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Potency problems



For all men regardless of their age in their sex life important thing is not only the desire to have sex but also the willingness of their penis. If they don’t have any potency problems it ensures a complete success in sex, the man can assert himself in the woman’s eyes. But there are situations when a man cannot during sex to achieve the desired result. For men this loss is equal to the tragedy. On this occasion they should not worry because there are many causes of potency problems which are solvable.

In addition, the decrease in potency can be cured even at home. This disease is common in men and probably there are no men who are not faced with it. And so, now we move on to how to improve erections at home without resorting to doctors and specialists in this profile. Every man has ever experienced potency problems and there are several reasons for weak potency with most of the prerequisites of such a violation. Before the implementation of activities to ensure strengthening of erection it is necessary to identify the factors that led to the loss of the previous features.

Causes of ED associated with exposure of organic (physiological) factors are quite diverse. The most detrimental effect on male reproductive system has the influence of the following factors:

  1. Lack of testosterone in the male body. Due to the decrease in activity of the endocrine glands under the influence of stress or other causes of decreased testosterone synthesis which leads to undesirable changes in the exterior of men and decreased libido. Authentically a man cannot give himself such a diagnosis because he needs to be examined by a doctor and above all – blood test to determine the content of this hormone.
  2. Vascular disorders. It would seem that vascular diseases affect other organs but it is not so. Due to the formation of cholesterol plaques on the vascular walls male genitalia are not enough blood supply and this in turn leads to potency problems.
  3. Neurological diseases and the disease of the spine. As a result of impaired innervations of individual sections of tissues and organs and this leads to unpleasant pain or numbness in various parts of the body.
  4. Diabetes and other chronic diseases associated with metabolic disturbances. In diabetes vascular condition worsens, impaired nutrition of tissues, there are undesirable processes in the body.
  5. The existence of “male” diseases such as prostatitis in men, varicoceles. At the same time there are often inflammatory processes in the genital organs and the surrounding tissue which worsens the process of their operation.
  6. This specified disease that causes a lot of suffering to the man accompanied by unpleasant and debilitating symptoms. Sexual desire is weakened and during exacerbations of the disease can disappear altogether.
  7. Bad habits: passion for alcohol, frequent smoking, drugs. All of these substances adversely affect the male body and cause the development of potency problems and many diseases that weaken the sex drive.
  8. Improper diet and lack of nutrients in the body. In addition, excessive consumption of food eventually leads to obesity, resulting in impaired hormonal balance and weaken the possibility of a man in bed.
  9. Exposure to harmful environmental factors: the exhaust of vehicles, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. In hazardous occupations men work more often and they suffer from the adverse effects of toxic substances.

There are very different ways to increase potency. There are recipes of traditional medicine which exist for hundreds of years and there are modern technologies and products available on the pharmaceutical market:

  1. Natural means; many men prefer because they have almost no side effects. The disadvantage is that in complex cases they are unlikely as a single agent to help you cope with potency problems.
  2. Physical exercises. Perhaps just those exercises can be applied in any case of ED. They not only increase the tone of the muscular system but also increase the blood flow to the pelvic organs. Due to this the erection becomes severe, are produced more male hormones, a man feels vivacity and a burst of energy.
  3. They are often used because their effect is noticeable immediately, medications work and help in almost any case of potency problems and even at any age. Most popular are Kamagra vs Viagra. Avanafil for example can be applied even in patients with circulatory failure, diabetes and other serious illnesses.
  4. These include the use of drugs to improve circulation, complex vitamins and so on.
  5. Are appointed operational methods for solving the problem of impotence to those men to which conservative treatment did not help. Surgical treatments of potency problems primarily represent penile prosthesis with implants of different mechanism of action. Operation enables to forget about impotence but at the same time may entail negative results as any other operation.

The surest way to prevent potency problems is to carry out prevention of the disease.

The earlier a man will pay attention to his situation and take the appropriate action the faster it will be restored male power. Well, the best option is to prevent the occurrence of anxiety symptoms, do not indulge in bad habits and monitor their health. In this case the chances of preserving reproductive function at the proper level will be high enough to allow fully enjoy all the colors of life.

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