselves in increasing appetite. Some studies give reason to suspect that alcohol may affect the prolongation of bleeding time. How it happens is not clear: the exchange of ethanol and estrogens have separate ways. Perhaps the reason is still in violation of liver function during long or abundant libations. It can be also mentioned that the decline in self-control on the background of intoxication leads to skipping pills but alcohol withdrawal syndrome with vomiting does not let the next taken dose of the drug to be absorbed – all this reduces the contraceptive effect. So it would be correct to say that Generic Yasmin and alcohol are compatible but incompatible are Yasmin and alcohol abuse. It comprises the active form of folic acid. In the absence of a drug a pharmacist can suggest another and there is no reason to refuse. But there is a situation where it is necessary to prefer Yasmin: when planning pregnancy. Prenatal development of the child requires a significant increase in the need for folic acid and vitamin deficiency may manifest neurologic symptoms and anemia in expectant mothers. Therefore, a few months before the planned conception gynecologists strongly suggest drinking folate – in Generic Yasmin are already included.

For whom Generic Yasmin pills are suitable? In the body of every woman there is a cyclic change in the balance between the two female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Individually balance can be shifted towards one of them – then talk about the types of estrogens or progestogens. Women of estrogen type have a rounded body shape, big breasts, strongly inclined to gain weight during pregnancy.

They have a long menstrual cycle (longer than 28 days) but premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is manifested by irritability and aggression. Women of progestin type generally tall with small breasts, they have a short menstrual cycle but during PMS appear depression and pain. Since progesterone in one of the stages of the synthesis is converted to the male hormone testosterone the ladies of this type are often faced with the manifestations of androgynism: acne, oily skin and hair. Yasmin – birth control pills for them. Synthesized progestogen drospirenone found excellent antiandrogen quality. Drugs that contain it help to get rid of oily skin and treat acne vulgaris (acne). Furthermore, the analogue competes with progesterone mineralocorticoid that traps fluid in the body. While taking the contraceptive pill Yasmin go away edema and even decreased the weight by getting rid of excess water. The combination of the progestogen-estrogen improves the lipid profile, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Since the contraceptive effect of the drug is provided a minimum number of hormonal substances it can be recommended for young not giving birth girls but also for adult women it is fine. Instructions for use provide the opportunity to use it in adolescence and up to menopause. So if you want to buy birth control pills online we can recommend it to you.

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Yes, it is true. My doctor recommended to buy Generic Yasmin because of pain and it helped. And what is most important is my skin – it is clean.